Scrum Testing MethodoIogy- an Overview
- Gayathri
Agile Testing - Overview
what |s Ag||e Test|ng?
Ag||e Test|ng can be def|ned as a
Tesl|rg pracl|ce lral lo||oWs lre ag||e rar|leslo, lreal|rg deve|oprerl as lre cuslorer ol
Tesl|rg pracl|ce lor projecls us|rg ag||e relrodo|og|es.
Agile Testing - Overview
!74cess |n 8c7:2 Test|ng
Producl 8ac||og ol pr|or|l|zed Wor| lo oe dore
Tre erl|re producl oac||og |lers are sp||l |rlo a l|xed sel ol |lers ca||ed 3pr|rls
da||y 3crur Veel|rg |s orgar|zed Wrere lre lear d|scusses lrree quesl|or.
wral rave you dore s|rce lre |asl da||y reel|rg?
wral W||| you oe do|rg url|| lre rexl da||y reel|rg?
wral |rped|rerls, |l ary, are |r your Way?
3pr|rl P|arr|rg sess|or Wrere lre 3pr|rl 8ac||og |lers are sp||l W|lr lre lear
3pr|rl Relrospecl|ve sess|or Wrere lre lear reroer Wou|d pul lorWard lre oesl
pracl|ce lrey lo||oWed or |rlroduce a process Wou|d reed lo |rp|ererl lor a successlu|
|| lre reel|rgs W||| oe lac|||laled oy lre $.7:2,8907
,r,.teristi.s of S.rum Testing
Agile Testing ÷ Pro.ess proposed
8c7:2 Test|ng p74cess w47f|4w
derl|ly lre Tesl 3cerar|os oased or lre 8R0 docurerl
0ola|r s|gr-oll ol lre Tesl 3cerar|o docurerl lror lre respecl|ve 8us|ress 0Wrers
Tesl Cases W||| oe Wr|ller lor 3pr|rl oy 3pr|rl oas|cs
Execul|or W||| oe dore oy de|ay|rg a 3pr|rl (wrer 3pr|rl 2 |lers are deve|oped We W||| oe execul|rg
3pr|rl 1 lurcl|ora||ly)
crarge |r a requ|rererl or a delecl W||| oe added lo lre producl oac||og
corslarl regress|or oed |s |derl|l|ed lor a|| lre corp|eled 3pr|rls
3|rce de|ay|rg lre lesl|rg oy a 3pr|rl ray prov|de a gap oelWeer lre deve|oprerl lear ard lre
lesl|rg lear, We W||| rave a pre dep|oyrerl |r eacr 3pr|rl Wr|cr re|ps us lo address lre rajor |ssues
pro acl|ve|y.
Agile Testing ÷ Pro.ess proposed
Testing process workfIow
Sprint S.edule wit QA T,sks
Agile Testing ÷ Pro.ess proposed
8c7:2 Te72|n4|4gy
Scrum Master: Te person or persons in .,rge of te tr,.king ,nd te d,ily upd,tes for te
s.rum (equiv,lent to , proje.t m,n,ger). Sometimes referred to ,s , S.rum F,.ilit,tor.
Scrum Team: A .ross-fun.tion,l te,m (developers, B.A.s, DBAs, ,nd testers) responsible for
developing te produ.t.
Product Owner: Te person responsible for m,int,ining te Produ.t B,.klog vi, .ontinuous
inter,.tion wit lients ,nd St,keolders.
Story: A .ustomer fo.used des.ription of v,lued fun.tion,lity.
Product BackIog: Te stories to be .ompleted.
Sprint: A time period (usu,lly 2 to 4 weeks) in wi. development o..urs on , set of stories t,t
te Te,m ,s .ommitted to.
Sprint BackIog: Te Te,m's interpret,tion of te produ.t b,.klog .ont,ining .on.rete t,sks t,t
will be done during te next sprint to implement some of te top items in te Produ.t B,.klog.
Agile Testing ÷ Pro.ess proposed
8c7:2 - FA0's
wral rappers |l you dor'l l|r|sr or l|re?
3crur does rol a||oW a de||very dale lo oe a|leredl l you are oer|rd, you de|ele |lers |r lre 3crur
Tear's 3pr|rl 8ac||og ard |l you are aread you car as| lre Producl 0Wrer lor rore las|s.
Car 3crur or|y oe used lor sra||er projecls?
No, lre relrod car oe up-sca|ed oy pull|rg logelrer severa| sra||er projecls lo lorr ore |arger.
so-ca||ed 3crur ol 3crurs car |rc|ude rurdred ol prograrrers, orgar|zed |r dozers ol 3crur
wrere does lre Word 3crur core lror?
3crur |s a rugoy lerr lor lre c|ose-|r|l srou|der-lo-srou|der lorral|or a rugoy lear lorrs lo jo|rl|y
rove lre oa|| lorWard.
Tre Word Was l|rsl used oy Ta|eucr| ard Nora|a |r a larous arl|c|e puo||sred |r lre larvard
8us|ress Rev|eW |r Wr|cr lrey descr|oed lre rosl successlu| producl deve|oprerl projecls |r
Agile Testing - Overview
4w can Teste7s p74;e the|7 ;a|:e
0erorslrale a re|plu| perspecl|ve |r del|r|rg sollWare expeclal|ors
Prov|de |rlorral|or. 0or'l acl |||e a gale|eeper.
dapl lo crarg|rg projecl goa|s.
wor| W|lr Wral you rave, as| lor Wral you reed lo |roW, docurerl Wral you car.
Thank You!!!

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