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Group- 5

A PR Master Stroke


UPA government has not taken stern action against the ones accused in major scams like 2G, CWG, Adarsh Housing society etc. Due to greater awareness via media, general public now knows and of the view that India has had enough of corruption and it is high time that we stand up. At the same time a social activist Gandhian Anna Hazare with his team seams to come up with solution. They demand a stringent Lokpal Bill to curb the all pervasive corruption.

Lokpal Bill was first introduced in 1968 and introduced 8 times in parliament since then.

Issues dealt with

To bring in the strong anti-corruption law i.e. Lokpal Bill to combat the mammoth of corruption. Governments incoherent and irresponsible attitude which vitiated its credibility. General public specially most affected bourgeoisies came upfront to support Anna Hazare who stood up for masses.

Points of Differences
Anna Hazare & Team proposes a Jan Lokpal Bill draft that differs with the governments draft majorly on following points: Prosecution & investigatory powers Bringing judiciary and PMO under its ambit Duration of punishment Scope of NGOs False & frivolous complaints


Anna Hazare & Team The social activist supported by a team constituting Kejriwal, Bedi, Bhushans, Former CJI Hegde etc campaigned for the Jan Lokpal Bill which started with a rally in February followed by the first phase of fast and agitation commenced on April 5. Government subdued to the demands and the drafting committee constituted five members each from Cabinet and Civil Society. Second phase of fast and agitation started on August 16, following the disputes between the UPA Government and Civil Society. Its started with the arrest of Anna then releasing followed by the fast and agitation which still continues at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi.

This time gathering of people at Annas protest exceeded one lakhs which created a history in itself.



UPA Governments first blunder was its not-so-serious attitude in punishing those involved in scams. It involved police and took stern actions against Anna and the whole campaign several times reaffirmed its stance as a pseudo-dictator. Above two makes the hypocritical policy of the UPA government apparent. Incoherent and scratchy speakers like Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal degraded the image. Directly and personally attacked a Clean Gandhian Socialist Anna Hazare.



emergence of New Citizen Journalism with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter changed the size of campaign participants substantially. Electronic media most importantly news channels presented the whole issue in such a way that it motivated a huge public sentiment favoring the Anna Hazare. Print Media approached the whole issue in a much balanced way.


We The People

democracy is meant for we the people, thus making us the most important element in present scenario. By and large everybody is supporting team Anna and their crusade against Corruption. Support can be seen via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and physical presence at Ramlila Maidan. Public has made it clear that they now want reforms.

Public Opinion

Coverage and presentation of the electronic media influenced the public opinion at large. Team Annas strategic reach out by new age communication mediums like Facebook, BBM, SMS, Twitter etc boosted the movement. The way it presented the Brand Anna and organized mini-movements across the length and breadth of nation. The attitude of UPA Government on the other hand was bossy and almost care-free. Their incoherence in statements and un-intelligent communication strategy made it one of the major PR fiascos in recent times.