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Name : Y. Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy
Destination : Senior Lecturer
Branch : Commercial and Computer Practice
Institute : G.P.W ., Kakinada
Year/Semester : VI Semester
Subject : Visual Basic – II
Subject Code : CCP – 603
Topic : Database Programming
Duration : 50 Mts
Sub Topic : Data Control
Teaching Aids : PPTs
CCP603.11 1
Objective :
On completion of this period, you would be able to
Know :
 Data Control and its purpose
 Uses of Data Control
 Adding Data Control to a Form
 Parts of Data Control

CCP603.11 2
Structure of the Period :

 Introduction to Data Connections

 Definition of Data Control
 Uses of Data Control
 Location of Data Control Icon
 Adding the Data Control on the form
 Parts of a Data Control

CCP603.11 3
Recap :

 Database is a collection of inter – related

data and related objects
 Tool Box contains various controls
 Form is used to place the controls
 Data can be stored in the form of tables

CCP603.11 4
Introduction to Data Connections :

 Visual Basic provides database tools to

access data from a Database, such as
Microsoft Access
 We can create Databases in MS – Access
 It is possible to use such databases in Visual
 To use them, we need Data Connections

CCP603.11 5
Definition of Data Control :

 A control used to provide access to data in

databases through bound controls on the

CCP603.11 6
Uses of Data Control :

 To make the connection between a Form and

a Database

 To manipulate the data

 To move from record to record in a database

CCP603.11 7
Location of Data Control Icon :

It is located at the bottom

of the Tool Box

Data Control

CCP603.11 8
Adding the Data Control to the
Form :

 Double Click on the Data Control Icon in the

Tool Box

 A new Data Control with name “Data1” is

placed on the Form, which looks as shown

CCP603.11 9
Parts of a Data Control :

Move Previous Move Next

Move First Caption Move Last

CCP603.11 10
Summary :
 Data control is used to provide access to
data in databases through bound controls on
the form

 It can be placed on the form by double

clicking the control available in the Tool Box

 It is also used to move from one record to

another in a database

CCP603.11 11
Quiz / Questions :

1. Data Control is located at which place ?

Ans : Bottom of Tool Box

2. What is the default name of data control

when placed on the form ?

Ans : Data 1

3. How many parts are there in a Data Control ?

Ans : Five

CCP603.11 12
Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Define Data Control.

2. What are the uses of a Data Control.

3. Explain how data control is added to form.

4. Explain the parts of a Data Control.

CCP603.11 13
Assignment :

1. Open a new project in Visual Basic.

2. Paste a new data control on the form.

3. Identify the parts of the data control.

CCP603.11 14
Thank You

CCP603.11 15