  Ubuntu is guaranteed to be cost-free Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. and Ubuntu is only one of hundreds of these.What Is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is a complete desktop operating system based on the Linux kernel.  . There are many operating systems that use the Linux kernel (sometimes these are called "Linux distros").

System Menu Firefox Launcher Gnome Help Launcher Show Desktop Button Window List Desktop Switcher      Notification Area Clock and Calendar Me Social Menu Shutdown and Power Menu  Trash Can    . Your default desktop contains:  Top Panel with   Bottom Panel with  Applications.Ubuntu Desktop  Ubuntu desktop is the launchpad to all of the tools. applications. and power of your computer. Places.

Ubuntu Places Menu .Navigating Your Computer  It's easy to get around from the Places menu.

. Go to Places > Network Servers to browse your local network. Anything you store on your desktop is located in the Desktop folder inside of your Home folder. Go to Places > Home to browse your local network.Home folder  Store all of your documents in your Home folder.

It's easy to configure and use. launching applications and websites.Deskbar  The All-In-One Action Bar  Deskbar is a great all-in-one tool for file searching. . word definitions. and sending email. web searching.

Wallpaper  To change wallpaper. Pick a wallpaper from the list or choose the Add Wallpaper button to add an image file to the list. . right-click on your desktop and choose Change Desktop Background.

   To change themes on Ubuntu Click System → Preferences → Appearance. . Themes can have:   Controls .sometimes called Metacity Themes Icons. and many more can be downloaded from websites.Desktop Themes  Ubuntu has many themes.sometimes called GTK Themes Window Borders .

  .Mouse Cursor Themes  To switch between installed mouse cursor themes:  Click System > Preferences > Appearance. Click Customise. Select the Pointer tab.  Select the Theme tab if not already selected.

Desktop Management in Ubuntu  Change Screen Resolution  Go to System > Preferences > Screen Resolution  Create and delete shortcut in desktop  Press Right-click button on mouse and choose Create Launcher  Change Screen Saver  Go to System > Preferences > Screen Saver  Create Folder in desktop  Press Right-click button on mouse and choose Create Folder  Change your Account  Go to System > Preferences > About Me .

 Instant Messaging with Pidgin  Go to Applications > Internet > Pidgin Internet Messenger .Internet and Instant Messaging  Firefox Web Browser  Go to Applications > Internet > Firefox Web Browser or click the launcher on your top panel.

Creating Documents .

Brasero is a CD/DVD burning application that is now part of the Gnome desktop   . full-featured. free open-source graphics and image editor.Multimedia  Rhythmbox is the default music player in Ubuntu (Gnome). Gimp is a powerful. similar to Adobe Photoshop.

They're free and easy to install.  You can start GUI tool by  Clicking System > Administration > Update Manager > Select Install update .Ubuntu Software Update  Ubuntu guarantees regular updates and upgrades.

Go to Applications and select Ubuntu Software Center.Ubuntu Software Center  The best place to start with this package management process is to use a simple interface for it called Ubuntu Software Center.  .

Supported Languages  Fully translated languages: 29 Total number of languages: 218   Last update: 2010-04-28 .

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