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The Ombudsman and the Criminal Justice System: Thrusts and Challenges

Conference-Workshop on the Five Pillars of the Criminal Justice System

18 Nov. 2011 PNP Multi-Purpose Hall, Camp Crame, QC

Mandate (RA 6770) The Ombudsman Act of 1989

Act promptly on complaints Enforce administrative, civil and criminal liability (Sec.13, R.A. No. 6770; Sec.12 , Article XI, 1987 Constitution) Prioritize complaints filed vs. high-ranking government officials and/or those occupying supervisory positions, complaints involving grave offenses as well as complaints involving large sums of money and/or properties (Sec. 15,
R.A. No. 6770) - Protector of the People

Powers and Functions

Fact-finding investigation Administrative Adjudication Preliminary Investigation Prosecution Public Assistance Enhance efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability and responsiveness

8-Point Policy Thrusts of the Hon. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales

1. Prioritized disposition of complaints and cases
involving high-ranking officials large sums of money grand corruption cases celebrated cases

8-Point Policy Thrusts

2. Zero backlog in
investigation of criminal cases adjudication of administrative cases disposition of all grievances and requests for assistance

8-Point Policy Thrusts

3. Improved survival rate of fact-finding cases
strengthen conduct of investigations using specialized techniques

8-Point Policy Thrusts

4. Enforced monitoring of referred cases
referral of complaints and cases not corruption-related and/or cognizable by other forums monitoring of cases referred to the NPSDOJ for prosecution in regular courts until final disposition monitoring of implementation of OMB decisions in admin cases

8-Point Policy Thrusts

5. Improved responsiveness of public assistance (RAs and mediation)
must be meaningful, responsive and relevant client feedback integrated in performance evaluation of action officers

8-Point Policy Thrusts

6. Improved anti-corruption policy and program coordination among sectors
Adoption of three-pronged approach enforcement, prevention and anti-corruption promotion Evaluation of existing programs and realignment with medium-term plans and international commitments Multi-sectoral strategy to mobilize support

8-Point Policy Thrusts

7. Rationalization of functional structure of the Office
Identify gaps and overlaps in discharge of functions Remove redundancy Adopt uniform structure, staffing pattern, systems and procedures in central and area/sectoral offices

8-Point Policy Thrusts

8. Enhanced transparency and credibility of the OMB by - Review of policies to improve public perception

Lack of manpower Limited cooperation and/or difficulty in coordination with other agencies Partnership with other sectors/interagency collaboration with other law enforcement agencies Leadership

5 Pillars of CJS
(1.) Community (2.) The Law Enforcement (3.) The Prosecution Service (4.) The Courts (5.) The Correctional Institution