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Competition Day

"Bring it!"

Groups of 5 Challenge #1
1. Pick a captain. 2. Name their team. 3. Choose a team motto. Team Name & Motto must be based on Chapter 11 "Worlds of Islam" You have 5 minutes.
Best mix of team name & motto will win 30 points! 2nd place - 15, 3rd - 10, and 4th - 0.

Challenge #2 "Video Skills!"
Watch "Heaven on Earth" - Islam with Christy Kenneally.

Individually take note of anything in the video that discusses what is in Strayer.
The video is 20 minutes in length.

At the end your team will compile their notes and make 1 list. You will have 10 minutes to do so.
The team with the BEST list wins 30 points! 2nd place = 15, 3rd Place = 10

4th = 0.

Challenge #3 - "Doc Study!"
1st Place Team gets Doc. 1
2nd Place Team -> Doc. 2 and so on.

Your task: Read your document. Write a 3 sentence summary. Analyze the document by using APPARTS. You have 30 minutes total.
Best overall use of summary & analysis wins 30 points. 2nd - 15, 3rd - 10, 4th 0!

* Author - Who created the source? What is their point of view?
* Place and Time -Where and when was the source produced? * Prior Knowledge - What do you already know that would further your understanding of this sources? * Audience - For whom was the source created? Does this affect the reliability of the source? * Reason - Why was this source produced at the time is was produced? * The Main Idea - What is the source trying to convey? * Significance - Why is this source important?

Challenge #4
Quiz Game! Read each of these questions as a team, answer on a sheet of paper, then transfer to your board. Create a list from 1-10. The team that gets the most correct wins.
Best overall use of summary & analysis wins 30 points. 2nd - 15, 3rd - 10, 4th 0!

1. “Jihad” is Arabic for _________.

2. In addition to the Five Pillars, Muslims must obey the _____________, which forbids them to gamble, eat pork, drink alcoholic beverages, or engage in dishonest behavior.

3. Explain the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

4. Explain the difference between Sufi Muslims and the work that the ulama performed. How were they fundamentally opposed?

5. Define Sikhism as fully as possible.

6. In which region(s) did Islam spread especially among merchants, thanks to the inclusion of a major Islamic trading network, rather than by conquest and Islamic rule?

7. True or False. In pre-Islamic times, the Kaaba housed representations of over 300 deities

8. Compare Islam to Christianity and Buddhism. According to what we discussed in class, what is the biggest fundamental difference between Islam and Chrisianity & Buddhism?

9. What is the difference between imams, shaykhs & caliphs?

10. What is the relationship between the Quran, ulama, sharia, and hadiths?

Extra Boost Question! Worth 30-15-10-0

“Islam was simultaneously both a single world of shared meaning and interaction and a series of separate and distinct communities, often in conflict with one another.” What evidence could you provide to support both sides of this argument?