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Ember Creek, Lagos

8 Slide 9 – 11 Slide 12 .CONTENT  Introduction  Strength and Weakness  Layout of Assgn  Next Step Slide 3 Slide 4 .

EMBER CREEK Ember Creek is an upscale outdoor bar & restaurant suitably located on Awolowo Road. Ikoyi – a highbrow area of Lagos. Ember creek boasts of a waterfront view of the Macgregor canal . Ember is owned by Abbey Ford who has previous relevant experience working in a 5 star hotel in New York and managing a Gym in Lagos. In addition to its location. .

No HR Policy of any sort. High level of bullying within the workplace.30 Staff Quarters available. It fluctuates and is not regular. No fixed salary.STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS BY AREA OF CONCERN HUMAN RESOURCES  Strength • • Adequately Staffed . This has led to low level of motivation and high turnover of staff. .  Weakness • • • • Staff have little or no training.

No established routine for purchasing and delivery of supplies. .  Weakness • • • • • No set opening time.S system to track sales and trends.STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS BY AREA OF CONCERN OPERATIONS  Strength • • A staff Rota is in place Goods (Drinks and food are delivered by suppliers. No P. Inventory management system is very poor.O. No set time for prepping and cleaning the facility..

STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS BY AREA OF CONCERN DISTRIBUTION  Strength • • • • • Ember creek’s Location in Ikoyi is a huge advantage. The McGregor creek gives a beautiful view. Nice ambience and good size (space) Location is used for event hosting. Weddings etc  Weakness • • Staff Uniforms are not very nice.G Shows. E. Outdoor bar + comfortable chairs. No Nametags on Staff. .

. There is a basic accounting system being followed. Suppliers are not paid on time.STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS BY AREA OF CONCERN FINANCE  Strength • • Steady cash flow especially from Events hosting. Salaries not paid on time – Encourages staff to steal.  Weakness • • • No credit policy – Huge number of debtors esp. friends.

Small Snacks are tasty. Ember’s location and ambience is perfect. Too much food on the menu.  Weakness • • • .A – A professional Mixologist. As a relaxation location or evening by the creek. Service can be very slow on a busy night and there’s no system in place to mitigate this. As a club. there’s no specialty/ strength they are known for. Ember is not profitable.STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS BY AREA OF CONCERN PRODUCTS  Strength • • • Bartender was brought in from S.

• Hofstede Cultural Dimension. • Porter’s Five Forces.P RO P O S E D L AYO U T F O R A S S G N. SECTION A – Where are we now?  Analysis of the External Environment • PLESTIE  Analysis of the Micro-Environment.  Core Competencies of Ember • SWOT .

… … C O N T. O F L AYO U T SECTION B – Where are we going?  Competitive Strategies and Choices • ???  SECTION C – How are we going to get there  Organisational Culture  Change Management • ????  Benchmarking .

….CONT OF LAYOUT  SECTION D – Where are we going?  The Future • • 5 year Plan • Diversification Exit Strategy .

L.E. Technology) • I and E Analysis of Nigeria • (Industrial and Environmental) • Geert Hofstede™ Cultural Dimensions check the link below.TA S K S A N D R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S Johnny Femi Ib • Do the P.shtml • Porter’s Five Forces .com/hofstede_west_africa. • http://www.T Analysis of Nigeria • Political.S.geerthofstede. Economical. Legal. Socio-Economics.

 My number is 07402 455 369 .NEXT MEETING  When should we meet next?  I propose we have a conference call tomorrow about 12noon.  Let me know what you think about the call time.


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