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Use of SAP in Creating loyalty for Dealer

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What is SAP ? What makes SAP different ? Where is SAP ? SAP R/3 Application Modules Who is Dealer ? Supply Chain Illustration Dealers Key Challenges Business Problems Solution Overview : DealerConnect DealerPortal Advantage DealerConnect: Features

Technical Architecture & Implementation Details

Case Study Benefits Summary

What is SAP ?

Systems, Application, Products in Data Processing.

ERP software facilitates the flow of information among all the processes of an organizations supply chain.
ERP products are available from several vendors, such as SAP AG, Oracle . The ERP software market leader is SAP AG with the SAP R/3 System German-based software company Founded in 1972 Four former IBM employees To track and manage, in real-time, sales, production, finance accounting and human resources in an enterprise. The worlds leader in business management is SAP .

What makes SAP different ?

SAP is the only global software vendor supporting, developing, and marketing a standard solution Support the entire distribution chain from OEM via importer to dealer and the end customer. One information system in an enterprise All applications access common data

Real events in the business initiate transactions

Accounting is done automatically by events in sales and Production Sales can see when products can be delivered Production schedules are driven by sales The whole system is designed to be real-time and not historical

Where is SAP ?

No. 1 in Enterprise Applications Software No. 3 in software overall worldwide Worlds leader in business management 75% of Global Fortune 1,000 run SAP Over 30,000 employees and over 50,000 companies running with SAP solutions Market leading software solutions for large, midsize companies

SAP R/3 Application Modules

Who is Dealer ?

Dealers purchase and maintain an inventory of the merchandise to be sold and therefore share the costs of marketing and distribution with the manufacturer and wholesaler. Dealers differ from manufacturers' representatives and brokers, who never take title to the merchandise

Who is Dealer ?

Supply Chain Illustration

Dealers Key Challenges

Increasing competition

Decrease in customer loyalty

Increase in customer expectations Increase in OEM requirements and standards

Relationships of multi brand dealers with

more than one OEM/Distributor/Importer

Financial regulations

National and regional regulation

Higher skill demand from employee Multiple sites/companies/brands

Business Problems

Work Duplication & Error Prone Orders due to Manual entry Dealers not having visibility to your finished good inventory and

order shipment status Dealers do not have the latest and accurate information to sell and service the companys products Time lag in new product launches No information on the secondary sales data to get real insight Dealers dont have friendly ways to track their invoice list, sales returns and account statement Organizations spend large amount of time in manual transactions to update and gather information from the dealer Organizations are forced to invest resources in a dealer support centre Lack of automation and systems to track new opportunities and create more business for all


Solution for delivering targeted information, marketing data and

tools for dealers. your dealers.

Real-time and secure web based portal solutions for empowering Orders, Inventory, Service functions to lower your support costs.

Solution Overview : DealerConnect

DealerConnect is a SAP NetWeaver based portal to provide a secure and role based platform to collaborate with dealers in realtime, using existing investment in your SAP ERP implementation.

The solution saves cost involved in managing a dealer support centre, reduces the time consumed to get and to update data, and leads to improved dealer productivity and customer satisfaction.

DealerPortal Advantage: Solution Overview


SAP NetWeaver SoA Platform - Enterprise Portal, WebDynPro and Web

Application Server Compatible with SAP ERP (Any version) or SAP R/3 Extendable to Adobe Forms Enhancements supported via use of BADIs to plugin own rules and retrieval logic.

Solution DealerConnect Advantage

Real-time and secure web based portal for dealers for order entry Delivering targeted information, marketing data and tools for dealers Orders, Inventory, Service functions to lower Organizations support
cost Dealer self-service, alerts and notifications

Dealer portal view in SAP CRM

Technical Architecture & Implementation Details

Solution Implementation Easy to deploy (Rapid GoLive) in 6-8 weeks Easy to enhance Corporate branded portal Can be extended with Adobe Forms for Offline Quotations

Security Role based access Authorization framework Information and function access Inbuilt security features of Enterprise Portal (authentication) Transport layer security using HTTPS

DealerConnect: Features

Order Management Collaborative Inventory Management Product Catalog and Pricing Status Reports Dealer Offers and News

Self Service
Alerts and Notification Reduced TCO

DealerConnect Advantage: Features

SALES Maintain Quotations. Create Sales Order View Open Orders pending for delivery Track Order Status Document Flow (Order > Delivery > Invoice) Print Order View Shipment details & Tracking Number (link to carrier website) Product Pricing with scales View Inventory (ATP, Consignment and Spare Parts) RETURNS Create Returns Order Track RMA Status FINANCE Invoice wise outstanding Document Flow (Invoice > Delivery > Order) View Invoice Status for open and cleared items Print Invoices View and Print Statement of Accounts with transactions during a period

DealerConnect Advantage: Features

SERVICE Create Service Notification Track Service Notification View Document Flow (Service Order > Delivery > Invoice) MARKETING Upload Brochures and Collateral Flash Offers & Promotions COMMON FEATURES Role based secure access Dealer Registration Real-time alerts and notifications Create workflows and assign tasks Chat / Messenger Dealer message board, news and document sharing Visibility control for fields Print, Sort, Filter on lists Excel download Online Help and FAQ Drill down and Intuitive navigation Update own data Corporate Branding

DealerConnect Advantage: Features

DEALER SUPPORT VIEW Internal users can view dealer portal for multiple customers based on the mapping stored in SAP ERP. DEALER ADMIN User administration Partner Assignment - Assign Users to Customer Contact Person IDs Easy to use Content Management and Authoring for news, flash, FAQ, help and upload of common documents. Portal Usage Reports Trouble shooting supplier issues.

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Benefits Summary
A SAP NetWeaver based portal that provides a platform on top of your existing SAP ERP to collaborate real-time with dealers/customers. The solution helps improve dealer productivity and customer satisfaction by reducing the time to exchange accurate information with them. In addition, it also saves costs involved in managing a dedicated dealer support center.