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SWC1 Ana|ys|s

DLLL Computers
W SWC1 (Strength Weaknesses opportun|t|es
and threats) ana|ys|s prov|des a bas|s for
craft|ng a strategy that cap|ta||zes on the
company's resources wh||e tak|ng advantage
of the best opportun|t|es and defend|ng
aga|nst the threats to |ts we|| be|ng
W ln developlng a new lapLop compuLer uell would
llke Lo LargeL Lhree speclflc segmenLs
1he flrsL DSINLSS LkLCD1IVLS generally recelve Lhelr
compuLers from Lhelr Lmployer Lhrough a dlrecL
relaLlonshlp wlLh a manufacLurer or a suppller
1he second CCLLLGL S1DDLN1S generally buy Lhelr
compuLers Lhrough Lhe College Lhey aLLend 1hls ls very
much llke Lhe way ln whlch buslness execuLlves recelve
Lhelr compuLers ln LhaL Lhe lndlvldual ls llmlLed Lo Lhe
opLlons chosen by Lhe lnsLlLuLlon
lnally uell would llke Lo explore Lhe opLlon of creaLlng a
lapLop as a replacemenL for home deskLop compuLers
W s one of Lhe largesL compuLer manufacLurers
ln Lhe world uell CompuLer Company has
grown Lremendously slnce lLs lncorporaLlon ln
1984 by Mlchael uell
W uell's DIkLC1 MCDLL whlch ls largely
responslble for Lhe success of Lhe company
provldes a fasL cosLefflclenL and cusLomer
frlendly means of producLlon and dlsLrlbuLlon
W Many of De||'s strengths come as resu|ts of the
D|rect Mode| 1he mode| |tse|f cou|d be
cons|dered as one of the company's greatest
W De|| has an advantage |n the|r |nventory
turnaround t|me and |n the|r we||contro||ed
re|at|onsh|ps w|th supp||ers
W Cne of De||'s great strengths |n target|ng the
bus|ness execut|ve category |s that rough|y
7S of a|| sa|es revenue comes from |arge
bus|nesses and government organ|zat|ons
W De||'s b|ggest weakness |s attract|ng the
co||ege student segment of the market
W De||'s sa|es revenue from educat|ona|
|nst|tut|ons such as co||eges accounts for a
meas|y S of the tota|
W De||'s greatest weakness |s that buyers can't
phys|ca||y touch or see the product they want
to purchase
W 1he markets for |aptops |n part|cu|ar are grow|ng
much faster than that of desktop computers 1h|s
genera| trends |tse|f |s a great opportun|ty for
De||'s |aptop bus|ness to grow |n a|| segments
W 1he D|rect Mode| can prov|de the framework for
consumers to make tru|y persona||zed computers
|n a re|at|ve|y hass|efree env|ronment 1h|s trend
toward more educated buyers prov|des a great
opportun|ty |n th|s respect
W Increased commun|cat|on and techno|og|ca|
|ntegrat|on a|so create great opportun|t|es
for De||
W Cne of the b|ggest externa| threats to De|| |s that
pr|ce d|fference among brands |s gett|ng sma||er
W 1he growth rate of the computer |ndustry |s a|so
s|ow|ng down De|| has the b|ggest share of the
W 1he s|ng|e b|ggest prob|em for De|| |s the
compet|t|ve r|va|ry that ex|ts |n the C market
g|oba||y As w|th a|| prof|tab|e brands reta||at|on
from compet|tors and new entrants to the market
poses potent|a| threats