R.Vijay Bhaskar DWH TEAM 2007

Center of Excellence Data Warehousing

Expectations from the training Scope of the training Questions/Comments

Report Studio
Web Based Application for Report Authors to use and build
 Sophisticated  Multiple-page  Multiple Query reports  Against multiple databases

Report Studio Components

Insertable Objects

Explorer Bar

Properties Window

Work Area

Insertable Objects

Explorer Bars

Page Explorer

Query Explorer

Condition Explorer

Creating a Report
Specifying the package Choosing a report template Adding Query items Saving a Report Running a Report Types of Reports ?

List Report
 Create Report  Add Data to Report  Run Report  Save the Report  Group Columns  Level Span Columns

Demo of All the above

Cross Tab Report
 To show information in more compact form  Nested Cross-tabs allowed  Aggregates in Cross Tab Reports

Demo of Cross tab Report

Charts & Chart Types
 Reveal Trends and Relationships  Types
     Column Bar Pareto Radar Combination

Demo of Combination & Progressive Column Chart

Repeaters to create mailing labels Convert List into Repeaters Modify the properties of repeater

Formatting Report
 Header/Footer – List/Page  Borders  Text/Color  Image/Background Image  Bookmarks  Tables  Reuse Objects  Page/Page Breaks

Demo of All the above

Working with Data
Filter Sort Create Sections Add Summary Calculation Format Data Prompts

Demo of All the above

Working with Reports
Open and Save Locally Highlight Bursting Drill Through Master-Detail

Demo of All the above

Questions/ Comments

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