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Name : Mrs.P.Maheswari
Designation : AL/EC
Branch : Electronics and communications engg.
Institute : 028, SIR C.R.REDDY
Year / semester : First year
Subject : Electronic Component and Devices
Subject Code : EC-105
Topic : Transistors
Duratilon : 50 Mts
Sub Topic : Transistor As An Amplifier
Teaching Aids : PPT DIAGRAMS.
EC105.135 1

On completion of this period, you would be able to

know :

• Transistor as an Amplifier (CB).

EC105.135 2

• List the applications of transistor.

• What is meant by an amplier.

EC105.135 3
• Though transistor can perform number of other functions, it's
main use lies in amplifying electrical signals.

EC105.135 4
Fig shows the NPN transistor connected in
CB Configuration.

Fig 1

EC105.135 5
Fig :- CB Amplifier with i/p and wave form.

Fig 2.

EC105.135 6
• The input signal (VS ) is applied is between Emitter and
base and the output signal (Vo ) appears between
Collector and base.
• The transistor is biased to operate in the active region.

• JE is forward biased by VEE and JC is reverse biased by VCC.

• So the i/p resistance of the transistor in low and output

resistance is high.

EC105.135 7
• When i/p signal (VS) is not applied, a dc - IC will flow in the

Collector circuit due to VEE and a constant o/p Vdc is developed

across the load resistor RL.

• When the i/p signal is superimposed on the dc voltage, a small

change in signal voltage causes an appreciable change in IE

because of the low resistance of the i/p ckt.

EC105.135 8
• As IC α IE , similar variations occur in the IC. This varying IC
passes through the large load resistor RL and a large o/p
voltage (VO) is developed across it.

• The change in o/p voltage is many times greater than the

change in i/p signal voltage.

• In this way a weak signal applied in the input ckt appears in

the amplified form in the o/p circuit.

EC105.135 9
Summary :

• Transistor is used as an amplifier in the active region.

• The input signal applied to a transistor amplifier (CB) is

transferred from a low resistance ckt to a high resistance ckt.

EC105.135 10
Frequently Asked Questions in Exams :

• Explain the action of a transistor as an amplifier.

EC105.135 11

1. Transistor is used as an amplifier in the _______

EC105.135 12
1. To operate the transistor as an amplifier
forward biased and
emitter junction is always____________
reverse biased.
Collector junction is always__________.

EC105.135 13
3. In the active mode, the input resistance of
transistor is ________, the output resistance

EC105.135 14