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Designation : Lecturer
Branch : Commercial & Computer
Practice (CCP)
Institute : GPW/Guntur
Year/Sem : III Sem
Sub-Code : CCP-302
Duration : 50 minutes
Sub Topic : Revenue Expenditure and Revenue Reciepts
Teaching Aids : PPT ANIMATIONS

At the end of the period, you would be able to:

 Understand the terms
 Revenue expenditure
 Revenue receipt

CCP302.53 2
In the previous class we have already learned
 The Meaning of
 Capital Expenditure
 Capital Receipt
Meaning of Revenue Expenditure
& Revenue Receipt

CCP302.53 4
Revenue Expenditure is incurred:-

 To meet day to day expenses of concerns.

 Arise in the Normal Course of Business

 Are Recurrent in Nature

CCP302.53 5
Examples of Revenue Expenditure:

(a) Expenses on Repairs, renewals, replacements

for maintaining the existing Fixed Assets.

(a) Purchase of goods for resale and for consumption

such as bar materials, foods, cigars, medicines etc.

CCP302.53 6
Examples of Revenue Expenditure:

(a) Salaries, wages, Rent, Taxes, Light

charges, Audit fees etc.
(a) Depreciation Fixed Assets, interest on
loans and miscellaneous expenses.

CCP302.53 7
Meaning of Revenue Receipts.

CCP302.53 8
Revenue Receipts

 Receipts other than capital receipts

 Used to meet the current expenditure

 They arise in the Normal Course of Business

CCP302.53 9
Example : 1
 Classify expenses into capital and revenue.

 A sum of Rs. 4,000 has been spent on a machine

as follows

1. Rs. 2,000 for addition to double the output

 2. Rs. 1,200 for repairs necessitated by negligence

 3. Rs. 800 for replacement of worn parts

CCP302.53 10
Solution 1 :

 Rs. 2,000 has been spent

 to improve the capacity of the fixed asset.
 Therefore it should be capitalized.

CCP302.53 11
Solution 2 :

 Cost of repairs whether necessitated

 due to negligence or otherwise
 is of revenue nature.

CCP302.53 12
Solution 3 :

Replacement of worn out parts

 neither increases the efficiencynor capacity
 but maintains the fixed asset in working condition
 hence revenue expenditure.

CCP302.53 13

 State which item of expenditure would be charged to

capital and which is to Revenue.
 Rs. 300 spent on repairs of a second hand machinery
before using it

 Rs.2,000 was expended on painting the new factory.

 Freight and carriage on the new machine was Rs.300.

 Erection and installation charges on a newly purchased

machine is Rs.500

CCP302.53 14
 We have discussed about

 Meaning of Revenue Expenditure

Meaning of Revenue Receipt.

CCP302.53 15
(1) Payment of Salaries to staff comes under the head

(a) Revenue expenditure

(b) Revenue receipt

(c) Capital expenditure

(d) Capital receipt

CCP302.53 16
(1) Interest on Investments received comes under the head

(a) Capital expenditure

(b) Revenue expenditure

(c) Revenue receipt

(d) Capital receipt

CCP302.53 17
Frequently Asked Questions
(1) Define Revenue expenditure and give five

(2) What is Revenue Receipt.

CCP302.53 18