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Cadbury is a lcading global concciionary Co.
Viih a ouisianding poriolio o chocolaic, gum,
candy, hcalih drinks.
Cadbury is sclling ihcir producis in almosi ccry
couniry around ihc world.
Iis onc purposc io capiurc ihc spirii o whai ihcy
arc irying io achicc as a busincss
The Company`s vision is of
a peaceful, equitable
society, free from
discrimination and based
on the principle of social
justice for all.
"Cadbury`s mission statement says
simply: Cadbury means quality`;
this is our promise. Our reputation
is built upon quality; our
commitment to continuous
improvement will ensure that our
promise is delivered`
WCadbury's as we know it today started Irom humble
beginnings in Bull Street, Birmingham.
WA shop was opened by John Cadbury in 1824.
W It did not start as a conIectionery shop but sold tea and
coIIee and home made drinking chocolate or cocoa which
he made himselI Ior his customers.
WJohn Cadbury moved into the manuIacturing oI drinking
chocolate and cocoa.
W By the early 1840's Cadbury operated Irom a Iactory in
Bridge Street and went into partnership with his brother
Benjamin. 'Cadbury Brothers oI Birmingham
W Cadbury's received a Royal Warrant in 1854 as
manuIacturers oI chocolate Ior Queen Victoria.
WCadbury's moved on to become a limited company and
aIter the death oI Richard Cadbury the sons oI the two
brothers joined the Iirm headed by George Cadbury. This
was very much a Iamily business in every sense oI the
W To makc Iots of chocoIatcs.
W Improvc thc quaIity of thcir chocoIatc.
W To survivc in thc markct.
W Havc Ioads of storcs worIdwidc.
W Achicvc rcvcnuc growth of e% pcr ycar.
W Incrcasc carnings by ia % annuaIIy.
W Incrcasc dividcnd pcr sharc by ! % pcr ycar.
WTovv. .vc,
WThey have the competitive advantage that is their quality.
It is recognized throughout the world.
WTonoion .vc,:
They distinguish themselves Irom the competitors
on the Iollowing criteria:
WImportant: as they are the Iirst one launching nuts coated
with chocolate .and due to winter season it will serve as a
good product to our target market.
WCommunicable: yes the diIIerence is communicable to
the buyers through our advertisements on TV and
AIIordable: as the result oI a survey the prices set are
WTo.iionin .vc,:
ore Ior the same: As they are oIIering the same quality
same taste at a economic price.
Wvnv .vc,:
They position their brand at its attributes that is its
innovative ingredient and good taste. And strong belieIs
and values as Cadbury`s have many loyal customers.
The product name is Enticing Treats means a mouth
watering treat which is simply irresistible
The brand is licensed and is a international brand. .vc,
Their pricing strategies are as Iollows
eight Prices
20gm pack, Rs.10
50 gm Pack, Rs.30
150 gm Pack, Rs.90
350 gm Pack, Rs.175
500 gm Pack, Rs.350
And it is concluded Irom the survey that customers by
looking this price chart have accepted the prices and
called it as an economical.
W Good growth in Chocolate (up 7), led by continued
strong perIormances in the UK, India and South AIrica
WImproved growth in Gum (up 4) and Candy (up 11)
reIlecting strong perIormances in emerging markets and
growth in North America and Europe
WExcellent growth in Britain & Ireland (up 10) and
emerging markets (South America up 18, Asia and
iddle East and AIrica up 14)
Wear to date revenue growth oI 5, ahead oI previous
guidance Ior the year
Wear to date underlying operating margin growth oI over
180 bps underpinned by a strong third quarter
WImproved momentum increases our conIidence in good
revenue growth in 2010 and 2011
Warketing investment as a percentage oI sales was 10.4
on a constant currency basis reIlecting the beneIits oI
media deIlation.
WE-Commerce has not picked up that well - not much
turnover through this route Iuture growth prospects oI
this channel.
-MalnLaln a sLable growLh of Lhe company
-WlLh lLs brand name Cadbury could counLeraLLack Lhe compeLlLors
-keep up Lhe flnanclal sLrengLh by lncreaslng lLs sales and proflL
-Cverall Cadbury has been successful Lhrough Lhe new producLs(developmenL) lL has Lo offer
-Weak poslLlon ln Lhe uS markeL
-Sales of mllk chocolaLe bars whlch accounL for 24 by volume of LoLal sales of chocolaLe bars
decreased by 37
-1hrough lLs confecLlonary producL llne lL can bulld vlable poslLlons ln prlorlLlzed markeLs
-1hls company ls dlsLrlbuLlng lLs producLs vla Lhe lnLerneL uevelop CourmeL llne
-1o geL Lhe producL lnLo a new forelgn markeL lrance Cadbury would have a good opporLunlLles
-1he company should Lake noLe of Lhe changes ln Lhe consumer buylng Lrend
-rlce wars would occur beLween lLs compeLlLors
-ConsumpLlon of chocolaLe producLs fell ln demand due Lo Lhe gloomy economlc slLuaLlon
-Cadbury would Lhen have Lo be prepared for growLh of small local gourmeL chocolaLes and reglonal
candy manufacLurers
-Also Lo be aware of Lhe cosL of packaglng maLerlals as lL has lncreased over Llme
CPAl8MAn Cl 1PL 8CA8u CPAl8MAn Cl 1PL 8CA8u ul8LC1C8S ul8LC1C8S
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Ncw product Iinc
Cadbury cnicrcd Indian biscuii markci and launchcd
Orco` brand
Concciioncry makcr Cadbury India announccd iis
cniry inio ihc biscuii markci ihrough ihc launch o Orco`
brand rom ihc global poriolio o iis parcni Krai Ioods,
wiih ihc aim io makc ihc world`s aouriic biscuii, Orco, onc
o India`s aouriic biscuiis. 1hc company also said ihc
launch o ihc biscuii is pari o iis long-icrm siraicgy in
India io gradually cxpand ihc busincss` opcraiion rom a
concciioncry company io a morc broadcr oods company.
!rofits of Cadbury
W krafL has reporLed sLrong sales and proflL
lncreases ln Lhe flrsL full quarLer slnce lL Look over
W Sales rose 23 Lo $123bn (773bn) ln Lhe Lhree
monLhs Lo 30 !une and Cadbury accounLed for
90 of Lhe galns
W neL proflLs were up 133 Lo $937m (3901m)
compared wlLh $827m (321m) ln 2009
Cadbury's soc|a| respons|b|||ty
W 1he Cadbury urple Coes Creen lnlLlaLlve launched
ln !uly 2007
W SeLs a vlslon for Lhe company Lo Lackle cllmaLe
W 1hey lnLend Lo shrlnk our global envlronmenLal
fooLprlnL by cuLLlng Lhelr energy use reduclng
excess packaglng and managlng Lhelr waLer use
WIn order Ior Cadbury to reach the peak oI achievement,
the company would have to stress on the global growth oI
the product.
W It can be a risk to market it in the region France, but with
careIul study oI the target market segments and its
economic position, it can be an attainment. Cadbury
should also look into other countries like the Asia PaciIic
in order to market its products popular globally.
WBut then again, careIul considerations to look at its major
competitors and to obtain the rules and regulations oI a
certain country are equally important.

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