Presentation 1

The roIe of participatory action research in designing successfuI youth risk

behavior interventions
Anne Hamby, Kim Daniloski, Meghan Pierce, and David Brinberg (Virginia Tech)
-1he Loplcs LhaL emerged from dlscusslon wlLh key lnformanLs lncluded peer pressureţ confllcL resoluLlonţ alcohol abuseţ and Plv/AluSŦ
-CommunlLy members lndlcaLed a sLrong hlsLory of oral LradlLlonŤ consequenLlyţ Lhe schoolŴbased currlculum used narraLlve persuaslon
as a plaLformŦ narraLlve persuaslon has been demonsLraLed Lo lmpacL bellefs and behavlors ln Lerms of alcohol usage (SlaLer and
8ouner 1996)ţ nuLrlLlon and food cholce (SlaLer eL alŦ 2003)ţ and safeŴsex pracLlces (Þerloff 2001)Ŧ
-Members of Lhe local populaLlon served as Lhe classroom lnsLrucLors and moderaLors of classroom performances ln an efforL Lo
lncrease relevance and communlLy parLlclpaLlonŦ We worked wlLh local experLs and members of relaLed local nonproflLs as well as Lhe
classroom lnLervenLlon lnsLrucLors ln developlng Lhe facLŴbased porLlon of Lhe currlculum and Lhe relaLed acLlvlLyŦ nexLţ sLudenLs
were asked Lo generaLe and Lhen perform a sklL based on a realŴllfe scenarlo uslng lnformaLlon from Lhe facLŴbased presenLaLlonŦ 1hls
paLLern was repeaLed wlLh each of Lhe unlLsŦ
-We used a fleld experlmenL Lo evaluaLe Lhe effecLlveness of Lhe narraLlveŴbased classroom lnLervenLlonŦ 160 elghLh grade sLudenLs
from a Lownshlp hlgh school were randomly asslgned Lo an experlmenLal or conLrol condlLlonŦ SLudenLs ln Lhe experlmenLal condlLlon
recelved Lhe lnLervenLlon currlculum durlng a block of Llme usually reserved for Lhelr llfe orlenLaLlon courseţ whlle sLudenLs ln Lhe
conLrol condlLlon recelved Lhe sLandard llfe orlenLaLlon currlculumŦ We measured knowledgeţ aLLlLudesţ and behavlors on Lhe four
maln lnLervenLlon Loplc areasť Plv/AluSţ alcoholţ confllcL resoluLlonţ and peer pressure Lo assess Lhe lmpacL of Lhe lnLervenLlonŦ
-koowleJqeŦ 1he experlmenLal group was slgnlflcanLly more knowledgeable Lhan Lhe conLrol group on measures of sex knowledge (L(138) ƹ 3Ŧ046ţ p Ƽ
Ŧ01)ţ alcohol knowledge (t(137) ƹ 2Ŧ633ţ p Ƽ Ŧ01)ţ and confllcL resoluLlon knowledge (t(138) ƹ 2Ŧ273ţ p Ƽ Ŧ0J)Ŧ
-AttltoJesŦ lndlvlduals ln Lhe experlmenLal group were marglnally more llkely Lo demonsLraLe concern for anoLher person whlle ln a confllcL (t(138) ƹ
1Ŧ934ţ p Ƽ Ŧ03) and Lo vlew confllcL negaLlvely (t(138) ƹ 1Ŧ736ţ p Ƽ Ŧ10)Ŧ
-lmpoct of ttoospottotlooŦ uegree of LransporLaLlon was poslLlvely correlaLed wlLh aLLlLude and knowledge lLemsŤ for exampleţ hlgher levels of
LransporLaLlon were relaLed Lo llkellhood Lo have a poslLlve aLLlLude Lowards condoms (r(74) ƹ Ŧ444ţ p Ƽ Ŧ01)ţ lncreased llkellhood Lo have LhoughL
abouL whaL one would do ln a slLuaLlons lnvolvlng alcoholţ peer pressureţ sexţ and confllcL resoluLlon (r(74) ƹ Ŧ339ţ p Ƽ Ŧ01)ţ and lncreased confllcL
resoluLlon relaLed knowledge (r(74) ƹ Ŧ320ţ p Ƽ Ŧ01)Ŧ
AdolescenLs and
young adulLs ln
Afrlca exhlblL a
wlde range of
rlsky behavlors
(drug useţ low
levels of condom
usageţ alcohol
abuse)Ŧ We
parLnered wlLh an
easLern cape
SouLh Afrlcan nCC
LhaL focuses on
developmenL ln
order Lo develop
an lnLervenLlon
We used
AcLlon 8esearch
(ÞA8)ţ whlch
lnvolves Lhe LargeL
LhroughouL Lhe
research processţ
speclflcally ln
Lerms of problem
deslgnţ daLa
analyslsţ and
appllcaLlon of
research flndlngs
(Czanne and
SaaLcloglu 2008Ť
8eason and
8radbury 2001)Ŧ

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°n¾° .

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