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Case Discussion

Our philosophy is very simple if you get the best people in the industry to fit into your culture and you motivate them properly, then youre going to be an industry leader. - John Chamber, CEO, Cisco Systems Friends is designed to put some grace into the hiring process.. Cisco recruiters have also began to target passive job seekers, who were content and successful in their existing jobs. - Michael McNeal, Director, Corporate Employment

The case examines various changes brought about by global networking major. Cisco, in its recruitment policies in the mid1990s. Cisco hired more than 1,000 employees every quarter around 10 percent of the total jobs generated through Internet in the Silicon Valley. The management adopted innovative recruitment measures to get the best people and remain the leader in the Internet era. Foremost among these was the first of its kind online recruitment called the Friends program.

Need for innovative techniques

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IT boom in mid 90s

Ciscos exponential growth Focus on requirement of skilled people Aging work force Structural unemployment

1984 -Cisco was founded. 1985 -Company started a customer support site. 1992 -Support Calls increased 3000 to 12000. 1993 -Cisco Installed Internet based system for MNCs. 1994 -Launched Cisco Information Online. 1995 -Web based application for selling products and selling. 1996 -Introduced Networked Strategy. 1997 -Introduced Dial-in access. 2000 -Introduced ICS & Distribution

Attracting, growing and retaining great talent is critical to sustaining Ciscos competitive advantage. Should Hire approach for the Best-in-Industry People. Build-the-Buzz Strategy Various tools used:
1. Friends Program 2. The Profiler 3. Amazing People

Friends Program Advantages

Informal candid discussion. Relevant, first hand information One of the stages of screening Pull best people from Competitors

Yield ratio uncertain RJP might not be given Standardization

Amazing People Advantages

More assured about background of prospect Prospect will feel comfortable Secured relationship of resources(incentive programs)

Politics /Favoritism Disappointment

Profiler Advantages
Standardized online resume Database building Unsuitable Candidates filtered

Cannot get complete details Use of resources

Job Seeker v/s Tool

Friends Program

Profiler Strategy

Amazing People









Hiring Cycle Down to 48 days Amazing People and Friends accounted for 5060% of new employees by 2001. Retention Rate had increased Innovating recruitment techniques responsible for companys expansion at 40% per year

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