Basic Computer

Agenda  Basic Computer Operations Introduction to Internet Use of Search Engines for Information and Software   .

Basic Computer Operations  Goals By learning terms associated with computers and some basic operations.  Contents 1) Computer terms 2) Starting up and shutting down 3) Basic mouse operations 4) Basic desktop operations 5) Basic file and folder operations 6)Basic saving operations. you'll be ready to make best use of a computer. .

government departments. or businesses small and large.Introduction to Internet What is Internet? The internet is made up of millions of computers linked together around the world in such a way that information can be sent from any computer to any other 24 hours a day. The internet is often described as 'a network of networks'. schools. . universities. These computers can be in homes.

Internet The internet has developed a very strong community base where information. . freedom from commercial interests. netiquette and unsuitable material on the web. software and expert advice are freely shared and for this reason users have developed a very strong protective stance on freedom of speech.

pictures or even video material. libraries and newsgroups around the world to gather information on any topics of interest for work or recreation. keyboard chat and video conferencing. internet telephone. You can also tap into thousands of databases.  .Why would you want to use it?  You'll be able to keep in touch and send things to colleagues and friends using electronic mail. The information can be in the form of text.

and watch digital movies.Why would you want to use it? (Cont. sports. weather and any current affairs around the world with information updated daily. You can also locate and download computer software and other products that are available in cyberspace You can listen to sounds and music. .)  This means you can stay up to date with news.    There are also a growing number of interactive multimedia games and educational tools. hourly or instantly.

By linking lots of computers together in a network rather than serially (in a straight line). At first each computer was physically linked by cable to the next computer. development of networks utilizing the telephone system initially the users were only from the university and government sectors.A Brief History of Cyberspace       the net has actually been around for over 40 years. as a university experiment in military communications. It all began in the US during the Cold War. .

within his computer. as long as they were connected to the Internet. It began in the late 1980's by Dr. The document formatting language used to link documents is called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language.The Internet & the World Wide Web Sometimes people use the words Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) synonymously but they are different. Berners-Lee wrote a small computer program for his own personal use.) . This program allowed pages. The WWW is a component of the Internet that presents information in a graphical interface. It soon became possible to link documents in different computers. to be linked together using keywords.

The browser made it easier to access the different Web sites that had started to appear.Web Browser The Web remained primarily text based until 1992. Discussion Groups. Interactive Multimedia. The development of the WWW has been the catalyst for the popularity of the internet and is also the easiest part of the internet to use. Internet Phone capabilities. Soon Web sites contained more than just text. . News Groups. Games and so much more. We now have Internet Chat. Marc Andreesen developed a new computer program called the NCSA Mosaic and gave it away! The NCSA Mosaic was the first Web browser. Video conferencing. they also had sound and video files.

With a search engine. search engines often return thousands of results. Because these databases are very large. The search engine scans its database and returns a file with links to websites containing the word or words specified. . keywords related to a topic are typed into a search “box”.Use of Search Engines for Information and Software search engines rely on computer programs called spiders or robots to crawl the Web and log the words on each page.

break down the topic into key concepts. the keywords might be: Office free license . For example.IDENTIFY KEYWORDS When conducting a search. to find information on what the free office software.


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