Secret Agent Vikings is a story about Guild Maritimus who reside in Valhalla head quarters.

We follow heroes Nikulas gray and Rafarta White on their exhilarating missions to find ancient Runestones, which they travel great distances in order to find.

On these journeys they face great danger in order to bring back Runestones that power the village they guard known as Skara. Their travels are not without reward as they frequently find Runes which power their gadgets (Runes are small pebbles with a symbolic mark of magic significance).
However all is not serene in Skara. The evil wolf Fenrir who was once locked up due to his desire to destroy the village broke free, and is determined to acquire Runestones to make him powerful enough to destroy the Guild Maritimus for locking him up and ultimately take over Skara. Its up to Nikulas Gray and Rafarta white of Guild Maritimus to protect Skara!

Age: 26 Height: 5”11

Best qualities: Leader, Helpful, Brave, great at disguising
Worst qualities: Vain, Over arrogant

Nikulas gray was the leader of his clan. His group never failed a mission. As well as being the bravest of his clan he was also a master of disguise. Despite his great skills as an agent nikulas is unfortunately very vain, He even dyed his sidekick Yggi to better match his personality. He is also arrogant, and in the world of secret agents that is not very helpful.

Age: 22

Height: 5”7
Best qualities: beautiful, skill full, logical, escapologist Worst qualities: Vain, sticky fingered

Rafarta white was known for her beauty, deviousness and dangerous skill. There was never a jam she couldn’t escape from. She was also the logical one of the group, always knew what gadget was needed to overcome certain obstacles. Rafarta was vain at times, mainly over her hair, but it could not hold a candle to one of her companions. She did have one flaw, any treasure they found on their missions would somehow always end up in her possession.

Age: 6 Length: 190.5 cm to 201.2 cm
Best qualities: can increase or decrease in size, Turns into jewelry Worst qualities: shrinks unexpectedly, can only be woken by Nikulas without whistle

Bio: It was common knowledge that the beast Jörmungandr, giant serpent of the sea, had few kindred and yggi was one
of them. unlike the rest of his kin who were destined for evil Yggi had a different destiny. his birth egg had washed ashore the land of Skara, which happened to be inhabited by the agents nikulas and Rafarta white. his egg got mistaken for a rune stone and brought back to the Maritimus guild by Nikulas, and like most of their runes he tried to attach it to his gauntlet but to his shock broke the “rune” and out burst a transparent baby Yggi. after much convincing Yggi was allowed to stay, but to be one of the group he needed to suit Nikulas, so his skin got dyed.

Age: 1111 Height: 6”10 Best qualities: big, strong, ruler Worst qualities: Unknown

Due to his evil desire to destroy the land of Skara Fenrir was once shackled in a Runeless crater and remained that way for a century.
Feeling weakened he felt he was doomed to exist in chains until, as by a miracle, half a rune fell through the crater. using his tail he was able to gather and Consequentially crush the rune between his jaws to gather what little strength it contained.

The rune had given him just enough strength to break free of his chains but not enough to reek his revenge on Skara. He knew that to become stronger he would need to seek out other runes, but at every turn he was foiled by the Maritimus guild.