G|nger has been used as a natura| remedy

for many a||ments for centur|es
1Ŧ lL ls [usL as effecLlve as vlLamln 86 ln Lhe
LreaLmenL of mornlng slcknessŦ
2 lL has anLlŴlnflammaLory properLles and
ls a powerful naLural palnklllerŦ
3 Clnger has long been used as a naLural
hearLburn remedyŦ lL ls mosL ofLen
Laken ln Lhe form of Lea for Lhls
4 Clnger has long been used as a naLural
LreaLmenL for colds and Lhe fluŦ Many
people also flnd glnger Lo be helpful ln
Lhe case of sLomach cramp or food
polsonlngţ whlch ls noL surprlslng glven
Lhe poslLlve effecLs glnger has upon Lhe
dlgesLlve LracL
3 8esearch has shown LhaL glnger may
provlde mlgralne rellef due Lo lLs ablllLy
Lo sLop prosLaglandlns from causlng
paln and lnflammaLlon ln blood vesselsŦ
@urmer|c has been used |n trad|t|ona|
med|c|ne as a househo|d remedy for var|ous
1Ŧ 1urmerlc powder Lo wound or cuL can sLop
bleedlng lmmedlaLely and also hasLen lLs
2Ŧ MlxLure of Lurmerlc powder and llme nulllfles
Lhe Loxlc effecL
3Ŧ 1urmerlc powder and salL ln equal quanLlLy
wlLh warm waLer glves lnsLanL rellef ln acldlLyŦ
4Ŧ Curd wlLh Lurmerlc drlnk afLer lunch cures
dlgesLlve problemsŦ
3Ŧ Applylng pasLe of Lurmerlc rubbed on sLone
wlLh waLer on Lhe affecLed parL ls helpful ln
decreaslng rlngworm whlLe spoLs
6Ŧ 1aklng Lurmerlc powder and llLLle salL wlLh hoL
waLer or sucklng a small plece of Lurmerlc or
llcklng 1 Lsp Lurmerlc powder wlLh 1/2 Lsp
honey glves rellef ln cough and ellmlnaLes
congesLlon of bronchlŦ
@he gar||c |s known to have wonderfu| ant|Ŵ
bacter|a|ţ ant|Ŵv|ra|ţ ant|Ŵfunga| and ant|Ŵ
ox|dant propert|esŦ
1Ŧ Carllc Lends Lo reduce Lhe frequency of
colds and flu wlLhouL any slde effecLs Ŧ
2Ŧ lL works as a blood cleanser and clean your
sysLem lnLernally Ŧ
3Ŧ 1o reduce welghL squeeze half lemon [ulce
ln one glass of Luke warm waLer and drlnk
lL wlLh Lwo cloves of raw garllc regularly
Lwlce a day (mornlng and evenlng)ţ for
abouL Lhree monLhsŦ
4Ŧ lf any lnsecL blLes you aL Lhe seasldeţ you
[usL crush Lhe garllc and apply lL Lo Lhe
affecLed area Lo reduce paln and Lo remove
3Ŧ ln earacheţ puL Lwo or Lhree drops of warm
garllc oll ln Lhe earsŦ
6Ŧ use Lwo raw garllc dally Lo reduce Lhe rlsk
of cancerţ due Lo lLs AnLlŴCarclnogenlc
@he c|nnamon has ant|funga|ţ ant|bacter|a|
and ant| paras|t|c propert|esŦ
1Ŧ Clnnamon has recenLly been shown Lo acL
as a naLural remedy for ArLhrlLls palnŦ
2Ŧ 8esearch suggesLs LhaL clnnamon may help
LreaL Lype 2 ulabeLes by lowerlng blood
sugar levels and lncreaslng Lhe amounL of
lnsulln producLlon ln Lhe bodyŦ
3Ŧ Clnnamon has been found Lo be an
effecLlve naLural remedy for ellmlnaLlng
headaches and mlgralne rellefŦ
4Ŧ Chlnese medlclne has long used clnnamon
as a naLural remedy for coughs and Lhe
common cold and a slmple herbal remedy
for LreaLlng a sore LhroaLŦ
3Ŧ Clnnamon has been known Lo help relleve
LooLhache palnŦ
@h|s exot|c sp|ce conta|ns many p|ant der|ved
chem|ca| compounds that are known to have ant|Ŵ
ox|dantţ d|sease prevent|ng and hea|th promot|ng
1Ŧ 1he cardamomŴoll have found appllcaLlon ln
many LradlLlonal medlclnes as anLlsepLlcţ
anLlspasmodlcţ carmlnaLlveţ dlgesLlveţ dlureLlcţ
expecLoranLţ sLlmulanLţ sLomachlc and LonlcŦ
2Ŧ Cardamom ls a good source of mlnerals llke
poLasslumţ calclumţ and magneslumŦ ÞoLasslum
ln an lmporLanL componenL of cell and body
flulds LhaL helps conLrol hearL raLe and blood
pressureŦ Copper ls requlred ln Lhe producLlon
of red blood cellsŦ
3Ŧ lL ls also an excellenL source of manganese and
lronŦ Manganese ls a coŴfacLor for Lhe enzyme
superoxlde dlsmuLaseţ whlch ls a very powerful
free radlcal scavengerŦ lron ls requlred for red
blood cell formaLlonŦ
4Ŧ 1he pods are rlch ln many vlLal vlLamlns
lncludlng rlboflavlnţ nlaclnţ vlLamlnŴC LhaL are
essenLlal for opLlmum healLhŦ
urry |eaf has many herba| med|c|na|
propert|es and |ts a most prom|nent|y used
herb |n South Ind|an cook|ngŦ
1Ŧ Mlx llme [ulceţ honey or sugar crysLals Lo
Lhe [ulce of curry leaf and drlnk lLŦ 1hls
prevenLs nausea and dry vomlLlngŦ
2Ŧ Ior na|rť PeaL oll and add some curry
leavesŦ When Lhe curry leaves Lurns dark
black remove Lhe oll from heaL and leL lL
cool downŦ SLore ln a glass conLalnerŦ Apply
Lhls oll on your head and leave lL overnlghLŦ
1hls helps prevenL premaLure aglng of grey
halr and also nourlshes Lhe halr rooLsŦ 1hls
oll also acLs as a very good sLlmulanL and
helps ln halr growLhŦ
3Ŧ Mlx curry leaf wlLh flnely chopped glngerŦ
Mlx lL wlLh rlce and Lake lL early ln Lhe
mornlng lnsLead of waLer whlch wlll reduce
dlzzlnessţ sLomach dlsorders and
4Ŧ uslng curry leaves wlLh food sLrengLhens
Lhe funcLlons of sLomach and promoLes lLs
acLlonŦ lL ls good for lndlgesLlon problemŦ

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