welcome to a whole

new world of opportunity

you’re sure to lose far more pursuing security than you will ever lose pursuing opportunity – william shakespeare

firstly I would like to reaffirm that I am not here to sell you anything my sole objective is to share this amazing business opportunity which has changed my life in most positive aspects it is all about mindset; we can stay content with what we are achieving today and regret later for time past or we can truly agree that we are not happy with our present savings and understand that we need to out-do what we are presently doing to make a difference in life opportunities are aplenty out there in the world, success is purely grabbing one and working them out or watch others work and succeed they say: success is very personal. I cannot achieve your dreamz nor can you achieve mine

can we realistically accomplish our dreams doing what we’re currently doing?

harsh realities
are you

rich and wealthy yet? control of your life? can I make more money”?

are you in are you

proud of your life’s accomplishments? busy working so hard for last so many years?

do you often catch yourselves thinking “how have you been

do you find yourself waking up in the morning and rushing to the monotony of another day? do you leave home in the morning without getting to see your kids and return back home in the evening to see them sleeping? do you buy things that you can

afford or do you buy what you really like?

are you thinking to accomplish freedom from your 9 to 5 job? earn extra income to supplement your retirement? freedom to travel?
what I am doing today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it…

change is the key
you if you

don’t have to live like this. not anymore enough is enough and you deserve a better life

decide so… break the cycle… achieve your dreams

if you decide here is the

opportunity and the like-minded people who can make it

happen for you! we will help you take advantage of the new business trends and setup a home based business for you that gives you unstoppable residual income! if you feel motivated enough to change your life for better and if you are ready to live the life of your dreams get started by associating with us

live the life of your dreams

i will accomplish my dreams of tomorrow by acting today!


becoming a what you are about to a a support an

millionaire is no longer a dream

witness is a quest that began 10 years ago

business that spans the globe

system that guides you towards success

opportunity to live the life of your dreams

choice, not chance determines human destiny

Prepared by Angela FL ~GenGold

company contd…

founded in the year 1998 by members of european union and (association of south east asian nations)


vision is to be the number one global e-marketing company by providing opportunities, creating success and touching a billion hearts mission is to inspire people to help others through the concept of rhythm (raise yourself to help mankind) core values are truth, service and courage head quarters in hongkong presence in over 120 countries across the globe
with a strong customer base of over

4 million and growing

associated / endorsed by world renowned charity trusts
make truth the seed in every deed. and you will surely succeed

company contd…

21 subsidaries

5 world class resorts of their own

owned u.k. based telecom subsidiary, qicomm

india alone: mumbai, bangalore, chennai, hyderabad, delhi mayer’s mint, europe’s largest and most modern privately owned 135 years old mint, has been taken over by 10 years old quest intl.
5 registered offices in

solid financial standing, multi billion dollars in annual turnover rock-solid company, with roadmap for next 25 years & heavy investments in key global markets

when someone’s mind is made up, the truth only confuses them


ISO 9001:2000

no solution is found by altering the problem, only by altering youself


substantial legal background

mrs n. chidambaram, senior advocate, supreme court is the legal advisor for
questnet india
seek to be higher and better than you are, every day and you will always lead


govt. tax deducted at source

the shortest cut to trouble is to run away from it when you see it coming

international associates

fifa… 2002, 2006. official sponsor of brazilian national football team

Intl. badminton federation… 2003, 2006. official sponsor of ibf world championships

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international associates

pope john paul… 2000, vatican city

united nations… food and agriculture organization

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indian associates
manas kalyan trust tirupati balaji temple trust siddhi vinayak trust mahatma gandhi manavta munch india heritage foundation ahimsa foundation nathdwara samai seva sammithi shri narayana dharma sangam trust shri kanchi kamakoti peetam
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celebrity testimonials

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products – quest vacation international

passport to an exciting world of personalized vacation

tomorrow’s vacation, at today’s price (free from inflation and currency rate fluctuation
valid for

30 years

occupancy for up to 4 adults ownership can be transferred to children, grand children or loved ones or loan your vacation membership to family, friends and associates share exclusive selection of qvi home resorts
vacation can be

split to different countries on different days

3700 resorts across the globe, in 100 continents to choose from. the most flexible$3700/- (it works out to $35/day, $9/person/day). amazing at just vacation

products – invoice
save as much as 80% on your international calls superiour quality / digital transmission gets you connected with your worldwide network / loved ones total mobility and flexibility free on-net calls to any other in-voice subscriber via pirelli & shark no international roaming charges your personal london phone number easy hardware setup 24-hour multi language technical and customer support save on your phone calls, run your own business and earn at the same time only $600/-

how to start?

simple: purchase a product refer the product / opportunity to just two partners who will duplicate the process help them to duplicate the process

you are on your way to riches…

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referral fee

for every sale in your organization

with or without your knowledge, you are paid a referral fee (measured in unit value)

1 unit value = $40/Join: (referrer IR ID = HY730125, Premavathy)

how it works?
yo u
ob w ce t u rod int s nes usi

s ner t pa r

business partner – 1
1 uv

business partner - 2
1 uv

your partners duplicate you….
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money inflow

3 left


3 rightplicate
1 uv business partner 2



1 uv business partner 1
es sp ar tn er

du ers rtn pa
bu s



1 uv

s ne i


r pa


r ne


3 bu sin es

1 uv








s ne i


r pa


r ne


1 uv

1 uv

your first cheque of $750/- is received (3l +3r) x $41.27 = $750/-

3 uv left + 3 uv right = level business structure $250/0
left group your trackin g center right group

total volume
left right




you have 0 uv on left and 0 uv on right






1. 2.

you introduce a & b you have total volume of 1 uv on both sides a introduce c & d, while b introduce e & f. you have 3 uv total on both side you earn $250/c,d, e, f bring 2 each 4 more uv on both sides you earn again $250/1 uv on both side carried forward





2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4.




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this continues on and on and on…..

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Compensation Plan
3 CUV Left and 3 CUV Right = $250.00

One Cycle Step I Step II Step III Step IV Step V Step VI 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 CUV 3 3 3 3 3 3 = = = = = = 18 CUV $250.00 $250.00 $250.00 $250.00 $250.00 $250.00 (E-Voucher) = $1500.00

*E-Voucher is worth 10 Cycle points and can be used to redeem products in the QuestNet Redemption Store

3 steps to fortune

enrol: to become an i.r. (independent representative). enrollment fee is just $10
only/you are given 3 business accounts / tracking centers with extensions tc001, tc002 & tc003 qualify: purchase a product which has a minimum 1 uv (unit value)

activate: introduce 2 qualified i.r. who can duplicate you and purchase a
minimum of 1 u.v. product each

people are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. the people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them,

feasibility plan
when your network reaches Left 1000 UV Right 1000 UV

even if 10% your network is active, bringing 1 uv each week, you will be earning around $8000/week (indian rupees: 4 lacs, omani riyal: 3,300) once you open your other tracking centers tc002 & tc003, your income will triple for just the same effort you can earn up to $16,000/week (indian rupees: 8 lacs, omani riyal: 6,500)
get up & put your shoulders to the wheel – how long is this life for? as you have come into this world, leave some mark behind. arise. awake

the secrets to the grand success of questnet

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only by trying can we eventually be true and triumphant. whilst by descending into despair, we can only be drawn into defeat and depression

months 2

left 1

right 1

2 2 works good even2for the laziest person … 2 4 4 2 years

say everybody promotes
2 16

one person in one month 16 2048 x 2 = 4096 2 32 32 UVs 2 64 64 4096 x $41.667 = $170,668/2 128 128
2 2 2 2 256 512 1024 2048 256 512 1024 2048




time is currency. an hour spent on one person is an hour lost to someone else. priortise where and how you spend your time before you spend it

for anyone who wants to earn indian rupees: maximum number of uv’s needed is just

(5,220 x inr: 1,916 = inr:

5,000 triple header….

1,00,00,000) lets see some one who has a …

three accounts for himself / herself

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for those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will suffice






remember… even with a lazy plan,

1,250 uv’s are possible in just 1.5 years…
with no extra efforts
as your attitude to the problem changes so does the solution. sometimes the solution cannot even be perceived till you change. the answer to every

• It is

gold and not any FMCG product to be sold at
appreciates like real estate The business is a bonus!

unbelievable prices • No comparison with any other consumable products … GOLD • You pay the money and you get GOLD against it which is yours!

• No direct selling … the GOLD is

your asset

how is it different from the so called mlm?... (I)
there is

no sharing of commission in quest… in many mlm companies
the first movers are best paid and new recruits struggle there is there is

no monthly target … work at your own pace no direct selling … the product is your asset no monthly stock to be maintained
to only 2 people

there is there is

no tiring persuasion after recruiting 10 / 12 people … promote

the day I don’t face any problems, I should think that I am walking on a wrong path

how is it different from the so called mlm?...(II)
this is what happens in many mlm business


recruiting 8-10 people is a tough job say … d is common friend of a, b, c … all want d to come directly under him … no team work


team work is the secret of success in quest

in questnet, you get only two chance to refer





any third person has to be placed under all your down-lines only… … understand the strength of binary plan, it is an complete team effort.
champions take chances and pressure is a privilege





Rs 2300






C1 C2 C4 D1 D2 D3

Rs 11,500

CT T B3 C3 FE R A6 Rs 11,500 A PE
C5 C6 B4 B5 D4

Rs 9200


D5 D6


E1 E2 F1 F2 E4 F4 F5 E5 E6

E voucher
E3 F3 F6


start your own business today, …only if you are convinced don't take chance, you need to know that the system works may be a better tomorrow is waiting for you

for further details contact me:
Join: (referrer IR ID = HY730125, Premavathy)
until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. until you value your time, you will not achieve anything with it

only one time purchase of product / service need just two people to start no time frame to bring referrals minimum skills required business for anyone, help available you choose where to live & earn it is a global business work at your pace backup for your monthly income – residual & passive
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the true champions have never stopped being beginners



life is not divided into semesters. you don’t get semesters off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. you are supposed to do

why network marketing (I)
during the last few years we hear of traditional companies making loss, giving vrs, retrenching people & closing down – everyday. enron & swissair are just 2 examples from the manufacturing & service sector, which have closed down - overnight. there are thousands of large companies & millions of small firms closing down - everyday. on the other hand, the millionaires in the new millennium will be those who grab the new opportunities provided by the new millennium. what are these new opportunities? who provides them? since the last few years every company talks of customer satisfaction, as satisfied customer bring more customers. the 2nd wave or the 2nd economic revolution i.e. “industrial revolution” has reduced manufacturing cost to the minimum. the 3rd wave or the 3rd economic revolution = “information technology revolution” has made e-commerce a reality. the 4th wave or the 4th economic revolution is “network marketing revolution" a combination of the 2nd & 3rd wave.

networking is the greatest business concept of the century – success magz., may 1993

why network marketing (II)
“network marketing” practices the same i.e. “rewarding satisfied customers” who “refer” to their friends. also, you get rewarded for your friend “referring” to hid friends & they “referring” to their friends and they “referring” to their friends and so on - forver! even banks asks a reference of a customer to introduce a new customer for opening a bank account, for “over 100 years”. now, with the combination of e-commerce, it is now possible to keep track of satisfied customers “referring” to their friends & in-turn to their friends, now, if every person were to get the same compensation, that would be fair isn’t it ? so, you refer to just two friends, who refer to two of their friends, who refer to two of their friends & you get compensated for your efforts. wow! that’s really cool! this is “network marketing", which has made the maximum number of self made millionaires all over the world in the last 20 years. also, “network marketing" is being taught in the topmost universities, all over the world since 1994 i.e. over 10 years. university of Illinois at chicago was among the first in the world & Symbiosis Institute in Pune is the First to Teach NETWORK MARKETING to MBA Students. I’d rather have 1% of 100 men’s efforts than 100% of my own – J Paul Getty, Billionaire

important websites
Join: (referrer IR ID = HY730125, Premavathy) Questnet: Holiday product: The V Team: Qpportunity: Quest Vacation Intl. Club: Xchangeworld: Welcome to Questnet: Wellness Product: =SIaScDKbz2w&feature=related Quest Intl.: =uO5iDBnmoy4&feature=related Telecom Product:

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