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Digital watermarking is imperceptible or barely perceptible data embedded in the objects of Digital media The digital media not only contains the static image but digital watermarking can also be applied to Audio and Video The basic requirement of the digital watermarking is in the prevention of piracy in todays digital era To extract the digital watermarking we require a watermarking key that will serve as our password.

Why we need Digital Watermarking?

Before the invention of Digital Watermarking some of the piracy prevention techniqe were available. They are classified into two categories: 1:Software based Techniques. 2:Hardware based techniques. But because of their complexity and lack of being implemented easily Digital watermarking have come as an evolutionary solution in todays Digital Era..

Hardware Techniques.
1. Tamper Proof Hardware This Hardware prevents the piracy by providing the secured context or secure data storage. By executing the software in a secured environment the piracy is unable to get the access to the software Dongle A Dongle typically connects to an I/O ports and computes the output of a secret function. Periodically the software queries the Dongle If the result of the query is the wrong output then the Dongle reacts appropriately.


Software techniques
1: Code Obfuscation
The idea is to obscure the readability and the understadability of the program that the hacker cannot reengineer the program. 2: Software Tamper Proofing In this techniqe methods are employed to prevent the alteration of the program

Preliminary Requirements
Robustness of the watermark of the watermark can be achieved if one can withstand the below mentioned attacks. 1: Mosaic Attack 2: Collusion Attack 3: Reengineering 4: Oracle Attack 5: Philosophical Attack

Where can we embed Digital Watermarking?

Digital Watermarking can be embedded in the following sources 1: Software / Programmes 2: Static Images 3: Audio 4: Video Now Software programs Algorithms are of two types 1: Static Watermarking Algorithm 2: Dynamic Watermarking Algorithm

Static Watermarking Algorithm only make use of the features of the application that are available at the compile time some of these are: 1:Instruction Sequence 2:Constant pool table in java Dynamic Watermarking Algorithm relies on the information gathered during the execution of the applications to both embed and extract the watermark. Some of these are: 1: Easter Egg Watermark 2: Data structure Watermark.

Digital Watermarking in Static Images

The Basic Mechanism is same like any Communicaton Techniques block diagram.It includes three main parts. 1:Transmitter 2:Communication Channel 3:Receiver

There are many ready to use softwares which can embed the watermark in it. Some of them are mentioned below 1:Watermark It software 2:Visual Watermark Software 3:Paint Graphics Editor 4:AIS Watermark Picture Protector 5:Byte Scout watermarking Software Now let us see the demonstration of the Visual Watermark software This Software works in two modes 1:Standard mode 2:Wizard Mode

The below Mentioned Picture is in the wizard mode

Audio Watermarking

The block diagram of Audio Watermarking

The efficient Audio Watermarking Algorithm should fulfill the following criterias:
1:Inaudible. 2:Robustness.

3:Audio signal processing robustness. 4:Binding the watermark to the original signal. 5:Overall strategy of watermark placement.

Classification of the Digital watermark

Visible Image Watermarking Reversible Image Watermarkng Fragile Watermarking Robust Image Watermarking Invisible Watermarking

Covert Digital Watermarking:This technique embeds an imperceptible data in the original image

The actual Mechanism involved

Test Watermark Readability

Various Detectors

3: Signoscope


4:Signoscope MKII

Classification Based on the detection Algorithms Public and Blind Watermarking. Semiblind Watermarking Private Watermarking Non Blind Watermarking Asymmetric Watermarking

Ownership Fingerprinting Copy Prevention and control. Fraud and Tamper Detection. ID Card Security.

Digital Watermarking is an exciting new field. IT is exciting for the researchers. It is exciting for the entertainment companies,museums and libraries. It is an essential tool for the photographers. The author of the intellectual property is credited and admired for his work.