• The goal is to get your teammates to guess the word on top of your card.

• Can’t say “sounds like” or “rhymes with” • Can’t spell out or use ANY part of the word or taboo words • If your teammate uses part of the word or a taboo word, then you may use
that part. (e.g. Doghouse; if your teammate says dog, you may then use dog) • No hand motions, charades or any form of acting the word out. • All must be done in English • You may pass, but for every card you pass you must subtract a point • If you break any of the rules, the card in which the rules was broken MUST be passed and the passing penalty will be inflicted.

Geometry Taboo

• Teammates must sit across from each other. • It is the other team’s responsibility to make sure the reader does not use any
of the restricted words. If one goes unnoticed, then it will be allowed.

• The time limit is two minutes per round