Legal English

Criminal law and criminal procedure

breaking and entering Mugging Shoplifting Mug Shoplift Mugger Shoplifter Pick one’s pocket Smuggle Pilfer Pickpocket Smuggler Pilfer Pick pocketing Smuggling Pilfering .Crime and criminals Verb Rob Steal Burgle Criminal robber Thief Burglar Crime robbery Theft Burglary .

homicide Abuse Rape Assault Battery Kidnapping Abduction Hijacking Torture Terrorism .Crime and criminals 2 Verb Manslaughter Assassinate Murder Abuse Rape Assault Batter Kidnap Abduct Hijack Torture Terrorism Criminal Manslaughter Assassin Murderer Abuser Rapist Assaulter Kidnapper Abductor Hijacker Torturer Terrorist Crime Manslaughter Assassination Murder.

Crime and criminals 3 Verb Drunk drive Speed Criminal Drunk driver Speeder Crime Drunk driving. DUI Speeding Arson Fraud Embezzle Forge Betray Trespass Vandalize Loot Arsonist Fraudster Embezzler Forger Traitor Trespasser Vandal Looter Arson Fraud Embezzlement Forgery Treason Trespassing Vandalism Looting .

Verb Bribe and corrupt Criminal - Crime Bribery and corruption Misconduct perjury Blackmail Perjury Blackmailer Perjurer Slander Libel Traffic drugs - Slanderer Drug trafficker White collar criminal Slander Libel Drug trafficking White collar crime .

Types of punishment  Traffic ticket  License suspension  Fine  House arrest  Community service  Jail time  Life in prison .

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