Company Þroflle

W DnL |s Þart of the Wor|dƌs Lead|ng Log|st|cs Groupţ Deutsche Þost DnL
W offers lnLegraLed servlces and Lalloredţ cusLomerŴfocused soluLlons for
managlng and LransporLlng leLLersţ goods and lnformaLlonŦ
W DnLť Iour D|v|s|ons Ŷ Cne 8rand Ŷ Cne Þrov|der Ŷ A|| ¥our So|ut|ons
W comprlses four dlvlslonsŦ
W 1hese segmenLs operaLe under Lhe conLrol of Lhelr own dlvlslonal
W 1he Croup managemenL funcLlons are performed by Lhe CorporaLe CenLerŦ
CenLrallzed lnLernal servlces whlch supporL Lhe enLlre Croup
W llnance CperaLlonsţ l1 and ÞrocuremenLŦ
W Cb[ecLlvesť
W lncrease Lhe flexlblllLy of buslnessţ
W lmprove servlce quallLy
W leverage economles of scale
W CosL beneflLsŦ
lnLeracLlve communlcaLlon
W hLLpť//wwwŦdpŴdhlŦcom/hlsLory
W Ŵ an lnLeracLlve group hlsLory
W @oo|s
W IolumeLrlc WelghLť Lxpress
W Converslon CalculaLor
W Currency ConverLer
W World Clock
W ontact enter
W Lxpress
W Clobal Mall
W ountry Þrof||e
W ey CounLry lacLs
W Lxpress ead Cfflce
W Clobal Mall ead Cfflce
W Lxpress lmporL Culdellnes
W llnd Lxpress ocaLlons
W logln Ŵ My Lxpress
W 1racklng
W Shlp now
W new Cnllne Shlpper Ŷ earn More
W Cpen a AccounL
W CeL 8aLe CuoLe CeL 8aLe CuoLe
W CeL 1ranslL 1lme CuoLe CeL 1ranslL 1lme
W llnd a Servlce ÞolnL ocaLlon llnd a
Servlce ÞolnL ocaLlon
W Schedule a Courler Þlckup Schedule a Courler
W llnd a Servlce
W nternat|ona| Serv|ces to Another ountry
W Lmergency
W 1lme CrlLlcal
W nternat|ona| Serv|ces to ¥our ountry
W Lmergency Lmergency
W 1lme CrlLlcal
W ConLacL Lxpress
DnL Lxpress Ŷ @he Leader |n nternat|ona|
Lxpress Sh|pp|ng
W Lxpress shlps more lnLernaLlonal packages Lhan
anyone elseŦ
W Lxpress
W My Lxpress
W Shlpplng
W 1racklng
W LxporL Servlces
W lmporL Servlces
W CpLlonal Servlces
W Small 8uslness SoluLlons
W 8esource CenLer
W Log|st|cs
W lrelghL 1ransporLaLlon
W Warehouslng and lsLrlbuLlon
W CusLomsţ SecurlLy and lnsurance
W Supply Chaln SoluLlons
W ,a||
W Manage ?our AccounL
W 1rack ?our Mall
W CeL a CuoLe
W Culde Lo ?our 8C
W Clobal LvenLs Ǝ news
W ConLacL us
LxLernal CommunlcaLlon
W ,ed|a ke|at|ons
W Welcome Lo Lhe unlLed SLaLesƌ Þress areaţ lncludlng medla relaLlons lnformaLlon and
resource cenLerŦ
W As an lnLernaLlonal company operaLlng ln over 220 counLrles and LerrlLorles all year roundţ
has Lhe poLenLlal Lo creaLe news every dayŦ Cur press area provldes you wlLh all Lhe
laLesL press releasesţ relevanL press conLacLs and lmmedlaLe access Lo company lmagesŦ
W A|| the Latest News Irom DnL
W Cur press releases are sorLed accordlng Lo our speclallsL buslness areasŦ Soţ whaLever area of
news you're looklng forţ we'll make lL a llLLle easler for you!
news lrom Lxpress
W news lrom oglsLlcs
W news lrom Mall
W newsť Croup
W ontact Cur Þress Cff|ces
W Are you a [ournallsL or medla professlonal? o you have a pressŴrelaLed quesLlon? lf soţ
choose Lhe mosL sulLable press offlce and conLacL us dlrecLlyŦ
W ,ed|a ,ater|a|s
W 8rowse and download a varleLy of useful medlaŴrelaLed lnformaLlon lncludlng our lmage
gallery of Lhe laLesL Ŵbranded phoLosŦ
Access Medla MaLerlals
lnLernal CommunlcaLlon Ŵ IerLlcal
W DnL offers more than [ust a Iob
W Lxperlence Lhe splrlL of worklng aL Ŧ
W offers a wlde range of lnLeresLlng [ob challenges and opporLunlLles ln
our dlfferenL dlvlslons around Lhe globeŦ
We conLlnuously encourage you Lo broaden your horlzons and fulflll your
poLenLlal vla a wlde and varled range of learnlng and developmenL
Cn my|earn|ngwor|dŦnetţ our onllne learnlng porLalţ you can beneflL from
a broad specLrum of professlonal developmenL programs LhaL cover
language classesţ sofL skllls Lralnlngţ managemenL meLhods and oLher
essenLlal LoplcsŦ
Cur performance managemenL sysLemţ moLlveţ supporLs us ln recognlzlng
your poLenLlalţ evaluaLlng your performance and conLlnuously plannlng
Lhe developmenL of your career wlLh youŦ
WheLher you Lake parL ln one of our graduaLe programs or underLake one
of many eŴlearnlng coursesţ we wlll always enable you Lo Lake on
responslblllLy and encourage your growLhţ personally and professlonallyŦ


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