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1st Bachillerato

My birthday was two days ago. I was nervous because I had prepared a great party with my old friends. So, I went to bed early. I was sleeping when I heard a loud crack on my bedroom door. I thought it would have been the wind, but I looked at the door and saw an old woman who was looking at me. I was scared but I could not stop looking at her. Suddenly, she disappeared. I was relieved, then I felt someone touch my back. I lost consciousness and I woke up the next morning in the cemetery. But I wasnt as you think I was locked in a coffin which was shedding blood all the time and all of a sudden, I felt I had lost some parts of my fingers. I didnt understand anything at all, I just knew that the oxygen was just about to finish and there was blood on my face.

When I opened my eyes, I was in my bed again, it had been a dream, a nightmare. Though, the old woman next to me was still there- she was real.

She had a rag doll in her hands, a doll with a name written on its chest, Azura. I remembered when I was just a kid, my mother gave me that doll. Azura was my grandmothers name. I never met her and my mother never talked about this woman. I had never paid

attention to this issue.

I ran out of my bedroom and went directly to my mothers desk. I found a photo album in which I remembered seeing my grandmother in a picture. I took me a few minutes to find it, but finally I could see that the old woman in my bedroom was actually my grandma. I didnt know what my grandmother was doing there or the meaning of my dream. Then I heard my mother mourn in the living room. I wanted to know what was happening and I asked my mum. She told me this terrifying story. I killed my mum. I cut her fingers and buried her alive. I had always loved painting portraits, but she always said that I wasnt good at painting. So I decided that when you were born, you didnt meet hershe had always ruined my life. Your father discovered it and he thought I was a psychopath. Therefore, I had to kill him too. You shouldnt have discovered this and now Ill have to finish this.

After it, I saw my mum burn the tablecloth and everything started to burn . I shuddered in pain, I couldnt escape. I could see her in fire while she was looking at me with a frightening look. Now I am with my grandmother and we have decided that on Halloween night we will be next to your bed. Please, we need company.


One cold winter night, Lucy, a sixteen year old girl, was alone at home watching TV, because her parents had gone to a dinner party at a friends house. I t had been snowing all the afternoon, but Lucy felt nice and comfortable sitting in the living room sofa under a warm and fuzzy blanket. The TV was on the corner of the room. She was watching one of her favourite movies, a horror film. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed something moving outside the window. Through the darkness and the falling snow, she could make out the figure of a man walking towards the window. The mans face was hideously scary- his eyes were wild and big. Frightened, Lucy pulled the blanket over her head and tried to hide away. One minute later, she pulled the blanket aside just enough to peer out with one eye. She was so afraid, the man was still there! Then, he opened his coat and took something out. I t was a long knife. She managed to put her hand into her pocket and took her mobile phone. She phoned the police. Eventually, she heard sirens outside. Lucy stood up and ran to the front door. The police said that there was no trace of anyone outside the window. He was right there, said Lucy pointing out to the window. That impossible, said the officer, because there arent any footprints.

Maybe you have been watching too many scary movies, said the other officer. The police officer turned to leave when, suddenly, she stopped. She pulled back the sofa where Lucy had been sat. On the carpet there was a trace of wet footprints and a knife. You werent looking at the man outside the window, said the officer. You were looking at his reflection. HE WAS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU ALL THE TIME

Carol was a young woman who was twenty two years old. One day Carol went to the shopping centre to buy a present for her mother, but she didnt find Anything suitable. All of a sudden, she found a strange shop that she had never seen before. There Carol found a beautiful harlequin. She definitely wanted to buy it, but the shop-assistant warned her, the harlequin can be very dangerous because it has strange powers. Anyone who possesses it will have bad luck. She didnt believe a word and bought the harlequin at once. Carol was coming back home. She had to go through a level crossing. She didnt notice a train was approaching and the train crashed into her car. She Was dead. The police officers didnt find anything strange, only the harlequin with a message that said, happy birthday, mum!

Melisa, a sixteen year old girl, arrived at Madrid two months ago because her family moved to work there. Several days later, Melisa fell ill. Consequently the doctor told her to be in bed for one or two weeks. Isabel, one of he classmates, offered to help Melisa with her homework. Every day, Isabel went to Melisas house after school and she explained her the homework and they chatted for a while. Melisa asked Isabel about her family, her house, her friends, but Isabel never answered her questions. Furthermore, she became so angry that Melisa was even afraid. For this reason, Melisa only talked about the homework. In addition, Melisa had some strange grey spots on her hands and face, but Isabel never told Melisa about them. The clothes that Melisa usually wore were very weird too- she always came with the same old clothes and hairstyle. After two weeks, Melisa got over and went to the high school- she was looking forward to seeing Isabel. She wanted to thank her for her help and give her back her notebook. However, Isabel wasnt at school and no one knew her. Melisa was very surprised and wondered who Isabel was. Melisa looked over her notebook and found her name, Isabel Moreno, and her address. In the afternoon, Melisa went to this address, but when she got there, she only found a ruined house. Next to the door, she found a newspaper . She read the following news, Julin and Laura Lpez together with their daughter, Isabel, died in a fire in their house. Then, Melisa read the newspaper date- it took place in 1970. all of a sudden, Melisa understood all, Isabel was a ghost. A month later, Melisa and her parents died, their house set on fire.


It was nine oclock in the evening, the rain had no ceased, that autumn afternoon was terrible and only the falling rain was heard. The penetrating gaze of Lucy just looked at a corner of the room. It was dark, but she was unable to turn on the lights. Her hands stained with blood, she was going to be accused of murder. Lucy was a young woman of barely thirty years. She had no family and lived alone in a small penthouse on the outskirts of London. She had moved from Spain to London to work five years ago. She was very sociable and friendly but a secret from the past was disturbed and could not live a quiet and peaceful life. She was a doctor, and she loved her profession because her dream was to heal people. One morning, Lucy was at home having breakfast before going to work, when suddenly, she heard shocking news on the radio, a man is seriously ill in Angel hospital in London, but it is not known what is happening. The police is investigating and doctors fear for his life. Then Lucy decided to go to the hospital because she wanted to know what happened. She ran out of his house, taking his mobile and keys and went straight to hospital. When she got to the street, she was stunned. There wasnt anyone on the street. She was alone. She looked around and only heard the sound of the fragile wind combing her hair.

She thought that the people would be at home or work, because it was not a good day to go out, it was cloudy and about to rain. Without thinking further, she ran to the hospital, but there was no one there either. Am I dreaming?She wondered. Lucy was scared and the last thing she wanted was that her past was finally known. When she entered in one of the hospital room, she found something. It was the newspaper of the day, the breaking news said, today, 31th of October, we will die". Lucy could not continue reading and ran out of the hospital. She could not believe it, how would everybody die all around the world?, whats happening? She just hoped everything would be a dream and soon she would wake up and have delicious coffee with warm toasts and butter.
Five years ago, Lucy was studying at a medical school in Spain. She was investigating the most dangerous viruses and bacteria in the world. For this reason, she travelled to London to finish her studies. There she could find the most dangerous virus, one that causes psychological distress, loss of most of your blood, so over time you would die. Moreover, this disease had a more serious problem, its effects did not appear until five years after being infected. Scientists had not found any antiviral and she wanted to find it. One day, she was alone in her lab and took some samples of the virus to investigate through the microscope. All of a sudden, she heard a noise and scared the samples fell to the floor. The virus spread throughout the lab.

Lucy was scared, closed the secret lab and didnt tell anyone about the accident. Lucy was in her attic and still thought that everything that was happening was her fault. But she didnt understand why she hadnt died, why she was alive. She had been sat on the corner of the attic for two hours, terrified, looking at the mirror in front of her. She could only hear the droplets sliding on her window. Lucy decided to go to the kitchen. In her hands, there was a knife which she stuck in her delicate heart. She didnt want to live anymore. Everyone had died because of her and she had to die. After a few days, two police officers entered Lucys attic, and she was there on the corner, dead. The forensic autopsy revealed that she was infected with the terrible virus which resulted in the loss of the senses, thats why she could not see people. The newspaper she tried to read said, We will die all, todays Halloween new film. Lucy got infected in the lab, fortunately no one else was ill, since this virus was only transmitted through the saliva. Lucy didnt know it.

Elvira was a girl about ten years old. She had no father and his mother worked all the time, so she had to leave her daughter alone at home. One night she shuddered and was afraid of leaving her alone, but she could not lose her job and decided to go. She told her daughter, Ill phone you every 2 hours so as to check you are ok. Please, do not open the door. When I come back, Ill knock on the door three times. Then she closed the door and left. Elvira, scared and alone, decided to sleep so that time went by faster. Soon the phone rang waking her up. She got up and hurried up to the phone. She hoped to hear her mother's voice. Mom, are you? Mom? Mom?, but no one answered. Disillusioned and afraid, she put the phone down and went to bed. She said to herself, the call was cut. Suddenly the phone rang again. She answered, mom., youre scaring me!. She hung it up again and went to bed. This time, she was really frightened. After a while, there was a knock on the door, but not three times, so she didnt open it. At nightfall, her mother hadnt returned yet. Therefore, Elvira was worried. The phone rang again. mom, mom, your are coming home very late. At the other end of the phone, she just heard,

You are alone now.. Elvira hung up the phone, mourning, she went to the door because she wanted to go to a neighbours house. So as to call the police.. When she opened the door, she found her mothers body lying on the floor, covered in blood, her legs twisted, her arms broken, Elvira couldnt resist the tremendous impact and fainted. When she woke up, she had been taken to a psychiatric hospital for children. Although they helped her to overcome such traumatic experience, she never stopped dreaming of that voice telling her again and again, Your are alone now. The psychologist who helped her blamed Elvira for her mothers death, but she knew it wasnt true. Elvira lover her mother and she dreamed of her every day.

Although ten years have passed since the tragic incident, Elvira in treatment and completely traumatized.

In the city of Transylvania, every year something strange occurs during the Halloween night. I remember stories told by our grandparents when we were children. They were about lot of children who had disappeared and had never been found again. Stories that frightened us and We couldnt sleep all night., stories that, nevertheless, made that we wanted to celebrate Halloween night. When we were 26 years old, my friends and I prepared Halloween all in advance, our Halloween costumes, the jokes that we were going to do, you know, some rotten eggs to annoy the neighbours Certainly, some jokes were tasteless jokes frightening little children, bothering girls, laughing at old people, destroying gardens, writing graffiti's on the school walls. As we had been frightened for many years, now it was our turn. Halloween night came and we were anxious. Everything was going well until I felt a cold hand covering my mouth. I could not move, I could not shout. Then I fell sleep, I dont remember anything else. I woke up in dark room, I heard a sound similar to a leak, and the breathe of someone. I were so scared. I didnt understand anything, I just wanted to know if I was dreaming. I was tied to something, so I couldnt move, I could not speak, I couldnt do anything at all. I heard someone breath next to me, I felt it in my ear. Then a loud and annoying voice told me, You are a bad boy. Why do you like bothering people? Do you think this is funny?

While the voice was talking to me , I felt a cold sharp knife in my neck. Suddenly, the tape that covered my mouth was removed. I coughed and apologized to that strange man for all the bad things that I had done. He laughed loudly while I still could feel the knife in my neck. I cant remember anything else. The next morning I found myself lying on the street. I would like to know if it was really a dream or not, but I am sure I will never bother anyone else.

I t was an ordinary day in Liverpool. Michael went out to pick up the post and there was a letter with an old stamp for him. Michael was surprises when he saw the letter. It said, Tomorrow, your friend Peter will be killed. Michael thought it was just a joke. The following day, he received another letter with the same stamp. The letter had a photo of his friend Peter decapitated and the message said, You are the next one. He got very nervous, he didnt know what to do. He was definitely frightened The following morning, Peter who had played a joke on Michael decided to visit his friend. He wanted to tell him the truth, but it was too late. When Peter came in to his friends house, he found Michael lying dead on the floor. The pathologist said that he had suffered a heart attacked caused by anxiety. Since that day, Michaels ghost wanders the world persecuting people who play practical jokes on others. BE CAREFUL!!!!!

Everyday I listened noised in my bedroom. I thought it was only my imagination, but it wasnt. On day I was sleeping in my bed when I heard something fall on the floor. I got up and lit the lamp. Suddenly, a ghost appeared in front of me. I couldnt believe it! The ghost shouted at me and I ran away. I was very scared and I started to cry. Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my mother! I told her I had seen a ghost in my bedroom, she just hugged me and we went to sleep again. The following week, I heard noises again in my bedroom. I decided not to be afraid of the ghost any more when I saw it again. That night the ghost threw a rag doll on the floor and I lit the lamp. I saw it- it was very strange, little and white. I realized that it was actually a little girl. I was very surprised when she said, Do you want to play with me? I kept quiet and she said, Im lost, can you help to return? So I went to open the window. That night it snowed, so a cold wind and some snow came in though the window. When I turned back, the ghost girl had disappeared. I felt relieved, although the room was cold and dark. Since then, when I come in my bedroom on the 31st of October, I find the rag doll on the floor.

Everything happened two years ago. I went to Cazorla with some friends. We stayed at a camping. One of the nights (31th October). We were around a little bonfire and we were talking horror stories. Shortly after, we went to the tent because it was very late. I was sleeping when I heard a noise near my tent. I left the tent to see who was making this terrible noise. I was cold and a little frightened. Suddenly, I felt as if someone was behind me, chasing me. Therefore, I escaped from the camp. I kept on running for ten minutes and I got to a road, the so-called route 13.Suddenly, a black car stopped in front of me. The man who was driving asked me what I was doing there in the middle of the night and if I didnt have a car, I could go with him to the nearby city. I said I was walking and I was fine. He smiled darkly and then another man, who I didnt notice was there, came out and forced me to go in the car. I cried and fought, but finally he won and achieved his purpose. I got nervous and scared when I saw that the car was stained of blood. There was blood in all over the car. I wanted to get out and run, but the door was locked. I asked them where we were going but they didnt answer my question. I t was as if there wasnt anyone there.

I tried to open the door again, but it was impossible. I t was shut. At that moment, I could see two or three black rubbish bags and a lot of blood all around. I was so terrified that I broke the window with my feet and jumped from the speeding car. I fell over and I thought I had broken my right arm, but I wanted to go back to the camping site, so I ran as fast as I could. The sun was rising as I got at the camp. My friends didnt believe me when I told them what happened. I couldnt believe it either. The next few days, I slept with Mara my best friend, since I couldnt sleep alone. Two months later, the police found twelve or more dead girls near the camp. They said that the girls were tortured and then someone chopped the victims bodies into pieces with an axe and buried then there. The bodies were in some black rubbish bags. I thought immediately of the men who tried to kidnap me.

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