Continental Drift

Definition  Continental Shift is the theory of Earths movement and shift. . that takes place between the Continents on Earth in relation to each other.  This theory is closely related to the theory of Plate tectonic.

Especially the continent of Africa and South America.Pioneer  In 1596 a map maker Abraham Ortelius came up with the Theory of Continental shift. because of the shapes of the continents and how they looked that they may have fit together at one point of time. .

.th 20 Century  In 1912 the theory of Continental Shift was completed by German Meteorologist Alfred Wegener.  Wegener provided evidence that was reasonable and that made sense but “couldn't explain the mechanism or processes behind the movement of continents” (Wikipedia).

 Because Wegener and fellow scientist that supported him and the theory could not explain the “couldn't explain the mechanism or processes behind the movement of continents”. it was rejected by many.Rejected Theory  In the early 1900’s the Continental Drift theory was rejected by many scientist at the time. .

 Holmes stated that “suggested that this thermal convection was like a conveyor belt and that the upwelling pressure could break apart a continent and then force the broken continent in opposite directions carried by the convection Holmes  By 1929 the theory of Continental drift was not taken serious and Scientist Arthur Holmes came up with a hypothesis to help explain Wegeners theory. . This idea received very little attention at the time”(earthscience.

.Plate Tectonics  In the early 1960’s when the tectonic plates of the Earth were proven and accepted by the science community.  Do to the discovery of the Tectonic plates is validity the Theory of Continental Shift because it proved that the Earth’s Continents to move and that with all the other evidence of plants and animals being on the Coast of continents believed to have been connected at once it made it beyond reasonable plausible for the theory to be factual. The Theory of Continental Drift was then accepted by the scientific community.

. It was found in South America and Africa further justifying Wegener theory of one continent.Historical Events Continued  Also around 1915 they found and animal named Mesosaurus. They also found other fossil from other animals that lived on the coasts of the continents that were assumed to have connected at some time in the past.

Historical Events  Just this past year Japan experienced a 8. This Earthquake shifted “Eastern Japan towards North America by about 13 feet”(Goodwin.9 Earthquake and Tsunami. This was caused by plate tectonic.2011) .

Pacific Northwest. 2011)  Also due to the size and the fact the this shifted Japan closer to the US. as well as shifted the Earths Axis. including the U. data from the quake will provide an unusually precise view of how Earth is deformed during massive earthquakes at sites where one plate is sliding under another.S. it will help scientist to further be prepared for the catastrophic earthquake expected to hit the West Coast of the US anytime now. scientists said”(Brown.Scientific Significance  “Down the road. .

 Due to much media coverage the world was able to get information quickly to alert people around the world that may have been affected. This is one of the worst natural disasters to hit Japan. Also killing many people and destroying many buildings in that region because they were not prepared for a sudden earthquake of that magnitude. People were able to evacuate those regions because they had ample warning due to the coverage going on in Japan and the disastrous effects going on there.2011 Earthquake in Context  2011 Earthquake that hit Japan is one of the worst earthquakes to hit that region in over 50 years. . such as the tsunami warning for Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States of America.

from http://news. 2011.mnh. The Q&A wiki. Yahoo! News . the free Japan’s earthquake shifted balance of the planet | The Lookout .Los Angeles Times. (n. (n. from http://articles.wikipedia. from http://wiki. (n. Retrieved October 3. Retrieved October 5.References       Continental drift . (n. March 14).html Why was the continental drift theory or hypothesis rejected at the time that Alfred Wegener proposed it. from http://www. ( Retrieved October 3. 2011.html Brown.University of California Museum of Paleontology. the free encyclopedia. from http://www. A. 2011.). Retrieved October The Dynamic Earth @ National Museum of Natural History.Latest News & Headlines. Retrieved October 5..Wikipedia. (n.d. March 13). from http://earthsci. from _time_that_Alfred_Wegener_proposed_it#ixzz1ZjqiAwed plate tectonics. Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History  .edu/earth/text/4_1_2_3.d. E.).berkeley. Japan earthquake science: Japan earthquake shifted Earth on its axis .. L. UCMP .html Goodwin.ucmp.d. (2011. Wikipedia. Retrieved October 3. 2011.).si. Earth Science Australia. 2011. Retrieved October 3. Featured Articles From The Los Angeles Times.). 2011. & Times. L.answers.html plate tectonics: history of an idea.d.Yahoo! News. 2011.

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