Towards More Impactful Grantmaking

Online Grants System
 Good Done Great  Web-based  Searches IRS database to verify tax exempt status  Customized application  Tracks status of applications, incomplete parts, save & continue, printing, etc.  Document uploads  Online reporting

Online Grants System

Online Grants System

Level I Funding - Recurring
 $9,999 or less
 

Evaluate with brief outcome summary. Evaluate with stories.
Give us at least one personal story of how these funds made life better for someone or improved the health of Howard Countians.  OR  How did these funds make a difference in the lives of the people you serve?

Level II Funding
 $10,000 - $49,999
  

Level I Evaluation Requirements Plus… Use of SMART Objectives Funding Prerequisites

BBB/MANO Charity Standards Site Visit?

More robust evaluation plans for some
Expansion potential? Strategic Plan connection? Innovation?  Program staff will meet with potential grantees (e.g., those invited to submit full proposals) and gauge organizational capacity, expectations, and potential evaluation plan.  If Board/CEO/Program Staff feel that a more robust evaluation is warranted for a particular Level II recipient, staff/a consultant will negotiate an evaluation plan as a condition of award.

Level III Funding
 $50,000 - $150,000  Level II Evaluation Requirements Plus...

Funding Prerequisites

Complete BBB/MANO Charity Standards Process – See
Participate in a site-visit/reverse site-visit with Committee or Program Staff, if requested. The potential grantee’s Board Chair and Executive Director must take part in any site-visit. If Horizon feels that a more robust evaluation or additional readiness assessments are warranted for a particular Level III recipient, staff/a consultant will negotiate such terms with the grantee as a condition of award.

SMART Objectives
 When writing process and impact objectives, be SMART.

Specific – concrete, focused, detailed, and well-defined. What exactly are you going to do with or for whom? Strong action verbs. Measureable – Is it measurable? Can you measure it directly or by using a proxy measurement? Achievable – Can you get it done in the proposed time frame for the amount of money you requested? Realistic – Will this objective lead to the desired outcome? Timebound – When or how long will it take to accomplish this goal?

 

SMART Objectives (Example)
 By December 2012, Neighbor Ride will recruit, screen,

train, and deploy 20 new volunteers from Elkridge (Data source: ______)
 By December 2012, Neighbor Ride volunteers will transport

150 homebound senior citizens from Elkridge to/from their medical appointments. (Data source:______)
 By December 2012, 60% of new Neighbor Ride participants

will significantly improve their health status over baseline as measured by a change in their SF-12 scores.

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