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Chimara??... What’s that?

Chimara is coined from the Greek word

“chimera” – an impossible dream.

..which is an embodiment of the

owners’ vision of having a more
harmonious, sustainable & healthy
“Nude is Good!”
It means serving a wide range of
vegetarian specialties that are
basically bare (w/o harmful
preservatives, colorings & synthetic

The slogan masterminded by one of the

owners, Mr. John Paul Tanchanco.
Chimara Neo-Vegan Café, a sister
company of Tater’s Enterprises, is a
fastfood service company that serves
fine, healthy & scrumptious vegetarian
fastfood specialties which values the
needs of the vegetarian or health diet

It is located at the 4th level of

Greenbelt 3 mall right across its
premiere THX movie houses since the
company intentionally shares the
bigger portion of its patrons with the
said theater/mall.
Owners’ Background

Chimara is a sole proprietorship under

Ms. Anna Marie Tanchanco
(Proprietress & President, Taters
She is fully liable & personally liable for
all obligations of the business & is
entitled to all of its profits & the
exercise of complete managerial
Owners’ Background

Although Chimara is under the said

proprietorship of Ms. Anna, she
entrusts the business to her eldest
son, Mr. John Paul Tanchanco –
where this mother & son tandem
handles all major decision-making of
the company.

“We envision Chimara as a

dynamic, growing, globally-competitive
enterprise born from our total
dedication to deliver superior quality
goods and services.”
To continuously develop & provide the
finest quality food products hand I
hand with excellent services that
exceeds customer satisfaction;
To cultivate a dynamic, quality-
oriented, customer driven business
culture that will support & foster
professional growth, develop
teamwork & inspire creativity.
Strength Implication Action
Excellent Product Repeat orders & build Delivery of goods should
Quality trust to the customers be consistently higher
quality than its
competitors & watch
service performance
Competent Better control of Continue training to
Personnel operation ensuring provide excellent
efficient service & customer service &
customer satisfaction satisfaction
Nutritious & Differentiated & unique Continue to innovate &
Healthy Products offer, service & image consistently increase
means they have their competitive
competitive advantage differentiation

Strength Implication Action

Good Company Competitive advantage, Maintain that good
Image it creates instant image
consumer recognition
Company has Most target market use Send emails to
websites computers at home & customers regularly to
office w/ internet all the advertise new product
time & promotions
Mother company More decision-makers. Maintain that good
has strong financial More efficient with relationship with
back-up & has old delivering of raw supplier & to the mother
suppliers as well materials company
Weakness Implication Recommendation
Limited Menu Customers have less Add more variety &
Selection choices will cost a problem Filipino Dishes (Taste)

Location Not that visible w/c means Put more print ads &
this limits the potential for make an information
additional customers for booth at Greenbelt 3
Chimara near Ticket booth
Small There is still small base Focus selling on those
customer base customer/slow sales growth buyers who are the
readiest to buy
Poor Financial Company will have a Increase sales by
Condition difficult time in getting loans continuously formulating
from lending institutions new pricing, promotions
& marketing strategies
Weakness Implication Recommendation
Limited budget for People in other area of Set aside for
advertising Makati don’t know advertising
Chimara & what it offers
One Outlet/Branch Customers have less Add more distribution
access to the restaurants outlets to compete & to
& less market share. The increase market share
direct & major & sales
competitors (like Bodhi)
are increasing numbers
of outlets
Needs to increase Many customers still don’t Educate the market
brand awareness know what they offer & remains a goal by
& recognition cause of slow sales spending in promotion
growth to inform consumers

Weakness Implication Recommendation

Restaurant’s Restaurants cannot serve Focus more on the
operating hours breakfast & cannot lunch, merienda &
depends the mall’s extend till the wee hours dinner time and
operating hours of midnight anticipate the peak
hours of the mall
Opportunity Implication Recommendation

Growth in e-commerce Chimara’s products Use the website &

can be sold let the product
conveniently on line available online
Change in food Working Add more Filipino
consumption patterns wives/mothers Dishes in menu &
constantly increasing value meals so that
so expect that many they will still at home
people will eat even if dining out
outside their home
Total family income & Consumer have Be aggressive in
expenditures in urban higher purchasing marketing &
areas are up by 67.5% & power & willing to increase sales. Get
64.5% increase from the spend for food a bigger share in the
total income & total market
Opportunity Implication Recommendation

Rooms to branch out Shopping malls mean Conduct a

as increase no. of increased greater research/feasibility
malls are being build demand for fastfood study for possible
in Metro Manila to restaurants strategic locations to
cater to the needs of branch out for more
consumers sales
There are new Contractual employees Recruit / hire
services /agencies are less expensive to contractual employees
that provide well maintain because
trained contractual management doesn’t
employees for need to provide SSS,
Chimara Medicare, 13th month
pay, etc
Opportunity Implication Recommendation

Economic Stability & Consumers now have Maintain or increase

Strong Peso value more disposable market share to take
income which will advantage of the
cause to increase in increased purchasing
revenue power of consumers.
Source out cheaper
with quality resources
THREATS Analysis
Threat Implication Recommendation
Government Disadvantage are left Defend/Aggresively
regulation – Retail with less disposable increase market share
Trade Liberation Law income, will cause to in order to support
strive to find cheaper existing operations
alternative to satisfy
their basics needs w/o
much concern with
health, which will
affect small player like
Increase growth of Increase potential Be aggressive in
restaurant franchises entrants which would marketing & increase
cause the business to sales and get bigger
receive a lesser share in the market
market share

Bodhi Vegetarian
Daily Veggie n’ Café
Kitchen “V”
Manila Sanitarium Hospital Cafeteria
Oh My Gulay Caterers
Quan Yin Chay
Big Buddha
Bubba Gump
Café Bola, Breton, Havana
The Coffee & Tea Leaf
Global Café
Chimara had taken advantage of the
increasing number of health-
conscious Filipino
Uniqueness in market positioning
(fastfoods can be healthy foods at the
same time)
Excellent product quality
Marketing Awardee “NUDE is
Highly colorful & interactive website
(in full macromedia flash format) & an
alternative website for none-
broadband surfers
Mother company has a strong
financial back-up & old suppliers
Taters expertise is passed on
Socially responsible
Overall Business Strategies

Franchise fastfood snack chain in key

entertainment & leisure center in the
Philippines. Possible store location
includes Ortigas business district,
major universities (Katipunan) &
popular malls (Rockwell, Megamall &
Overall Business Strategies
Open new doors for revenue like
catering services
Innovation of new strategies for
customer loyalty must be manifested
Marketing Mix Strategies

Focus Differentiation & Market

Focus marketing efforts on:
Makati yuppies
gym/spa/health clubs members
(Golds Gym Makati,Slimmer’s World
Int’l, Fitness First)
Schools: College of San Agustin,
Assumption College
Marketing Mix Strategies
Makati Hospitals
Condominiums & Offices in Ayala
Makati Subdivisions: Magallanes
Village, Dasmarinas Village, Forbes
Park Village, Bel-Air Village, San
Lorenzo, Urdaneta Village, San
Miguel Village, Palm Village
Product Development Strategies
Make additional food variety in the
menu that has a Filipino Taste
(panlasang Pinoy)
Educate the people the value of
health to create revenues from the
non-vegetarian market
Make a Home Service Diet Program
(like South Beach Diet)
Product Development Strategies

Free Delivery
Catering Service
Nutritional Factor printed on the
Free consultation for right diets
Sales & Distribution Strategies

Delivery services through telephone

and website
Branch opening or franchising
Vertical backward integration by
sourcing its raw materials directly to
its suppliers
Promotions Strategies
 Information booth for moviegoers
 Awareness efforts in centers of health-
conscious people (signages, posters,
tarpaulins, flyers)
 Sponsorhips of movies especially on
Greenbelt 3
 Mailing brochures & e-mails
 Inclusion in yellow pages
 Print ads
 Emphasize “Where fastfood is
healthy food!”