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Abhishek Mittal

 Imagine a machine that could do

calculations about a billion times faster
than today’s silicon computers.

 Imagineone that would be as many times

more efficient

 Imagineone that would bring in a whole

new era of technological advancement
and computing power
It’s called a Quantum Computers
and it’s the future of

• It promises to revolutionize the

• Diseases once thought incurable
can be
• Encryption methods thought to
be un-

crackable can be cracked.

• Simulations of real world
Is this a sudden
emergence of a new
radical system ???
 Well,it
uses a totally
principle of
and goes
away from
into the
realm of
quantum physics .
What is Quantum Computer ???

 Device based on quantum mechanics.

 Fundamental unit of information is

Quantum bit or Qubit.
About Qubits
 Exists
as a ‘0’, a ‘1’ or simultaneously as a
superposition of both ‘0’ & ‘1’ with a
numerical coefficient representing the
probability for each state

Quantum Computing

Quantum Cryptography
Quantum Computing Parallelism
The most exciting feature of
quantum computing is quantum

Parallelismallows a quantum
computer to work on a million
computation at once.
Quantum Cryptography
Is the quantum
computer that much
faster ???
Ina classical computer register with
N bits can represent 2N numbers but
only one at a time .

 In a quantum computer register of N

qubit can represent a superposition
of 2N numbers simultaneously.

Eg: In 100 qubit we can represent a

superposition of 2100 ~ 1030
numbers at the same time .
How does it Work ???
A quantum computer uses molecules and
atoms to do the computations required.

 UsingNuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

techniques, scientists nowadays can
manipulate the spin of an atom.
USES !!!
Encryption technology

 Molecular and real world


secure and error free
RSA Encryption technology
 It would take the fastest computer of today, a
lifetime to figure out the original message.

 However, this ‘super secret unbreakable ultra

secure’ method of encryption can be cracked
by a quantum computer in just a year or less.

 Thus government agencies are once again

trying hard to make new encryption methods,
this time using quantum computers because
of their computational speed.
Molecular and Real World Simulations

 Themajor thing hampering our

research into cures for disease like
cancer is the low speed of today’s
computers .

 Computers today cannot generate truly

random numbers nor do they have the
speed or computing capability to make
these simulations.
 Quantum computers on the other hand
can generate numbers that are truly
random and they do have the speed
and computing power to simulate the
real world as well as things like

 Thiswill go a long way in curing

diseases, predicting weather cycles
and disasters like earthquakes or
volcanoes, thus ushering in a new age
of healthcare as well as science
Ultra secure and error free

I feel that this use of quantum

computers and technology will help the
common man the most.

 Ituses a new and rather unexplained

phenomenon called quantum
Quantum Teleportation
 Thus we can send information to far away
places without physically being connected.

 Of course, a lot more research will have to

be done in the field, but it has the potential to
revolutionize communications.

 We might have a quantum internet over

invisible media and information downloading
time will be a thing of the past.

 It will save costs of setting up networks.

So, what do I foresee in the year
2020 and beyond ???
(Predictions & Conclusion)
 The world would be a much better place to
live in.

 Healthcare
would be so developed that
diseases would be a thing of the past.

 We would be able to predict earthquakes,

floods and volcanoes.

 Top secret documents pertaining to national

policy, military information and other
‘irrelevant’ information about political
‘dealings’ would all be totally secure using
encryption methods.
 Keeping the problems faced in mind, I feel
that quantum computers might only change
one part of computing as we know it.

 Mainframes and supercomputers in large

organizations, universities and government
institutions might be the only ones that are

 Personal computing might encounter

another revolution that would take away the
need for quantum computers in our homes;
or we might use a simplified version of a
quantum computer at home.
(Programming Language for Quantum
mputers.htm (Basic Information)
m-intro.html (Basic Information)
ml (Decoherence and error correction)