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ISO 9001:2000 reflects the quality

system requirements in addition to

ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance of product and also
aims to enhance customer satisfaction.
What is ISO

ISO is the acronym for the “International Organization for Standardization” based in
Geneva, ISO is a network of the national standards institutes of 146 countries, on the
basis of one member per country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland,
that coordinates the system
ISO Audit

A series of International Standards emphasizes the importance of audits

as a management tool for monitoring and verifying the effective
implementation of an organization's quality or environmental policy.
Audits are also an essential part of conformity assessment activities such
as external certification/registration and of supply chain evaluation and
Benefits of ISO

 Highlights causes of system related

 Helps reduce cost of poor quality.
 Builds customer confidence/satisfaction.

 Systematic continual improvement of

 Maintains consistency in quality of service.
 Clarity & transparency in duties &
 Means to perform the right tasks the first
Quality management System

Quality management
is concerned with
getting things right.

The way in which an organisation plans to manage its business operations so that it
delivers quality products and services is specified by its Quality Management System
(QMS). A QMS is a vehicle for delivering quality management; it defines the organisational
structure, responsibilities, policies, procedures, processes, standards, and resources required
to deliver quality products and services.
There are three major aspects that require proactive management, namely:
· establishing what the business or service should be offering or doing.
· defining how it should be done.
· evaluating what can be done to improve the processes and service product offerings.
Quality Policy of AXA

AXA Business Services shall endeavour to achieve

"Operational Excellence" through fulfilment of customer
needs. Accuracy, Customer satisfaction and continual
improvement are the responsibility of all employees.
Update Report

• Project on track – Certification Audit by Second Week of December 2004 at

all three sites
• ISO 9001 : 2000 training
* completed for Level 3 & above and all Quality Coordinators
• Documentation
*completed and available on KM Portal on intranet
Level 1 documentation
Quality Policy
Applicable for entire organization

Quality System Level 2 documentation

Procedures Applicable for all departments

Level 3 documentation
Processes Applicable for individual department

 Internal Quality Auditor Training

*Completed for 31 Quality Coordinators selected from 97
Coordinators through an online test of ISO understanding

 First Pre-assessment by KPMG

* Done on 27,28 & 29th September in Bangalore and 7th October in

 ISO 9001 Awareness through ‘Mission and Quality Policy’ Posters

and presentations by Quality Coordinators to their teams
Expectation from each employee
What ISO 9001 Means to YOU

 Mission and Quality Policy of AXA BS

 your Job Duties

 What Training Your Job Requires

KNOW  Be able to tell About How You Were Trained

 What Documentation Involves YOU

 How to find Out What the Latest Version is

 what the Documentation Says

 How the Documentation Applies To YOU

 What the INTENT of the Documentation is

Findings of the Pre assessment audit
What ISO 9001 Means to YOU

 Mission Statement of AXA BS: To provide sustainable competitive advantage to AXA group by managing high
quality, reliable and cost effective business process services.
Your job duties: involve you to be able to do telemarketing for 2 products – Recovery and Cash Back from the
AXA PPP Healthcare, budget healthcare range of products, on various campaigns, with specified targets & ensuring
Quality through script adherence.
 Training: 4 weeks in total, 2 weeks – Pre-process / Soft skill training & 1week : Product knowledge & regulations.
Following 1 week – Mock calls / certification & side jacking / buddying in ( On the job training ). Product
knowledge test done followed by certification call.
 Documentation: All sales are documented with the quality status on the CC-Agent tracker available on the shared
J:\Call Center\CCTeam Reports. This is updated on a real time basis. Also, daily dialer performance reports are
maintained, and shared with you, and a weekly report for the team and individual performance is sent out to you
with status on where we stand against targets. Monthly performance data shared as against internal targets specified
as an average( as no definite and consistent targets are specified by the clients at PPP, and this depends on the
campaigns/lists dialed).
Quality: All sales are monitored 100% for Quality check on the same day itself. Also, introduced quality check of
non-sales calls to ensure compliance, with sample size of 1/agent/week. Monitoring done, and scored, feedback
provided as needed, with corrective actions.
 KM: Further documentation is available for your reference on the shared drive – J:\Call Center for training
materials / literature. You also have access to the Knowledge Management folder, for the PPP Telemarketing team
which has all the information stored as well. Further to this, you can access all product related queries / information
from the AXA BS- home page – Intranet -> to AXA PPP Healthcare products range respectively.
SLA: Is available with PLs and TLs respectively .
What needs to be done !

 Proper system of tracking errors (Internal errors & customer

complaints, Error analysis report).
 Preventive and corrective measures to be put in place.
 Maintain updated and reviewed SLA documents.
 To analyze the available data and to put measures in place for
continual improvement and provide value to our customers.
Next Audit

Our Second Pre-assessment for ISO 9001 was done as

per the following Plan:

Residency Road, Bangalore : 2nd and 3rd November


Vyalikawal, Bangalore : 9th November 2004

Bund Garden Road, Pune : 18th and 19th Novemebr

Project Milestones

Month June July Aug Sept Oct Nov.Dec

Analysis and Documentation 1 2
Improvement 3
Training 4 5
Implementation/Auditing 6
Review of Documentation by 7
Pre-Assessment 8
Certification 9
 Establish First draft of documentation
 Establish Final documentation
 Improve procedures and documents till they are compliant
 Training to all committee members
 Training to all staff
 Two complete cycles of audit and Management Review
 Review by registrar to see whether we meet ISO requirements
 Pre-Assessment by Certification Body
 Certification Audit
Thank You