part #1

November 2011

Beyond attendance or circulation numbers… Participation and collaboration with teens
from passive to active…

Who is out there?
I work primarily with teens I “do it all” including work w teens I am a school librarian I’m the Director of the library I’m the “lucky” person “designated” to work with teens I am a Library Science Student I am in a room full of people interested in teen services!

Which best describes

Teens want to be involved at their library…

This week…
•Teen participation •Why teen participation & libraries •“Ladder of Teen Participation”

Teens in your community
•Library’s reach

teen involvement in program development and implementation discovering and fostering communities of interest Teen Advisory Boards and groups volunteers formal/ casual/ off-site opportunities


Teen Participation
“… is the involving of youth in

responsible, challenging action
that meets genuine needs, with opportunities for planning and/or decisionmaking affecting others in an activity whose impact or consequence is extended to others...”
--The National Commission on Resources for Youth in the United States, 1975

Teen collaboration* may be something you have to for….


* or basic service

Teen Services…
Becoming core in the traditional library landscape •Entitlement •Possibilities •Expectations •Necessities


Why is teen/library collaboration important? … for libraries … for teens

Why is teen/library collaboration important? … for teens
Gain: developmental assets cultural & social competencies meaningful participation Play decision making roles Take ownership of the library Valued & respected by community Civic engagement

Why is teen/library collaboration important? … for libraries
•Useful, relevant, and appealing to teens •Teens take ownership •Less inward more outward focused •Community of asset builders •Legitimately involve teens •Opportunities to build greater organizational capacity & credibility

Developmental Assets Framework
Language Established Partners Use

Youth Participation Model
Express Evaluate Articulate

http://www .f hotos/victo riapubliclib rary

Assess how your library is doing now and help set goals for the future.

Roger Hart created a model for thinking about youth participation as a continuum of activities.

Rung #3 adult initiated action; shared decisions with youth
initiated by adults but the decision making is shared with young people

Rung #2 youth initiated and directed actions
young people initiate and direct a project or program. Adults are involved only in a supportive role

Rung #1 youth initiated actions, shared decisions with adults
initiated by young people and decision making is shared between young people and adults.

What’s your impression?
Most teen related services/activities at your library are currently… #1 youth initiated actions, shared decisions with adults #2 youth initiated and directed actions #3 adult initiated action; shared decisions with youth #4 youth are consulted and informed #5 youth are assigned but informed #6 tokenism #7 decoration

Possible indicators of teen/ library collaboration… NOT!

Have you ever planned a library program for teens and no one showed up?? (I have.)

“How do I get teens to show up for programs at the library?”

from the web….

from the web….

Know the teens you serve… and not just the teens you see… Know the community you serve…

gaining teen participation…
teens you see every day school groups outreach homeschool groups school counselors school librarians comic book store

This is all stuff you may suspect (know!) already…
Questions to ask yourself... how does your library currently engage teens? how does your library approach attracting teens to the location? what do teen find when they visit your library?

participation… to collaboration
TAGs “Regulars” Communities of Interest Volunteers

Questions? Questions?