Anirban Das Thiongrui Mog Shyamasree Saha Soumita DasGupta Trishita Lodh

model as well as vacuum cleaners to India in the 1980s. part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group's Forbes & Company Limited based in Mumbai.Introduction :  Eureka Forbes.the Aquaguard . Eureka Forbes was the first to introduce domestic water purifiers. is an Indian consumer appliances company. .

25 million Indian homes and adding 1.500 strong direct sales force.Now Eureka Forbes operates in. • Touching 1. . • Asia's largest direct selling organization with a 7. • Over 145 cities and 398 towns in India.000 individuals.500 customers daily.. • Employs over 10.

 Such was the success of Eureka Forbes that Aquaguard has become a synonym for water purifier in India. .

Marketing Efforts:  Direct Marketing. .  New Product Development.  Wide Product Range according to the needs of the customer.  Effective advertising.  Efficient Sales Force.

Contd.  Effective Relationship Marketing.  Satisfied customers.  Positive Brand Perception. .  Good Post Purchase Follow up.

Eureka Forbes : Future Retail Business .

• Packaged drinking water bottle .

 Eureka Forbes and GE.Eureka Forbes : Current Status  Retail Friendly Innovative Products.  Introduction of a range of nonpower using products under the Aquasure brand. .  Joint Ventures with other companies.  Utilization of Power Brands in retail.

Eureka Forbes. when health ambassadors from Eureka Forbes. multi product and multi channel corporation • It dates back to 1982.The Growth Story • It dates back to 1982. when health ambassadors from • Eureka Forbes is a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group and . with a new concept of living in a clean environment and drinking water in its purest form knock on your door. with a new concept of living in a clean environment and drinking water in its purest form knocked on your door today it is a 13 billion INR.

. • Being Asia’s largest direct sales organization.Contd. • We also have a 15. our force of 7500 direct personnel touches 8 million homes. • We have one of the largest networks catering to more than 145 cities and 398 towns across the country.000 strong dealer sales network and over 58 distributor strong Industrial Sales Network.

Reasons for growth: • Door-to-door service facility • Salesman (euro champs) as a problem solver. • Prices has come down.A Relentless Initiative!! .  Safe drinking water” for every village in India….. • Technology innovation (e-boiling).

 Product Placement in different malls and departmental stores.  Increase Advertisements.Recommendations:  Should not close all channels of direct marketing instantaneously.  Come up with low price products.  Convince customers to use the product regularly. .

 Increase visibility of their products in the Retail shops.Suggestions:  Primarily start the retail in places where direct marketing has been successful. .  Should go in Joint Venture with companies who are already prominent in Retail durable goods Market.

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