Post-Lab Discussion

Atrioventricular valve

Semilunar valve

Arterial System

Venous System


1. Why is the ventricle more muscular than the atria?

…because the ventricle needs to create enough pressure to keep the blood circulating throughout the body.

2. What valve prevents the backflow of blood from conus arteriosus to the ventricle?

The semilunar valve

3. How does the blood in the pulmonary vein differ from that in the other veins?

It is oxygenated blood.

4. Name the three veins that empty blood into the sinus venosus.

Left precava / left anterior vena cava Right precava / right anterior vena cava Postcava / posterior vena cava

Trace the blood from the femoral veins of the leg to the kidney.

Femoral vein

Renal portal vein

Trace the blood from the femoral veins of the leg to the liver.
Femoral vein Pelvic vein

Anterior abdominal vein Anterior abdominal vein Hepatic Vein / Hepatic Portal Vein

6. What visceral organ system uses the portal system extensively?

Urinary Liver/ Digestive

7. Trace the shortest route a blood corpuscle could take in traveling from the systemic arch to the intestine to the right atrium. Dorsal Anterior
Systemic arch Aorta Mesenteric artery

Intestina l artery postcava

Intestinal capillaries

Intestinal veins

Hepatic Portal vein Right atrium

Sinus venosus

8. How does the blood in the pulmocutaneous arch differ from that in the higher two arches?

It contains deoxygenated blood.

Do you have biology in your blood?

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