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Project By

@bhu1st, sovi, sups & kaIa
March 2010
Introduction OI the Project
Objectives oI the project
Features oI System
System Design
Development tools and environment
Scope oI the project
< Project Title ÷ 'TimiHami' - A Social Network
< IIows individuaIs to
onstruct a public/semi-public profile within system
Articulate a list of users with whom they share a connection/interest
View and traverse their list of connections and those made by others
within the system
Save Web Bookmarks/Feeds as per user's reading interest.
< The first recognizable social networking site -Six -Launched in 1997
< With the emergence of Web 2.0 on SNS
development improves effectiveness of website and
user interaction.
< Popular Social Networks
< Hi5, Tagged, Netlog, Ning, Orkut, Buzz
< Twitter, Facebook, LinkedÌn
< Provide a complete solution for connecting with the friends.
< Help build online communities of people
< Provide productive environment as per user's reading
< To understand how social network works.
< To implement the system design tools, methodologies,
system development concepts & tools we have learned in
our four years academic session.
< Friends Ìnteraction
< Message/Status Update/Reply
< Like/Dislike Friend's Status
< Bookmarking
< %op bookmark suggestion using Analytic Hierarchy Process
< Personal bookmarks become portable
< Updates from Feeds
< Saving web feeds allows user to save browsing time
< User saves feed as per their reading interest
< %op feeds Suggestion using Analytic Hierarchy Process
< Update Status in Nepali Language
Friends Management
Messaging System
Account Management
Feeds Management
Bookmarks Management
Profile omment System
database-design-sample.html (available to download)
< Model-View-ontroller
< Separates:
 M: Data modeI
 V: Presentation (UI)
 C: Business Iogic
< rontend/Interface
The 'V' = View of MV Model
< Backend Design
M ÷ Model
÷ ontroller
of MV design pattern
System Design Pattern
< Technique for translating
relational entity to object
oriented entity.
< Hides the complexity of
SQL statement
Object/relational abstraction layer for PHP5.
Symfony MV Framework integrates Doctrine seamlessly as it's ORM
< A Multi riteria Decision Making (MDM) Technique.
< Helps decision makers find the one that best suits their needs and
their understanding of the problem.
< an handle qualitative input.
< Decision making in presence of environmental, social and other
< an handle subjective judgements of individuals.
(All the Logos belong to the ir respective owners.)
< Day to day communication
< Social Network in Business
< Social Network for user pattern studies
< Social Network in cultural analysis
< Social Networks generating real time contents
< Browser ompatibility
 Renders bad on Ìnternet Explorer 6 (ÌE6), this needs improvement
< More Ìnteractive GUÌ design
< Enhanced Security via encryption
< Picture/audio and video uploads
< Search Engine Optimization
< Mobile Device Support
< Short Messaging Service (SMS) Facility to users
< Events/User Group creation
< Deployment over Ìnternet
< Problems Faced :
 Database Model became larger and larger when we were working on development. Ìt would
be better to brainstorm and discuss first on all the overall database design requirement and
propose a final Data Model.
 Design changed over and over again during development time. The best idea would be to
work on required output design at initial phase of the development
 Working on MV pattern should be best followed in the order M (Model Development), V
(View/Ìnterface Design) & (ontroller Management)
< Still, We Learned:
 Different system development methodologies/tools
 Project management
 Software Development tools
 Database Development
 Group working
< Former projects/reports
< Ìnternet
 Google
 Symfony Project Web Site
 Doctrine PHP ORM Web Site
 MySQL Dev Web Site
 PHP.NET web site
Login Page
Search Result
Profile Page
Message Management Page
Saved Bookmarks
< This project is dead by now ÷ we stopped working on it.
 bhu1st ÷ runs his company called Semicolon Developers
 sovi ÷ works as Q/A Engineer
 sups ÷ works as 3D Architect
 & kala works on Architectural Designs
< Thanks all who referenced our database and left valuable
comments to us.
< Many visitors have requested how the project looked like at the end,
so here it goes the slides we presented to Tribhuvan university,
Kathmandu, Nepal.