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TALHA ANSARI 11012270 B29

Started in 1988 with 3 sugar and 2 starch factories in Austria.     With revenues of US$2. Tyson Foods and Hershey Foods. AGRANA supplies it’s products to Nestle.6 billons and capitalization of US$1. PepsiCo. Now after two decades became a global player having 52 production plants in 26 countries. Coca-Cola.4 billion.   . Now after two decades became a global player having 52 production plants in 26 countries. Headquarters in Vienna. starch and fruit preparations. Austria. AGRANA is the leading supplier of sugar.

Central and Eastern European Countries(CEE) formerly off limits to western European firms.    . At the same time giants such as Nestle. Coca-Cola. Ultimately AGRANA has aggressively expanded its FDI . Grown its economies of scale to compete with other European countries. have opened their markets . ConAgra has expanded. PepsiCo. this expanded the business of AGRANA.

   . AGRANA was associated with sugar and starch production in CEE till 2003. Then started fruit division which became the largest division with 39 factories all over the world in comparison of 10 of sugar and 4 of starch. This has diversify its business. AGRANA believes that growth is an essential requirement to manufacture high grade product at competitive price.

almost triple. During 1990-2001 AGRANA expanded starch and sugar and starch markets from 5 plants to 13 plants. Company has purchased many Fruit segment companies partly and wholly. including France’s Atys Group( 20 companies across the world )   . Began diversification into fruit segment in 2003 with acquisitions of Denmark’s ValloSaft and Austria’s Steirerobst.

 AGRANA intends to continue to strengthen its market position and profit in its core segments to achieve value. By means of investments and acquisitions to add value AGRANA’s key to global presence in Fruit segment is acquisitions as well as its adaptability with acquired groups   .

The ethanol allows AGRANA to process agricultural raw materials and helps in further growth. AGRANA has started construction for ethanol facility in Pichelsdorf. AGRANA first began making alcohol in 2005 in addition to starch and isoglucosein Hungary. Austria which starts from May 2005 and finishes till Oct 2007.   .