The S&L Matrix

(And how it gets your wiener wet)
1 you want to get the girl.
You need to sleep with her as
quickly as possible.
#easons to SNL
· Beauti1ul women have options
· "Attraction¨ isn't what you think it is
· You could have a strong and compelling
presence. but why not just sweep her o11 her
· Dates and 'phone game' are time consuming
· Don't be 1ooled by a 'number-close artist' /
'makeout artist'
· Bottom line: Get her into bed quickly or not at
ow to Approach
ºnlce shoesŧ"
ºWho lles moreŧ"
The S & L Matrix
The realm where your skills o1 seduction are actually
The only things You need to worry about:
1. Logistics
2. Sexual #eadiness
· Women Want Sex MO#E than you do!
· 3 books
4 "Sperm Wars" by #obin Baker
4 "My Secret Garden" by Nancy Friday
4 "Why Women ave Sex" By Cindy Meston & David Buss
The Logistics Axis
The 5 Logistical Questions
1. Who are you here with?
2. ow do you know each other?
3. ow did you get here?
4. What are your plans 1or later?
5. What time do you have to wake up in the morning?
The S-Axis
Sexual #eadiness
Tools 1or Escalating Along The S-Axis
· 3 Dimensional Escalation
· Touch (play1ul overt)
· Touch (discreet sexual)
· Set Sexual Frames
· Build Sexual Tension
· Bait her to invest (verbal)
· Bait her to invest (physical)
· Baiting her 1riends into escalating 1or you
· Logistically escalate
· #emove (inoculate against) the 5 objections
· Sexually charged language
· NLP/Vivid magery
· And more...
Sexual Frames
- Sexually aggressive when she is with someone she really likes or is
attracted to
- Adventurous
- Spontaneous
- Goes 1or what she wants/Does what she 1eels like doing
- Great in bed
- Keeps secrets
- Does the craziest things when she knows she won't be judged 1or it
- Frequently incredibly horny
- Open to new experiences
- Loves the romance and excitement o1 things happening quickly/
Wants to be swept o11 her 1eet
- Uninhibited
- Craves new sexual experiences
- as a naughty side she wishes she could act on more o1ten
ome exual lramlng 1ools
· 'We don'L counL'
· Þasslve AccepLance/Compllance
· 8lame all fllrLaLlon on her
· CuallflcaLlon
· ºWhy are (new ?ork) glrls so wlld?"
· ?ou look [usL llkeŧ
· Lrawberry flelds
· 1he ad Lory
· º?ou look llke you're a nlce glrlţ buL l can Lell you
have a serlous naughLy sldeŦ"
Sexual Tension
· The "Gap"
· "Natural" Tension
· 2 Easy Methods
· nternally Neutral/Overtly Sexual
· nternally Sexual/Overtly Neutral
· Don't break sexual tension:
· Making out with her in a public place
· Popping out o1 sexual 1rames
· Being needy
· Not being able to handle silence
· Being overtly sexual while internally turned on (too soon)
· Overtly sexual 'kino' in 1ront o1 her 1riends
· Poorly timed "Cocky/Funny¨
Baiting to nvest
Festinger & Carlsmith
Baiting to nvest
· Cognitive Dissonance
· Backwards #ationalization
· t's not the amount o1 actual investment that counts, it's her
perceived investment
· Ways o1 baiting to invest
· "old This¨
· "Tell me a joke.¨
· Gravity hook
· Prime the pump
· ave her quali1y hersel1
· Slurpee example
The "Green Zone"
S AND L Axes igh
"Pull The Trigger"
Closing Tactics
· Light the 1use
· ave YOU# logistics 1igured out
· Avoid the "bounce¨
· Fear o1 the empty apartment
· What i1 she says "We are NOT having sex tonight.¨
· 1 she's at your place. She Wants to Fuck!!
· What about 'Last Minute #esistance'?
· Future meetup
· #emember:
· 'No' means NO.
· "We shouldn't.¨ means 'Keep going, please.'
º1here's no such Lhlng as a sLupld
quesLlonŦ Cnly sLupld peopleŦ Codţ people
are so fucklng sLupld someLlmesŦ"
Ŵ Confuclus
We (sometimes) o11er live coaching,
and we'd like to tell you about it
n the style o1.
· A #eligious #evival
· An in1omercial
· An insurance salesman tying to hide the 1act
that he's slowly getting an awkward erection
· A homeless man masturbating on the subway
while thinking about how hot the Jonas
brothers would be i1 they were girls.
· Nick Quick & Epik

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