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Cloballzlng ?

J Cloballze
Sales Lo lnLernaLlonal buers conLlnue Lo soar $82 8llllon lasL ear
62 of lnLernaLlonal buers pa all cas
61 bougL slnglefamll omes
Sellers wanL global markeLlng for Lelr llsLlngs
NAk 2011 ltoflle of lotetootloool nome 8oyloq Actlvlty
Searc ls Clobal
There are about 140 local Google plus hundreds of local search engines
Each one indexes websites that have content in their local language
This probably means they have never referred a single user to you
Search Engines are Local
@e lnLerneL ls Clobal
70% of aII traffic on the internet is not in EngIish
Just 14% of aII internet users are in the United States
Jo sees our llsLlngs?
73 (1 8||||on rospects)
Won't f|nd you |n Lng||sh Iust 27 of the
Internet users can
see you on||ne |f
your webs|te |s on|y
|n Lng||sh!
lnese 443 Mllllon users
Spanls 133 Mllllon users
!apanese 99 Mllllon users
orLuguese 83 Mllllon users
Cerman 73 Mllllon users
lrenc 60 Mllllon users
8usslan 60 Mllllon users
korean 39 Mllllon users
Languages used on-line, March 2011
Soclal Medla?
7S0 M||||on Iacebook Users
S2S m||||on of them do not access Iacebook |n Lng||sh
slans Lo uS
1 out of 10 Iore|gn US
nome 8uyers Irom
521 8||||on
|n home purchases
CeL 8eal 8esulLs!
lna !apan lrance
8eal 8uzz dellvers Lrafflc from 143 counLrles MonLl!
8eal8uzz Cfferlng
Iacebook IDk So|ut|ons
Iranch|se 8rokerage and Agent
G|oba||zed IDk So|ut|ons
Cloballzed lux
lacebook ppllcaLlon
MLS lux properL searc wlLln Le
compan page ln 13 languages rlgL
from our lacebook page
@umbnall properL resulL pages
Map searc
ompllanL wlL lux rules
LlsLlngs updaLed dall dlrecL from
Of the 750 mi//ion locebook users over
50 do not use locebook in nq/ish
lacebook LlsLlng
ueLall age
ompan 8randed
ueLalled properL lnformaLlon
Lac user lnLeracLs ln own language
onsumers can Llke llsLlng and lL
wlll Len be posLed on Lelr wall
lerLs auLomaLlcall posL Lo
onsumer's wall
?ou geL lacebook emall
markeLlng permlsslons
Lead managemenL and sLaLlsLlcs
Clobal 8eal LsLaLe
orLal / neLwork
8eal8uzzcom @e 8eal LsLaLe orLal for
@oda's Jorld
lor almosL anLlng Loda consumers
wanL Lo flnd lL learn abouL lL compare lL
researc lL and sare lL wlL Lelr frlends
now 8eal esLaLe as become web 20!
8eal8uzz comblnes Le besL of
lacebook Llnkedln and real esLaLe searc
Lo dellver Le porLal of Loda
Cloballzed of course
8ecause that's the way we ||ve
onnecLlng Cloball

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