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Oakwood Elementary School

Media Center Facilities Plan

Oakwood Elementary School is located in Oakwood Georgia in Hall County, approximately 40 minutes north of Atlanta. Oakwood is the learning home to approximately 450 students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. At Oakwood, about 75% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch this qualifies it to be a Title 1 school. Oakwood is in its first year as a Leader in Me School. Oakwood has won the award for the Title 1 Distinguished School for two years.

School Facts

Oakwood currently has four Kindergarten teachers, five First Grade teachers, four Second Grade teachers, four Third Grade teachers, three Fourth Grade teachers, three Fifth Grade teachers, and five Special Education teachers. They also have one Math Early Intervention teacher, one Reading Early Intervention teacher, one Reading Intervention teacher, and one ESOL teacher. They have an Art teacher, Music teacher, Computer teacher, and Physical Education teacher. They have a number of support Para pros. In addition, OES has a Speech Language Pathologist, an Instructional Coach, a counselor, an Assistant Principal, and Principal. Lastly, OES has a wonderful Media Specialist.

School Facts

OES Library and Media Center

Guided Tour

Main Entrance
This is the main entrance to the Oakwood Elementary School Media Center. The library is located at the end of the main hallway as you initially enter the building. Geographically, it serves as the heart of the school, as well as the academic heart.

This wall, Just outside the media center introduces the Georgia Childrens Picture Storybook Nominees for 2011-2012.

As you approach the library from the main hall, this board previews some of the books available in the library.

Media Center Exterior

Circulation Desk
The circulation desk is conveniently located just as you enter the library. This allows students and staff to drop of their books upon entry to the Media Center, so that they have a free hand to look at new books and materials.

The center of the library contains the circular and rectangular work desks for students to use to read at, or work on projects with a group.

Student Seating & Area

Media Center Computer Area

In addition to an endless collection of books, the OES Media Center also has a small section of student computers that teachers can let their students use to complete lessons or other projects. The computers are also used at a digital card catalogue to help students find books. In total, the library contains 12 computers available for student use.

Media Production Room

This is the Media Centers audio / video production room. This room is used for the daily morning announcements. The back wall is covered with blue construction paper. This facilitates the use of onscreen special effects.

Conference Room
The Media Center also contains a private conference room. This room can be used by faculty and staff for various meetings or presentations. It is also used to store various teacher resources and materials.

Media Center Exterior

This mural is proudly displayed just outside the walls of the Media Center. The Oakwood Eagle mascot promotes the importance of reading.

Utility Room

The utility room provides a variety of resources to teachers. The laminator, diecut machine, construction paper and more are all available for use.

The Bookshelves

The Bookshelves
In the provided area of the Media Center, bookshelves are strategically placed to maximize the amount of open floor space.

Fiction Section

Reference Section

In addition to books and computers, the Media Center also has a multitude of other technology resources. A portable laptop cart is available for teacher checkout. A collection of Motorola Xooms are also available for student and teacher use. The media center also has a projector and screen complete with an impressive PA system to accommodate presentations.

Mrs. Mary Barge

The Media Specialist

Survey Data

From teachers

From students

The library is well decorated and is inviting to those who visit. I love to visit the library and peruse the teacher resource books. I always find something new that can help me with my lessons. I think it is great that the library made the addition of a newsroom this year. The fifth graders are really taking on a leadership role to make the news happen this year. The library has plenty of seating for large classes that want to come to the library. The kindergarteners love to see all of the storybook characters in real life. The library is centrally located in the school which makes it easy for all classes and teachers to visit for whatever they need. The library has a very flexible schedule and the librarian always makes herself available to collaborate in the library and in our classrooms. I really like how the librarian takes an interest in what the teachers are teaching in their classrooms. She goes above and beyond to provide teachers with the materials that they need. She also orders books based on academic need.

It has lots of good books. The library has computers and computers help me find books and do my work. I like to go to the library to find research for my projects. Mrs. Mary helped my group with our projects about habitats. I like the library it has lots of interesting books. I like the library because it has lots of books in it. I like how they have little kids books and I like how they have all the Harry Potter books.

Positive Feedback

From teachers
I wish the library looked a little bit more up-to-date. I would redesign where the computers are or move the bookshelves to another place because it feels a lot like a maze to get to the teacher resources that I use. It is time to throw out or give away older materials. I would move the conference room up to the front office and change that room into a place where teachers could check out classroom materials that are needed like meter sticks. I would like to see the comfy seating come back. I miss having an area for story time in library.

From students

The library is too quiet. I think the library is kind of old. The library is a little spooky because people can hide behind the shelves. The library has kind of dull colors in it. Maybe that is why it looks old. I wish there were a little bit harder books for me. The fifth graders that read high do not have as many interesting books that are on a sixth grade level. They could get some flat screens for the teachers to checkout and plug in laptops to it. It would be nice if we could bring snacks or breakfast into the library. It would be nice if there was a place for kids to read that was comfortable.

Negative Feedback

Facilities Recommendations

Leader in Me Mural

Negative Remarks
The library feels old and out dated.

Walls and many bookshelves would receive a makeover with paint! Out with the yellow and blue theme from the 70s. This will help the library to feel warm and inviting.

Free though a partnership with the Gainesville State College Art Department and West Hall High School Art Students

$24.99 per gallon from Dutch Boy

Stylish rug and Round Sofas

Negative Remarks
The library feels old and out dated.

$316.00 $65.00 each

Replace 2-3 of the large bookshelves with smaller, less spooky bookshelves.

Negative Remarks
The library is a little bit spooky because the shelves are really high.


Addition of a fun Reading Loft

Negative Remarks
I wish the library had more places to sit and was more up to date. Addition of 2-3 Kid Sofas.



Relocate the Projector

Because the computers were moved to that place to make room for the projector. I would relocate the projector to the other side of the student seating. This would allow for everyone to still see it and for the projector to not effect the placement of other furniture.

Negative Remarks
The placement of computers is creating a maze and a very odd traffic flow.

Teacher Resource Room

As suggested by a teacher, the conference room would be located to the front office and that room would be the central place for all of the teacher resources found in the library. This will free up a lot of room in the childrens section of the library for a loft and for the relocation of the computers.

Negative Remarks
I would redesign where the computers are or move the bookshelves to another place because it feels a lot like a maze to get to the teacher resources that I use

Caf Area
Many colleges and bookstores now have a caf area as a part of the library. It helps to give the library a nice smell and the patrons love going there. With this in mind, the addition of a Caf will replace the librarians office. The librarians computer and main desk is already located outside of the office and the office is hardly used as it is. This will be a free addition to the library since the school receive a number of caf tables from Chick-fil-a last year.

Negative Remarks
-The library is too quiet. -It would be nice if we could bring snacks or breakfast into the library.

Reading Loft Rug Smaller Shelves Relocated Projector

Relocated Teacher Resources

Caf Area

Revised Floor Plan with modifications

Facilities Policies

Hall County Policy A plan for flexibly scheduled media center access for students and teachers in groups or as individuals simultaneously throughout each instructional day. Accessibility shall refer to the facility, the staff and the resources and shall be based on instructional need. Oakwood Policy The Media Center will be open from 7:10-3:10 for all students. Faculty may use the library whenever the school building is open as long as they turn off the lights or any equipment they use while they are visiting after hours. Changes Made A survey of parents would be given out to see if these hours meet the needs of parents and students. If there was a clear need for the library to be open later in the afternoon, then I would extend hours from 7:00 to 4:00.


Decision Making

Hall County Policy A media committee that makes recommendations and decisions related to planning, operation, evaluation and improvement of the media program. The committee shall annually evaluate media services and develop a multi-year media plan for budget and services priorities. Oakwood Policy Oakwood has a technology committee that is comprised of the Media Specialist, the Computer Lab Teacher, and several teacher representatives. Changes I would have a committee, but I would make sure that the committee is assigned members that actually know a great deal about technology. Currently many of the members are not computer savvy and do not have the expertise that is needed in many of the larger decisions that have been made this year regarding the addition of school technology.


Hall County Policy Each school shall have a media center staffed by media personnel in accordance with Rule 160-51-22. Oakwood Policy Oakwood has one Media Specialist two part time media clerks Changes I would have one full time media clerk instead of two part time clerks. This would help to keep continuity in many of the tasks and needs of the library. This also helps the students to know the clerk more well.

Decisions and Staffing


Hall County Policy Each school media center is allotted state money each year for the purchase of books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, software, supplies, and equipment. This amount is based on a specific dollar amount per FTE count. The media specialist is responsible for placing orders and following through on shipped orders. Procedures for purchasing may include one or both of the following: Complete requisition/order form. Turn in to school secretary/bookkeeper. Keep a copy of requisition/order form on file. Set up an AS 400 account through central office. (Your principal can request an account for you.) Apply and receive training for procedures on ordering. (See Mentoring chapter.) Complete requisition. Keep blue copy; check when the materials are received; sign, date and copy blue form. Send blue form to Karen Acrey in Central Office Keep up with account balances (book, equipment, and local) Oakwood Policy Oakwood follows the Hall County policy with no revisions. Usually money is spent solely on buying new books that go with academic standards or with the Leader in Me Changes Made No changes at this time. The librarian already does a very good job of basing purchases on the needs of the students and teachers.

Hall County Policy

The circulation of the media center materials enables the patron extended use of resources and materials. Each individual school will establish policies regarding specific circulation areas. Patrons of the media center include students, teachers, all school staff, and parents/community. Primary users are of, course students, and teachers. Circulation periods of resources can be checked out for a period of time established by each school. These periods should be influenced by the following criteria: Items that need to be available on a daily basis have more time limited circulation periods, so they are available throughout the day. These often include reference books, current magazines, and some audio/visual materials. Some media centers limit the number of materials checked out. The age of the student and the size of the collection can influence these limits. Limits on checked out materials on a particular subject area, to prevent one student from checking out all books on a subject. Teachers may request that the media center limit check outs on a particular subject area so as to make all resources available to all classes. Teachers typically have longer circulation periods than students.

Check out procedures for students and teachers will be determined by each individual school. Determining factors may include: age of the student checking out books and teachers presence during checkout Check in of books and returning the item to the shelf is the responsibility of the media center staff. Overdue notices should be sent to students to actively work to have the material returned to the media center. Check out privileges will be suspended as long as the student has an overdue material checked-out. Fines for overdue materials will or will not be assessed to students, as determined by each individual school. Typically, elementary and middle schools do not charge fines. Check out privileges will be suspended as long as a student has a fine equaling a pre-determined amount. It is recommended that if fines are charged a fine limit is established based on the overdue books value. Students will pay for lost books. The schools media center committee will determine the policy for the replacement value for the book (current replacement fee, additional processing, etc.). Processing fees can be charged.

Circulation Policy

Oakwood Policy

All students are allowed to check two books out a time regardless of grade. If a student only returns one book when they visit, then they are only allowed to check out one book since they have one still at home. Students are not charged for books that are turned in late but are charged for lost or stolen books. Teachers can check out books for as long as they would like but must return all books and equipment checked out at the end of the year with the exception of overheads and listening centers. If a teacher loses a book, they are not charged. I would have some sort of policy in place for teachers that lose books. I would not charge them but I would limit the number of books checked out and the amount of time they could keep those books if they have a habit of losing books.

Changes Made

Circulation Policy

Hall County Policy

Materials will be discarded, or weeded, as needed. Typically weeding is conducted during material circulation or during inventory. There are two good acronyms to help in the weeding process:

MUSTIE Misleading Ugly

Process for weeding: Identification of materials Replacement of the title - analyze usage -Consider: price, number of titles, material format ***Rebinding or repairing is an option on books that are in otherwise good condition, valuable or cannot be replaced. (Resource: American Bindery) Oakwood Policy Oakwood follows all of the policies put in place by Hall County Changes Made

Superceded by newer editions or better books

Trivial Irrrelevant to patron interests easily obtained Elsewhere CREW Continuous Review Evaluation Weeding Criteria for weeding: Out-of-date, inaccurate, or misleading information Poor condition Parts missing Yellow or brittle pages from age Newer edition of a book next to an older edition Age of the material Excessive duplication Space constrictions Lack of use

No Changes are needed at this time. I would just put in place a specific time in the year or in each month where the librarian and clerk can take the time to look through and weed. It was noted in our negative data that this could be done more often.


Hall County Policy

Inventory of the entire collection will be conducted at every school on an annual basis. Finalized reports must be completed and provided to the schools principal and the designated administrator at the Hall County Board of Education Central Office.

Inventory Limited access will be necessary for the school media center during inventory. This will allow teachers to support the curriculum while allowing the Media Specialist to physically conduct inventory. At what time during the school year an individual school chooses to conduct their inventory is determined by that school. InfoCentre has specific guidelines for processing and printing inventory reports. Benefits of Inventory: Identifying missing (and found) materials Preparing for weeding Knowing the collection Updating collection development goals Realigning collection for Georgia Performance Standards Oakwood Policy Same as above Changes No changes at this time. The librarian works very hard at the beginning of the school year to do an inventory on all books and this year she had the addition of a multitude of other technology resources.


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