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Study on Consumer Buying Behavior @ Tooth Pastes

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Oral care in India has been greatly driven by Innovation, retail availability, packaging & promotion

Oral Care Market Tooth Paste Tooth Powder Mouth Wash Tooth Brush

4200 crores 3100 crores 3226 crores by 2012 472 crores 458 crores by 2012 84 crores 90 crores by 2012 550 crores

Future company.Tooth Paste Industry @ India  Industry growth rate = 8 % Dentist : Population = 1 : 35. P&G. Dabur. GSK. Balsara Hygiene. >15 % of the toothpaste users brush twice a day Colgate Palmolive India Ltd. Himalaya drug company. Vicco Laboratories.000 Form : White & Gel 55 % of the population uses toothpaste. Henkel India……     5/1/12 . Anchor Health & Beauty products.

Objectives of the Study  Study the consumer buying habit in Toothpastes. To study the various factors and identify important parameters for customer acceptance To plot popular Toothpastes Brands on the perceptual maps   5/1/12 .

Limitations of the Study  Sampling Unit is limited to only Pondicherry University & Muthialpet region. Doesn’t covered some demographic details in the survey Sample size is just 40 in number The collection of data from person to person is a difficult task Primary data is only through questionnaire Sales managers of two companies were contacted but no response      5/1/12 .

Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior  Consumer purchases are influenced strongly four factors. Because people learn from the society. 1) Cultural 2) Social 3) Personal 4) Psychological  Cultural Factors Cultural factor divided into three sub factors (i) Culture (ii) Sub Culture (iii) Social Class Culture:-   Culture has a great influence on the behavior of a consumer. If the culture of a country can not suggest to use toothpaste or Colgate is a good quality toothpaste then people will not buy this. 5/1/12 .

So we can say that family has a influence on the consumer behavior  5/1/12 .Sub Culture:If the experiences of the group says that Colgate is a bad toothpaste then people will not buy this product. so the family can not use other paste.  Social Class:If the social class of people is low or much high then people do not buy Colgate toothpaste..   Family:In context of Bangladesh if the head of family choice Pepsodent rather than Colgate.    Social Factors: A consumer's behavior also is influenced by social factors. such as the (i) Groups (ii)Family (iii) Roles and status Groups:Sometimes groups make the choices of an individual.

(iv) Life style.Roles and Status:Lower-lower and Upper-Upper people will not buy same product.   Personal Factors: It includes (i) Age and life cycle stage (ii) Occupation (iii) Economic situation. So age has the influence on consumer behavior Occupation A doctor is always conscious about their health where a student has not same consciousness. It varies according to their jobs category Economic situation A person's economic situation will affect product choice 5/1/12        .(v) Personality and self concept Age and Life cycle Stage Children and old do not want to use toothpaste where the very older has no teeth and children likes taste. Because they have different roles and status in the society. And also the choice and buying capacity of a product is depends on their occupation.

hobbies. Personality depends on the status and self concept depends on the perception   Psychological Factors: It includes these Factors i) Motivation (ii) Perception (iii) Learning (iv) Beliefs and attitudes  5/1/12 . family recreation) and opinions (about themselves. Products)  Personality and Self concept Choice of a product depends on the personality and the self concept of an individual. activities (Work.e. Business. fashion. support etc) interest (Food. i. understanding these forces involves measuring consumer's major AIO dimensions. shopping.Life Style: Life Style is a person's Pattern of living.

and interpret information to form a meaningful picture of the world.  5/1/12 .Motivation:Company must take some motivated activities to persuade the customer. So company always try to make belief through making reliability. The company must try to create the positive perception on the mind of individual.  Learning:Perception filters a thing and then take decision it should be taken or not. ExAdvertising. It means perception filter the knowledge and give the shape of learning  Beliefs and attitudes:Belief is a descriptive thought that a person holds about something. give some free etc  Perception:The process by which people select. feelings. and tendencies towards an object or idea. Attitude. Organize. a Person's consistently favorable or unfavourable evaluations.

A segmentation scheme for toothpastes 5/1/12 .

Now also the company is constantly following the fresh breath route which proved successful for the company 5/1/12 . Positioning Stance : on Health care through Duality of benefits.” This positioning stance has worked well in Indian probably because Oral.Market Leader       Company : Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited Brand : Colgate Segmenting Factor : Family Target Audience : The Brand Colgate and it’s extensions are targeted at Indian families taking both economical and premium stances Availability : All over India. talks about “Stops bad breath and fights tooth decay.

This particular targeting was significant when Close Up was launched because Colgate positioning was a sort of Flip flop between Tooth decay and Bad Breath and Colgate was going for a Broad market constituting of all the age groups. like squeeze the Gel directly into Mouth.Market Challenger  Company: Hindustan Lever Limited     Brand Name: Close Up Segmenting Factor: Age Targeted At: Young people. In Bengal as the communication did not work all that work initially. 5/1/12 . HTA has contracted Anjan Dutta a signer popular with both Young and old alike in Bengal. Close Up is pushing hard for semi Urban and Rural areas were disposable incomes are rising rapidly and in order to tap these markets it is going for Vernacular Advertising in Eight languages. HLL gave it a dual positioning platform of a Mouth rinse and a toothpaste. The target market being “Multi Brand Households” where young does not use what their parents.

Excel 17 questions Open-ended. 3-Point scale.5/1/12 yes/no Target Population Sample Size Approach of Research Method Data collection Data analysis tools Questionnaire Questions Type .questionnaire. SPSS.Research Details Sampling Unit Students of Pondicherry University & KV School & Muthialpet Residential public Students mostly 40 respondents Descriptive Simple Random Sampling Primary data. Secondary data % analysis.


Baidyanath. Himalaya. Forhans. Ajanta. Anchor.(C) MARKET SHARE OF MAJOR PLAYERS OF THE INDUSTRY : NAME COLGATE DENTAL CLOSE UP COLGATE GEL PROMISE PEPSODENT CIBACA BABOOL Others SHARE (%) 46 18 10 9. Sensodyne.5 3 Others: Vicco. Dabur. Neem etc 5/1/12 . Sensofoam.5 9 3 0.

Pepsodent & Closeup are competing with 25 % each. so HLL is Market challenger and/ Market follower in this area. Colgate and HLL products have been positioned in the customer's minds Market leader in the survey area is Colgate-Palmolive brand whereas.“Findings” from Primary Data Available:  Most of the candidates are loyal to the brand which is being used presently.    5/1/12 . Most of the loyal customers are satisfied but not very-satisfied.

flavor.” Important Preference toward ingredients in toothpaste is Antibacterial agent.    5/1/12 . The most attractive attribute is the “Quality” rather than packaging. Other brands (Market niche) are overlooked / ignored by the Colgate and HLL companies and if they do so then the companies listed in OTHERS will jump into Market followers list becoz they already getting desirable market share. frothiness and even Price. Approximately 93 % of the customers without any side effects so “Happy Morning with Happy Brushing.

Routine suggestion to companies: Please try to increase the flavor     5/1/12 . The attributes / factors which influences customer’s mindset while purchasing toothpaste is Family (Sentiment) followed by Friends (recommendation/suggestions). 70% of them don’t want to brush >1 time a day. Buying toothpaste in Box-set is Better than buying Sachey. Most of them switch to another brand if Non-Availability of present one. On average 30-60 bugs per month per customer.

 Dentist advice. Memories of previous toothpaste purchases & advertisements on TV has much influence over “BUYING BEHAVIOR”. information on packaging. In-store advertising. 5/1/12 . staff and advertisements outside the shop doesn’t show much influence.

Recommendations:  Focus as well as Cost leadership to be followed by the new firms / and to be continued by the Colgate & HLL firms. try to have direct promotion through sponsoring & free dental checkups‘ & have contacts with dentists Instead of more and more focusing on the promotion on TV. discounts are important factor Main mantra for the companies to be successful is to satisfy the consumers and develop brand image and brand loyalty amongst them    5/1/12 .

 THANK U  DMS-MBA : 2nd Year 5/1/12 B-Section .