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Importance of Case Analysis in Strategic Management course:

Some points:

Students practice at being strategy managers via case analysis Through case analysis students learn to get acquainted with the events and organizational circumstances in a factual manner surrounding a particular managerial situation

A case in strategic management can concern

Whole industry Single organization Some part of an organization

*The organization involved can be either profit

seeking or non profit seeking

Essence of students role in case analysis:

Diagnose and size up the situation described in the case Recommend appropriate action steps

Why uses cases:

*Each managerial situation has unique aspects which requires its own diagnosis, judgment, and tailor-made actions------

*Case method is a valuable way to practice wrestling with the *actual problems of *actual managers in *actual companies.

Why uses cases:

-It gives you a broader exposure to variety of Industries, Companies and strategic problems -Force you to assume a managerial role as opposed to that of just an onlooker. -Gives you an opportunity to apply the knowledge and techniques of the strategic management that you have already learnt.

Objectives of case analysis:

Increase your understanding of what managers should do and should not do in guiding business to success Build your skills in conducting strategic analysis Enhance your sense of business judgment

Preparing a written case analysis:

-You will be assigned a case from the book or other sources

-You will have to do a comprehensive reading on the case

Preparing a written case analysis:

Identify all the pertinent issues that management needs to address Perform whatever analysis or evaluation is appropriate Propose an action plan and set recommendations addressing the issues you have identified

Preparing a written case analysis:

Consider beginning your report with an overview of the companys situation Provide a sharply focused diagnosis of

Strategic issues Key problems

Demonstrate your good grasp of the companys present situation Use concepts and tools to identify firms strategy Pinpoint whatever strategy implementation issues may exist

Preparing a written case analysis:

Look at finance, marketing, production, managerial competence, and other factors underlying the organizations strategic success Identify firms valuable resources and competencies and capitalize on them Check if firms strategies are satisfactory why or why not Probe the nature and strength of competitive forces

Use the tools and concepts you have learned to perform whatever analysis or evaluation is appropriate

Preparing a written case analysis:

Final section of the report should consist of a set of definite recommendations and a plan of action Recommendations should address all problems/issues you identified and analyzed. State your recommendations in sufficient details

When presenting your plan of action remember

Your decisions may prove costly if they are erroneous You may or may not be responsible for your actions yourselves put yourself in managements shoes

Hope that helps

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