Oracle 9i

A NIIT CATS Presentation

What we will do …
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Tell you about Oracle Oracle Certified Professionals and Employment The need for certification NIIT CATS and Oracle 9i suite The Oracle 9i power pack: ONLY@NIIT CATS

Can you tell me a bit about Oracle?

About Oracle
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World’s largest enterprise software company Annual revenues of more than USD 9.4 billion (INR 46,060 crores) Products on
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Database Solutions Enterprise Server Suite Application Development suite

About Oracle

World’s leading supplier of software for information management World’s second largest independent software company Based out of Redwood Shores, California USA and employs more than 42,000 people

Oracle market presence world wide

Oracle is the king of the Relational Database Market. (which comprises of more than 80% of the total database

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39.8% overall market share Leader in Unix Platform – 63.3% Second on Windows Platform – 34% (after MS)
Source: Gartner, 2002

OK its big worldwide. How about India?

Oracle in India
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Leader in the Indian Database market with a share of 58% Clients include

Airtel, Birla AT&T, Maruti, SBI, ICICI, Telco, TISCO

Focusing extensively on 9i range of products
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Database Solutions Enterprise Server Suite Application Development suite

So it’s the largest in India. But what does that do to me?

Oracle – the future in India
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Consolidate position as No. 1 Focus on telecom, financials, manufacturing and services verticals Government a major thrust area for Oracle GENERATING JOBS FOR CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS!!

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The requirement

159 jobs on Oracle 9i posted in the last 27 days in [including for freshers]

454 current postings for Oracle jobs in

Bottom line
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A lot of jobs for qualified people A large installation base in India ensures that demand for certified professionals will keep increasing

WOW!!! That means I can get a job if I know Oracle???

Not quite …
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Need good basics of IT Need to have thorough understanding of RDBMS Need to be comfortable with Front end application Need to be quick in learning new concepts Need a mixture of technologies

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So, how do I start?

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Learn the technology Get Certified Get some project experience Build up knowledge on Oracle and related technologies

What is the benefit of getting certified?

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Added Credibility Great Job opportunities Special discount and offers from Oracle Open line of communication with Oracle

OCP Benefit survey
97% said they have benefited from certification.  96% would recommend the program to a professional


89% said they gained more confidence in their Oracle
expertise after becoming certified.

But do I really need to do a course?

Yes. Because you need to …
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Learn the fundamentals Get valuable practice time Interact with peers and expert faculty And most importantly …

Oracle requires you to do a course from an authorized partner as a pre-requisite for Oracle certification!!!

But where do I go?

NIIT CATS is proud to present Oracle curriculum on

Oracle 9i DBA Oracle Forms Developer Oracle 9i Application Server Oracle 9i Portal Developer

But why NIIT CATS?

the NIIT CATS PowerPack

Trained Faculty

Special Offer on VB ..

Visual Basic Faculty

Free Project on Oracle + VB

Authorised Partner


Oracle 9i

Certification offer on Oracle

ORACLE Authorised Training partner


State of the Art Infrastructure

What are the Certification Tracks NIIT CATS offers?

Oracle 9i DBA

Oracle iDS Forms Developer

The bottom line ..

Learn Oracle at NIIT CATS and …

Get the best with best available infrastructureCATS Interact from trained and certified faculty Workoriginal courseware and partnerNIIT Get on the 2an authorized curriculum Learn with leaders …Oracle and

All the best!!

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