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Debunking the myth:

Seo vs SociaI Media
ho is
We are similar to and other real estate listing sites, in that we
strive to provide a world-class home search and effective online advertising
solutions to agents and brokers. offers 3.5 million homes for sale and
(according to comScore), is one of the fastest
growing real estate sites with an average of 2.5
miIIion monthIy visits in 2011
Part of a family of highIy visibIe portaIs:
genda for Today genda for Today''s Presentation s Presentation
1. dentifying conflicting priorities: keeping sellers happy,
building your brand and selling homes
2. Defining SEO and social media
3. Determining what tactic is best for you to use to
achieve these goals
hat are Your ChaIIenges? hat are Your ChaIIenges?
W Keeping sellers happy
Listings are on the market longer and downward pressure on price
W rand building is time consuming and often not valued by your buyers
or sellers (making it hard to win new listings)
- You must win more listings due to longer sales cycle
W How do you choose between these conflicting priorities?
Priority #1 Priority #1 - - Keep SeIIers Happy Keep SeIIers Happy
W The marketing you do as an Agent
needs to make sense to your
W You need to get the Sellers to "buy
in to your marketing strategy this
will help when showings are low or
price needs adjusting
W Wouldn't it be nice if the
investments that helped keep your
sellers happy also helped build
your brand?
Priority #2 Priority #2 - - BuiIding Your Brand BuiIding Your Brand
W There are sellers and buyers out there but will they
find you instead of one of your competitors?
W Social media can be a major component of this
*Only 5% of agents used social media sites to market
homes - There is huge Opportunity here!
W A solid SEO strategy can also help you to win listings if
done right
W Further, how can you get your customers to help build
your brand through social media and SEO?
Source: NAR Home Buyers & Sellers Survey, 2010
1hls ls Lhe cover sllde LlLle 1hls ls Lhe cover sllde LlLle
SEO 101
Ck really WhaL ls SLC? Ck really WhaL ls SLC?
W SLC ls an acronym for Search Lnglne CpLlmlzaLlon
Search Lnglne CpLlmlzaLlon ls Lhe process of clarlfylng
your presence on Lhe Web so LhaL search englnes
(and presumably consumers) can easlly ldenLlfy whaL
you are all abouL
So WhaL ls SLC? So WhaL ls SLC?
l8LL 18AlllC lS CCCu!
lC8 ?Cu8 MCS1
lMC81An1 kL?WC8u
WhaL are your mosL lmporLanL keywords? WhaL are your mosL lmporLanL keywords?
W GoogIe dwords - Keyword TooI
W Identify your keywords before beginning.
W f you choose "Long sland homes for sale, you will be competing with all Long
sland real estate sites.
W e more specific.
W There may be less global searches, but you will have far less competition
for the term.
Great example of SEO
Another great example of SEO
The King of the Hamlet
"uick SEO RuIes of Thumb "uick SEO RuIes of Thumb
W Links from other sites are like gold
W The source matters
- One link from CNN is worth more than 1,000 links from
pages/sites with no value
- Paid links can get you dropped from Google
- "NaturaI" Iinks are the best, GoogIe sees this as votes that
your content is interesting enough to be Iinked to
W The best, most foolproof strategy is to create great content, make it
dead simple for people to spread that content, and encourage
them to do so
Where should you C1lMlZL? Where should you C1lMlZL?
W 8oLLom Llne ConcenLraLe on Coogle and you'll do flne on Lhe
resL lf noL you'll aL leasL be capLurlng 63 of searches
1hls ls Lhe cover sllde LlLle 1hls ls Lhe cover sllde LlLle
SociaI Media 101
Soclal Medla Where should you be? Soclal Medla Where should you be?
1hlnk of soclal medla as a cockLall parLy 1hlnk of soclal medla as a cockLall parLy
Cood rule of Lhumb lnLeracL wlLh
people on lacebook Lhe way you mlghL
aL a cockta|| party
W8e professlonal
W MalnLaln balance
W8e relevanL
W CommenL on markeL Lrends
ln your area
Wuon'L oversLay your welcome
W ls whaL you are posLlng
lnformaLlon your neLwork wlll
beneflL from?
WhaL SPCuLu your page have? WhaL SPCuLu your page have?
1. Updates and Iinks pointing
to articIes reIated to the area
or reaI estate
W Ex: Teacher in the area
winning an award
2. Connections to buyers and
W Great place for
W Tag past clients in
pictures of their new
3. Fun posts
W Ex: f you are living in FL, tag posts of friends in the snow and say
"When are you moving to sunny FL to escape the snow?!
W Gentle reminders that you are in real estate.
1lp uo lL well or don'L do lL aL all!
Search Lnglnes now Lake Soclal Medla lnLo conslderaLlon when ranklng slLes
- Only need to log on a few times a
- Make it easier by using your mobile
device if you think of something to
post when you are out of the office.
- Comment and "like other posts by
clients or other professionals in
your network
Pow ofLen should you be posLlng? Pow ofLen should you be posLlng?
SLC vs Soclal Medla SLC vs Soclal Medla
So who wlns?!
Should you focus on Soclal Medla or SLC Lo keep your sellers happy
whlle bulldlng your brand?
SLC vs Soclal Medla SLC vs Soclal Medla
Cur flnal answer they go best together!
use boLh Lo creaLe a markeLlng sLraLegy LhaL wlll help
you hlL each polnL on your llsL of prlorlLles
1lp use key words llke
Long lsland homes for
sale" ln your LweeLs Lo be
lncluded ln search resulLs!
et et us us combine SEO and SociaI Media for you! combine SEO and SociaI Media for you!
W SingIe Property ebsites
Win and Keep more listings
by impressing your sellers
Automate your social media
uild your brand one happy
seller at a time
Get all your listings priority
placement on
REQURED set it and
forget it
Introducing... SingIe Property ebsites and
Enhanced istings in one buy!
in the ISTING in the ISTING
W A Single Property Website is a dedicated marketing effort
that is specifically for your prospective clients' home
W They get their own URL:
W Easy to remember, easy to use
W NO competition, its 100% focused on them and YOU
are providing it for them
Keep the SeIIer Happy Keep the SeIIer Happy
W Not only does the seller get a URL, these
sites are professionally designed and
search engine optimized (SEO)
W 100% dedicated to your Sellers' property
but also include:
Community details
School information
W This is something that your seller can be
proud of and share with their network
Speaking of Sharing. Speaking of Sharing.
W We made it really simple for you and your SELLER to share
this marketing investment with their network
W Share on hundreds of social media sites but most importantly
Facebook and Twitter
W Get your sellers involved in marketing their home plug into
that untapped resource of social media
Brand buiIding through sociaI media Brand buiIding through sociaI media
W Have your sellers do the heavy
lifting for you automate your
brand building
W ecome "friends with your
sellers and gain access to their
Each tweet or "Iike" they
do on your SingIe Property
ebsite is a VOTE for you
and your marketing
W Make sure to "like your listings
and tweet about them and follow
your sellers
More than just a pretty ebsite.a more efficient SEO Investment.
Boost SEO
Each single property website is not only SEO-optimized to rank for the property
address, but will contain SEO-boosting links to your website!
Get your SeIIers InvoIved!
W Cross promote your Single Property Websites
W Email the seller when the site is live and ranks on the first page of Google!
W Seller to share site on their Facebook page - This natural promotion is
rewarded by Google and gives your website a bounty of new (quality)
incoming links and domains.
In Summary In Summary
SingIe Property ebsites can:
1. BuiId your Brand One Vote at a Time - Each "like or Tweet points
back to a page that YOU created for your seller and has YOUR face and
contact info
2. in more Iistings and create Happy, Engaged SeIIers - Single
Property Websites arm Agents with a tangible tool to delight sellers.
Sellers appreciate a website just for their listing, which ranks well in
3. Enhance your SEO Ranking and Traffic - Each Single Property
Website launched and promoted by you and your sellers will boost
rankings for your Agent Website
4. TrackabIe Phone and EmaiI eads -s an added bonus, you get
HomeFinder's Showcase product to enhance aII of your Iistings,
which gives you cost effective phone and email leads
Thank you! Thank you!
ant to see more heIpfuI tips and reIevant content? Connect with us!
Mark Tepper

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