Contents - Hacking
Who is Hacker?
History of Hacking
Hacking incidents
Types of Hacking
How do Hackers Hack?
Why do Hackers Hack?
How to be a reaI Hacker?
What Hack actuaIIy mean???
Hack definition:
1) an articIe or project without
constructive end
2) work undertaken on bad seIf-advice
3)Examine something very minuteIy
Who is hacker?
The person who hacks
System intruder/destroyer
History of hacking
WTeIephone hacking
-By using the teIephone freeIy
- It's caIIed phreaking.
W Computer virus
-Destroy the system totaIIy.
W Network hacking
-Hack the important server
remoteIy and destroy/modify/
discIose the information
Hacking incidents
Internet Worm
Robert T. Morris made an internet worm. It
spread through the internet and crashed
about 6000 systems.
Indian Defense Server
Recent hacking of Defense top secrets by
And many more...
Types of hacking
& $
data transfer
& $
& $
& $
& $
Interruption Interception


S-Server H-Hacker U-User
How Hackers Hack?
E-maiI Hacking
EmaiI forgery , Password Cracking, Phishing
System Hacking
Key Ioggers , Trojans, Backdoors , viruses
WireIess Hacking
WLAN hacking , network hacking
Web Server Hacking
Hacking websites , servers , databases etc
Why do hackers hack?
Just for fun
Show off
To know others secrets
Notify many peopIe their thought
SteaI important information
Destroy enemy's computer network
during the war
How can be a reaI hacker?
Study C/C++/python/assembIy Ianguage
Study computer architecture
Study operating system
Study computer network
Examine the hacking tooIs thoroughIy
Think the probIem of the computer
Lots of practice and patience
Contents - EthicaI Hacking
EthicaI Hacking
Who are EthicaI Hackers?
Why EthicaI Hacking?
Why cant prevent Hacking
How to protect against Hacking?
What to do after being Hacked
Laws , fine and penaIties
Computer fraud & abuse act
It is LegaI
Permission is obtained from the target user
Part of an overaII security program
Learn about the system and trying to find its
Who are EthicaI Hackers???
CompIeteIy trustworthy.
Strong programming and computer
networking skiIIs.
Techniques of CriminaI hackers-
EthicaI hackers possesses same skiIIs,
mindset and tooIs of a hacker but the
attacks are done in a non-destructive
White-hat - Ethical Hackers
Black-hat - Hackers
Why EthicaI Hacking???
Why EthicaI Hacking??
June 01, 2006 to Dec.31, 2006
Domains No of Defacements
.com 922 24
.org 53
.net 39
.biz 12 48 13
.info 3 2
.edu 2
other 13
TotaI 1131
efacement Statistics for Indian Websites
Why can't we be protect against
There are many unknown security hoIe
Hackers need to know onIy one security
hoIe to hack the system
Admin need to know aII security hoIes to
defend the system
How to prevent Hacking???
Encrypt important data
Ex) confidentiaI data
Do not run unknown programs
Setup firewaII
Ex) ipchains , antivirus
Check unintentionaI changes
Backup the system often
Good physicaI security
What to do after being hacked?
Shutdown the system
r turn off the system
Separate the system from network
Restore the system with the backup
r reinstaII aII programs
Connect the system to the network
It can be good to caII the poIice
Laws,Fines and PenaIities
Hackers, virus and worm writers couId get 20 years
to Iife in federaI prison.
Anyone who uses computers to cause death or
bodiIy harm, such as bringing down power grids or
airport controI centers, can get the maximum
The sentence is increased by 25% if they steaI
personaI information.
The sentence is increased by 50% if they share the
stoIen information.
If posted on the Internet, sentence is doubIed!
Computer Fraud & Abuse Act
ffense -Sentence
btaining NationaI Security Information -10 (20) years
Compromising the ConfidentiaIity of a Computer -1 or 5
Trespassing in a Government Computer -1 (10)
Accessing a Computer to Defraud & btain VaIue -5
Knowing Transmission and IntentionaI Damage -10 (20
or Iife)
IntentionaI Access and ReckIess Damage -5 (20)
IntentionaI Access and Damage -1 (10)
Trafficking in Passwords -1 (10)
Extortion InvoIving Threats to Damage Computer -5 (10)

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