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Project By

@bhu1st, sovi, sups & kaIa

March 2010
Introduction OI the Project
Objectives oI the project
Features oI System
System Design
Development tools and environment
Scope oI the project
< Project Title 'TimiHami' - A Social Network
< IIows individuaIs to
onstruct a public/semi-public profile within system
Articulate a list of users with whom they share a connection/interest
View and traverse their list of connections and those made by others
within the system
Save Web Bookmarks/Feeds as per user's reading interest.
< The first recognizable social networking site -Six -Launched in 1997
< With the emergence of Web 2.0 on SNS
development improves effectiveness of website and
user interaction.
< Popular Social Networks
< Hi5, Tagged, Netlog, Ning, Orkut, Buzz
< Twitter, Facebook, Linkedn
< Provide a complete solution for connecting with the friends.
< Help build online communities of people
< Provide productive environment as per user's reading
< To understand how social network works.
< To implement the system design tools, methodologies,
system development concepts & tools we have learned in
our four years academic session.
< Friends nteraction
< Message/Status Update/Reply
< Like/Dislike Friend's Status
< Bookmarking
< %op bookmark suggestion using Analytic Hierarchy Process
< Personal bookmarks become portable
< Updates from Feeds
< Saving web feeds allows user to save browsing time
< User saves feed as per their reading interest
< %op feeds Suggestion using Analytic Hierarchy Process
< Update Status in Nepali Language
Friends Management
Messaging System
Account Management
Feeds Management
Bookmarks Management
Profile omment System
database-design-sample.html (available to download)
< Model-View-ontroller
< Separates:
M: Data modeI
V: Presentation (UI)
C: Business Iogic
< rontend/Interface
The 'V' = View of MV Model
< Backend Design
M Model
of MV design pattern
System Design Pattern
< Technique for translating
relational entity to object
oriented entity.
< Hides the complexity of
SQL statement
Object/relational abstraction layer for PHP5.
Symfony MV Framework integrates Doctrine seamlessly as it's ORM
< A Multi riteria Decision Making (MDM) Technique.
< Helps decision makers find the one that best suits their needs and
their understanding of the problem.
< an handle qualitative input.
< Decision making in presence of environmental, social and other
< an handle subjective judgements of individuals.
(All the Logos belong to the ir respective owners.)
< Day to day communication
< Social Network in Business
< Social Network for user pattern studies
< Social Network in cultural analysis
< Social Networks generating real time contents
< Browser ompatibility
Renders bad on nternet Explorer 6 (E6), this needs improvement
< More nteractive GU design
< Enhanced Security via encryption
< Picture/audio and video uploads
< Search Engine Optimization
< Mobile Device Support
< Short Messaging Service (SMS) Facility to users
< Events/User Group creation
< Deployment over nternet
< Problems Faced :
Database Model became larger and larger when we were working on development. t would
be better to brainstorm and discuss first on all the overall database design requirement and
propose a final Data Model.
Design changed over and over again during development time. The best idea would be to
work on required output design at initial phase of the development
Working on MV pattern should be best followed in the order M (Model Development), V
(View/nterface Design) & (ontroller Management)
< Still, We Learned:
Different system development methodologies/tools
Project management
Software Development tools
Database Development
Group working
< Former projects/reports
< nternet
Symfony Project Web Site
Doctrine PHP ORM Web Site
MySQL Dev Web Site
PHP.NET web site
Login Page
Search Result
Profile Page
Message Management Page
Saved Bookmarks
< This project is dead by now we stopped working on it.
bhu1st runs his company called Semicolon Developers
sovi works as Q/A Engineer
sups works as 3D Architect
& kala works on Architectural Designs
< Thanks all who referenced our database and left valuable
comments to us.
< Many visitors have requested how the project looked like at the end,
so here it goes the slides we presented to Tribhuvan university,
Kathmandu, Nepal.