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Campaign Fundraising

Hawaii Republican Party

Presented by: Miriam Hellreich & Kari Hofer

Identify your donors & Make the ask Dialing for Dollars Fundraising events

Make a Finance Plan & Write a Budget

Form your Finance Committee Follow the rules Show your Appreciation New Media & Fundraising

Identify your donors:

Where do you get the money?
The Candidate and the Candidates rolodex:
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Christmas Card list Family, including distant relatives Church directory Neighbors College friends Clients & customers Other civic organization memberships

Finance Committee Direct Response: Direct Mail & Telemarketing Special Fundraising Events Local GOP organizations Political Action Committees (PACs)

Identify your donors:

People who have a history of Republican giving

Campaign finance reports Pacific Business Journal Do not limit the list to people in the immediate geographical area. List everyone the candidate knows! As campaign progresses, add new donors to the list.

People you meet on the campaign trail who are capable of donating (i.e. Small business owners)

Making the Ask:

Do your research! What have they given to other candidates? What have they given to charities? What is their motivation? Ego? Issues? Insider status?

Making the Ask:

Personal Solicitation
How much should you ask for? If its worth your time to visit, it should be worth your time to ask for the maximum amount.

If the donor is ready with a check when you walk in the door, ask for more!
Often personal solicitation will result in a pledge
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Follow-up! Send a personal note or letter Include return envelope Suggest the donor use a credit card

Dialing for Dollars

Plan for your calls
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Set a schedule for calling Create call lists and write notes Ask for their credit card

Who is the right person to make the call?

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Finance Chair
Finance Director Campaign Manager

Dialing for Dollars

The Script:
Hello, Mr. Smith, my name is Kari Hofer, I am a candidate running for State Senate District 25. As you know, my team and I have a tough battle ahead as we work to keep this seat republican. You have been so helpful in the past, and I am truly grateful. [Would you be willing to help my campaign this month with a financial contribution of $500? You know, you can use your credit card and get your frequent flyer miles!] [I am having an event the end of this month, and I need your help. We are trying to get a Host Committee of about 10 couples at $500 each. Would you be willing to be a member of our Host Committee?] Thank you very much for your strong support!

Identify YOUR Donors

Dialing for Dollars:

Practice makes Perfect

Fundraising Events
Events require a lot of time, energy, and resources. There are typically two types of events:
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High dollar: Smaller venue, more intimate Lower dollar: Larger venue, more people


Which one do you think raises more dollars?

Be organized, make a timeline, and plan at least 6 weeks out.

Fundraising Events:
Event Math
What is the gross and NET goal?

What is the ticket price? Tiers?

How many tickets do you need to sell? How many ticket committee members do you need? How much are they each responsible for raising? Keep costs down to 15% of total revenue

Goal: To generate the maximum amount of money for the lowest cost possible!

Its a fundraiser, not a FUNraiser.

Fundraising Events
Answer 4 questions to plan your event:

WHERE will it be held?

Public vs. Private venue Spectacular home

WHO is the featured attraction?

The Candidate Governor Lingle, or other high level elected officals Jonah Ka`auwai

WHEN is the best day to hold it?

Weekday breakfasts (professionals) Weeknights, excluding Sunday & Wednesday Weekday Luncheons (HOLIDAYS)

HOW will you achieve your financial goals?

Fundraising Events:
Event Math
If the ticket price is $125 $100 $50 $25

You must sell X 4 tickets X 5 tickets X 10 tickets X 20 tickets

X 25 tickets

To reach goal $500 $500 $500 $500


Keep in mind your NET dollars from your event can be used to held fund your campaign.

Make your goals ambitious, yet realistic.

Make a Finance Plan & Write a Budget

First, make sure you have your Political Plan
Turn your Political Plan into dollars

Second, create your finance plan


Determine the amount you can raise from your revenue sources

Create a timeline

Third, write your budget

o o o o

Finance Plan + Political Plan = Budget Take your political timeline (expenses) and pair it with your finance timeline (revenue) Be conservative and realistic! This is a guide, and should be flexible. Be prepared to amend as the environment changes

Form your Finance Committee:

Selecting the Finance Chair
Key to your success Ask others for advice Make sure they will devote time and energy to the job well What does a finance chair do?
o o o o o o o o o o

Organizes the finance committee for the campaign & special events Taps into a larger network of donors

Wealth: Max donor Community respect & credibility Confidence Well-liked Agrees with the candidate on issues Good public speaker Ability to do peer to peer Devoted to only your campaign

Form your Finance Committee:

A Team Sport

How many members should you have? Responsibilities

Fundraising and Sales (Used Car Salesman) Identify donors *Make sure you hold them accountable and track their progress *Competitive personalities make great finance committee members!!

Follow the Rules! File your papers, file your finance reports on time. File an intent to hold a fundraiser Select a Treasurer to file your reports Record keeping
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Donation amount, receipt date, donor name, address, employer, occupation Expenditure amount, date, purpose, payee name & address

Individual Contribution limits (Per election cycle):

o o o

State House: $2,000 State Senate: $4,000 Governor & Lt. Gov.: $6,000

Follow the Rules!

In-Kind contributions
o o

Reported same as monetary contribution, Date, amount, etc. Report as off-setting expenditure to avoid inflating cash on hand.

Prohibited contributions:

Foreign nationals


False name and Anonymous donors

Government contractors (corporate)

Show your Appreciation

Anyone who sends the campaign a contribution, $1 to $6,000, is owed a thank you note. A donor is a vote. Make it personal.
o o

Handwritten vs. merged letters Thank you phone calls

New Media Fundraising

Always include an online donation option on your website!

Make it easy to locate.

Drive traffic to your website


Always link to your website on facebook/twitter posts More website traffic = new online donors

Email solicitation
Dont exhaust your email contacts o Create a sense of urgency o Returns die after 24 hours o Include at least 3 asks

Concluding Thoughts
Fundraising is a game of numbers Organization and staying on schedule is critical! Dont be shy, bashful, or apologetic about asking for a contribution. A good Finance Chair and Finance Director will be the best friend a campaign manager ever had. The opposite is also true. Choose your finance team wisely. Then sit back and let them do their jobs. Time is your enemy.
Once you lose time, you never get it back o Everyday that an event invitation, letter, or script sits on your desk means lost money.

Lastly-Fundraising is always personal. Be persistent! Dont ever apologize when making the ask.

Good Luck!!!