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A Study of Public

Relations in Cathay

Presented by Cyrus, Grace, Joyce, Sam, Teddy

The Background of Cathay Pacific

• local representative brands

• established in 1946

• has been expanding in the past half


• won the Airline of the Year 2006

This fruitful outcome is
contributed by

the PR department!!
Literature Review
Literature Review
• Definition
• Duties
• Internal Communication
• Sponsorship
• Promoting and advertising for company
• Handling special situations
• Public relations is the use of information
and strategies to influence the public
• Financial relations
a major means of carrying out corporate

• Public Affairs
officials channel the flow of information,
requests from organization to government
• Community Relations
a chance for companies to promote a
more personal image

• Publicity and Marketing Communications

establish tie-in promotions with
retailers and others
Internal Communication
• Having a good, open, two-way
communication between the employer and

• Advantages:
1. feel they are part of the company
2. motivate them and improve their
3. let them give feedback and suggestions
to the management
Internal Communication
• can be in the form of some programmes,
which is appropriate to the culture and
management style of that company

• Include: news, information and

announcements, policy, staff development
and success stories
help to break bad news without lowering
create a harmonious environment in the
• fulfill its social responsibility by
supporting community activities

• to familiarize the company name

• attract media interest

• several kinds of vehicles in which some
companies have used for sponsorship

sports, arts, performers, books,

exhibitions and shows, charities and
voluntary bodies, educational activities
and TV sponsorship etc…
Promoting and advertising for
• promotion is one of the aspects of
comprises adverstising, personal selling,
sales promotion and public relations

• advertising is the business of drawing

public attention to goods and services
helping the company or the service
become a better known name
Handling special situations
• to build up a strong fundamental of a
positive image of the company

• turn the negative situatuion to positive

and make the public remember the name
of the company by advertising or
promoting of the company
Interview Result
Selected interview questions
• How would you define “Public Relations”?

• What are your duties in your company?

• Does your company hold fund raisers for charity?

• What other strategies does your company use for PR?

• What is the key leading to success for running PR?

• Have you come over any difficulties during your work?

• What quality should a PR staff have?

How would you define “Public Relations”?

Ms Yu’s response:
• Maintain good and harmonious relationship
with the mass media

• Acts as a bridge to link up the company

and the public
 bring a positive image and good
reputation to the public
What are your duties in your company?

Ms Yu’s response:
• Distribution of Press Release
• Give first-handed information to the
mass media
• Provide updated information about
aviation on the company’s website
• Editing and delivering newsletters to
internal staff
Does your company hold fund raisers
for charity?
Ms Yu’s response:
• Yes
e.g. sport events, festival shows,
charity walk…

• Recent event: Cathay Pacific and Civil

Aviation Department Co-Host Charity Run
and Walk (Part of the 60th anniversary
What other strategies does your
company use for PR?

Ms Yu’s response:
• Offer professional training of aviation for

• Staff published several books and

autobiographies by sharing the anecdotes
What is the key leading to success for
running PR?
Ms Yu’s response:
• Internal communication is vital
• Advantages:
address the mission, policies and
messages of the company
serve as a channel between staff and
• Effective internal communication:
1. The intranet
2. Co-operate with other departments
Have you come over any difficulties
during your work?

Ms Yu’s response:
• Yes, examples like…
The SARS outbreak in 2003
The annual dinner for the 60th
anniversary celebration

• Solution: working as a crew to brainstorm

ideas for solving the problems together
What quality should a PR staff have?

Ms Yu’s response:
• independent, outgoing and eloquent.
• Must be proficient in English and
Chinese, in both immediate oral
interactions and writing skills.
• It is expected to work for long hours
• Handle pressure and all problems with
great finesse
Limitations & Solutions
Conclusion &

• Better understanding of daily duties

• More familiar with the structure of


• Internal and external communication

• Heavy workload and under pressure
(update information frequently  catch up
the ever changing business world)

• Owning certain qualities

(e.g. pleasant, initiative, good in
• Gaining from research process:

1) importance of setting good questions in

interview questions  collecting all
wanted and detailed information in a
limited time

2) should not over-rely on the reference

book and neglect the
situation nowadays

Cathay Pacific Singapore

Scale of large relatively small
Workload heavy light

Overlap Clear division

workload workload
(wasting extra
For a better improvement…

clear distinguishability
of division of work!
Q & A Session
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