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1Ŧ Who are we?
2Ŧ WhaL has 2 years of Lrlal and error LaughL us?
3Ŧ Who should noL be uslng soclal medla?
4Ŧ Soclal Medla ls Lhe evoluLlon of onllne communlcaLlonŦ
3Ŧ Pow 8LAL1C8S and Loan Cfflcers are uslng soclal medla
and whaL lL means Lo youŦ
6Ŧ Pow 1lLle agenLs can caplLallze on Lhe growlng soclal
medla Lrends nowŦ
7Ŧ Pow we can helpŦ
About REIC
W ounded by auLhorţ speakerţ and coach !ohn Alexandrov ln 2004
W Þercelved ln Lhe lndusLry as Lhe ºMercedes 8enz" coachlng
company (Lop 1Ʒ agenLs)
Cur M|ss|onť
8LlC ls an lnnovaLlve real esLaLe coachlng and medla company LhaL
creaLes cuLLlng edge coachlng programsţ proven buslness
sLraLeglesţ and dynamlc soclal medla markeLlng sysLemsŦ
We are dedlcaLed Lo promoLlng our servlces wlLh lnLegrlLyţ honesLy
and auLhenLlclLyŦ Lxcellence ls our sLandard and we are
passlonaLely commlLLed Lo Lhe achlevemenL of your successŦ WlLh
8LlCţ you wlll confldenLly advance Loward Lhe fulflllmenL of your
Cur soc|a| med|a adv|ce |s foremost meant to be great bus|ness
W acebook user slnce 2004Ŧ
W WrlLLen blogs slnce 2000Ŧ
W WrlLLen and markeLed 3 LbooksŦ
W CreaLed hundreds of coachlng and soclal medla leads for 8LlC
Lhrough soclal medlaŦ
W CreaLed over 100 acebook fan pages for real esLaLe agenLsŦ
W CreaLed dozens of closed leads for real esLaLe agenLsŦ
W LeL's geL lL ouL of Lhe wayŧwhy nC1 use soclal medla?
About 1arred Alexandrov
W @akes too much t|me
W lL's Loo hard
W l don'L undersLand lL
W lL's a fad
W lL's annoylng and l don'L care whaL oLhers have
Lo say
W lL's only for Leens
W l'm only worklng parL Llme
W l'm broke
W !lm Lrled lL and lL dldn'L work
W l'm scared Lo be ºouLŴlnŴLheŴopen"
at as 2 years of trial and error taugt us?
W SLarL wlLh acebookŦ lL ls Lhe easlesL one Lo use and Lhe on LhaL mosL 8LAL1C8S and LC's spend
Lhe mosL Llme onŦ
W Avold 1wlLLerŦ 1wo much [unk Lo wade Lhrough when your Llme can be beLLer spenLŦ
W Cnly blog lf you (or someone on your sLaff) loves Lo wrlLe and can commlL Lo dolng lL
conslsLenLly (mlnlmum of once per week)Ŧ
W use Llnkedln and [oln Llnkedln groupsŦ Much of whaL can be done on acebook can be
repllcaLed on LlnkedlnŦ
W uon'L lgnore soclal medla buL don'L depend on lL for leads on a regular baslsŦ Soclal medla
plaLforms are effecLlve communlcaLlons Lools LhaL provlde Lhe opporLunlLy for more buslness
when used properly and conslsLenLlyŦ uo noL expecL lnsLanL buslness or new leads [usL by slgnlng
W Spend more Llme Lhlnklng abouL how you can supporL your LargeL cllenLs and less Llme selfŴ
W1he less Llme you can spend on soclal medlaţ buL sLlll supporL your parLnersţ Lhe beLLer!
%oday, %e Only real excuse you ave for not
using social media is.
##m ret|r|ng tomorrow!"
#t#s not you do soc|a| med|aŧ|t#s how we|| you do |t" Ŷ Lr|k Çua|manţ author of
Þeople are maklng hlrlng and buylng declslons dlfferenLly Loday Lhan Lhey dldŧ
W 30 years ago (cable 1v)
W 13 years ago (lnLerneL)
W 3 years ago (soclal medla)
W 3 monLhs ago (soclal search from 8lng and Coogle)
W 30 days ago (soclal relevance score)
omeŴbuyers use soc|a| med|a |n the|r dec|s|on mak|ng process and unt|| you
understand howţ you#|| m|ss out on |nnumerab|e opportun|t|es to be the|r agentŦ
o on tis call as a website?
# spend much of my t|me each day |ead generat|ng and speak|ng to peop|e who are both fr|ends and
fans of our amaz|ng new bus|ness pageŦ esterdayţ was speak|ng w|th an acqua|ntance on my page
and they ment|oned that the|r parents were cons|der|ng mov|ng to a sma||er home and se|||ng the|rsŦ
So setup a ||st|ng appo|ntment to see how can he|p them se|| the|r house |n th|s marketŦ 8ecause of
the amaz|ng redes|gn of my page thanks to kLţ #m gett|ng more web traff|cŦ moved our web
address to the new acebook 8us|ness Þage |nstead of our o|dţ sta|eţ stagnant webs|te w|th no ||ve
movement da||y ||ke acebook prov|desŦ" wwwŦtake1teamŦcom
ow Successful Agents and Loan Officers Are Using
Social Media:
1Ŧ 1hey are uslng acebook pages as Lhelr webslLe or
Lhelr ºface Lo Lhe worldŦ"
2Ŧ 1hey are uslng acebookţ ?ou1ube and blogs Lo
enhance Lhelr search englne ranklngsŦ
3Ŧ 1hey are uslng acebook and 8logs Lo capLure leadsţ
and Lo drlp on Lhelr daLabase for freeŦ
4Ŧ 1hey are uslng acebook and 8logs Lo keep people
upŴLoŴdaLe on Lhe communlLyŦ
3Ŧ 1hey are sLandlng ouL from Lhe agenLs who are
behlnd Lhe LlmesŦ
ow %itle Agents Can Provide Value and Deepen Relationsips it
REAL%ORS and Loan Officers on Social Media:
1Ŧ Þromote them! Leverage your connecLlons and presence Lo promoLe
your parLners and Lhey wlll do Lhe same for youŦ
Ŧ Þrov|de them w|th resources that make the|r [ob eas|er! ?ou can
do lL qulcklyţ easllyţ and conslsLenLly vla soclal medlaŦ
Ŧ @each them how proper|y use soc|a| med|aŦ Pold a semlnar aL
your offlce Lo Leach 8LAL1C8S and LC's abouL soclal medla or slL wlLh
Lhem and walk Lhem Lhrough seLLlng up a acebook buslness pageŦ
1hls ls Lruly valuable Lo Lhemŧbe a resourceŦ

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