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Chapter 2 Job Analysis and Job Design

Managing Hospitality Human Resources 4th Edition (357TXT or 357CIN)

2006, Educational Institute

Competencies for
Job Analysis and Job Design
1. Explain the importance of job analysis and identify how to analyze jobs in the hospitality industry. 2. Describe how the results of job analysis are used in job descriptions and job specifications. 3. Explain the function of job design, and describe how managers apply techniques of job design.

4. Describe the classifications of employees that make up an organizations labor force.

2006, Educational Institute


Competencies for
Job Analysis and Job Design

5. Explain the importance of a staffing guide and identify the steps involved in developing a staffing guide. 6. Apply trend line and moving average techniques to forecast business volume and labor needs.

2006, Educational Institute

Steps in Job Analysis

Select jobs for analysis.

Determine what information to collect. Determine how to collect the information. Determine who collects the information. Process the information. Write job descriptions and job specifications.

2006, Educational Institute

Information Collected for Job Analysis

Actual work activities

Tools, equipment, and other necessary work aids

Job context
Personal characteristics Behavior requirements Performance standards

2006, Educational Institute

Collecting Job Analysis Information

2006, Educational Institute

Observation Perform the job Interviews Questionnaires and checklists Critical incidents Performance evaluations Diaries Variety of methods

Uses of the Job Description

2006, Educational Institute

Selection Orientation Training Employee evaluations Promotions and transfers

Key Elements of the Job Description

Job identification data

Job summary Job duties Job environment Job specifications

2006, Educational Institute

Minimum qualifications

Job Design Techniques

Job simplification Job enlargement

Job enrichment
Job rotation

Team building

2006, Educational Institute

Employee Categories
Permanent: 30-40 hours/week on regular payroll receive benefits


2006, Educational Institute


Developing a Staffing Guide

Set productivity standards.

Determine total anticipated sales and guest volume

Determine number of employees required.

Determine total labor hours. Estimate labor expenses.

2006, Educational Institute