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Project Progress to date

Select a topic within a subject area Compile a list of key words Search for literature Save source material - Books for theory - Journal articles for business examples - Reputable web sites for current thinking Attempt to convert the topic into a research question or problem to answer

Project Management

Security save work, date it and ensure back-up on the web eg. Mahara available through Moodle Create a Project folder (with sub folders) on your home computer and also on Mahara (or other web facility) to store documents in progress Supporting work to include key words, literature sources, reference list, proposal etc Report sections to include Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Findings etc.

Project Management

All students are allocated a supervisor Marks are allocated for project management What to expect of the supervisor: - Regular appointments for discussion of work - If possible, send work in advance of meeting so that supervisor can read it before the meeting - Record summary of supervision meetings on proforma which supervisor should sign - Completed supervision proforma is included at the back of the project report.

Update on Literature Searching

Login through Athens to access articles through university subscription New source: - EBSCO Host Integrated Search (EHIS) - Simultaneously runs a search over a variety of online databases including Emerald and Sage plus the EBSCO host e-book collection

Consideration of Ethics

Consider ethical issues when collecting primary data involving human subjects Avoid vulnerable participants Ensure that participants give consent Ensure that appropriate permission is gained for access to a study within a business environment Ensure that research instruments do not present a business in a negative light

Consideration of Ethics

Avoid topics which participants may find sensitive Dont include drugs, food or other substances with participants Dont offer financial inducements Dont use any deceptive means to collect data Ensure that the data collection does not involve any distress to the participants Safeguard confidentiality of data collected

Project Proposal Research Question/Problem

Examples - Will raising tuition fees affect student recruitment at university? - Can small businesses afford to enforce all health and safety requirements? - An investigation into staff retention at the pizza restaurant - A critical appraisal of the global crisis and its impact on the retail industry

Project Proposal Terms of reference




The purpose, aims and objectives of the research project The research method used and justification of chosen method What do you hope to find out? Draw conclusions and recommendations

Project Proposal Background/Context

Background to problem Brief history of development of problem Current issues Why the project is worth researching Context of research Background to organisation Accessibility of data

Project Proposal Theoretical considerations

Project must have a theoretical basis Identify a range of subject theories which could be applied Identify about 6 key factors for discussion Include some business examples to support the theory Refer to some websites which may be useful for current thinking

Project Proposal Methodology

Identify possible method of research Justify reason for choice refer to a research methods text How are you going to analyse the data? - Quantitative data Excel or SPSS - Qualitative data content analysis

Project Proposal Timescale

Oct Nov: work on proposal Nov Jan: work on literature review Feb: methodology section & design questionnaires Feb March: undertake research March April: findings, analysis discussion May conclusions, recommendations, evaluation and complete write up

Project Proposal References & Bibliography

Use Harvard Referencing Books for subject theory and research methodology theory Journal articles for business examples Identify suitable websites for current thinking Need a minimum of 6 references for proposal

Next stages

Secure an appointment with supervisor Discuss first draft of proposal with supervisor Search for more literature Revise proposal Need second appointment with supervisor Revise proposal Submit completed Project Proposal Proforma electronically through Turnitin

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