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Effective Mentoring

A Quote
Guru Govind dono Khade , Kaku Laage Paaye Balihari guru aapne , Govind diyo Bataaye

Role of a Mentor
Trainer Project work to help develop mentors skills Job rotation helping the mentor learn different skills Mentor shadowing an experienced worker inside or outside organization Direct instruction from internal or external experts Books and training Courses

Role of a Mentor
Career Coach - Help protg in professional development
plan Conveying and Modeling organizational culture Helping protgs assess their skills Helping develop career goals and an action plan Helping as the protgs advocate

Role of a Mentor
Supporter - Providing emotional support to protg
Establishing trust Providing encouragement Having a genuine interest Handling personal problems

1a.What is Mentoring ?

"Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be." Eric Parsloe

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction." John Crosby

1b.Importance of Mentoring .
Mentoring help the Protg to learn from someone experienced and adjust quickly in the environment and perform , reference of mentor. It saves on the effort and investment of the organization to hire an external person for training and coaching , retention of employees. It also helps the Mentor to share his experience for someones benefit and also learn from the new blood and enhance the mentors career Hence it is a win win for everyone involved Protg , Mentor & the Organisation

1bTypes of Mentoring
Types of Mentoring Relationships
Formal or Informal
Formal With specific timelines to reach specific goals Informal Informal chats to usually help a new employee in the company

One to One or One to Group

One to Group One Mentor and many protges One to One One Mentor and One protege

On Site or Long Distance

1c.Effective Mentoring Characteristics

Mentors expertise should be in accordance to mentees professional needs Mentors knowledge about the organization Strong Interpersonal skills Excellent communication skills Willingness to get involved in protgs professional and personal life Willingness to spend time

2.Benefits of Mentoring
Benefit to Mentor
Earn the respect of protg , colleagues and superiors Mentors projects benefited by protgs certain ideas Revitalization of mentors enthusiasm and motivation

Benefit to Protege
Access to knowledge about the job and organizations culture Role Modeling of professional skills and behavior Facilitating faster growth in the company

Benefit to Company
Helps in increased organizational communication and understanding Improved recruitment and retention of qualified employees

Project Work Job Rotation Shadowing Direct instructions from internal or external expert Books and Training Courses

3b.Mentoring - DOs
Effective Communication Personal interaction important for effective communication
Strategies Active Listening Providing Feedback
o Providing information and guidance

Guiding by asking questions

o Asking Open Ended Questions o Encouraging protg for innovation

3c.Mentoring Donts
Potential Challenges
Unrealistic expectations Lack of serious commitment from the mentor Lack of time

3d. Ending the relationship- Reasons

Participants not living up to expectations Dependent protgs Personality conflicts Incompatible work habits

3e.Always maintain Relationships

Positive Wrap Up Honoring No Fault Conclusion Indentify new Mentor Thank either of the participants

4a.Real Life Scenarios

LUT project @ MPCG Raipur O&M.
Challenges :
Lack of Knowledge in Field Team. Not willing to get involved No ownership Establishing Trust

Proposed Changes for better result.

A small training on LUT concepts & activities to be done in areas for taking out sites from LUT status by SME of Networks and Sales. Protg should shadow the ASM Sales / Sr.Engineers while he is in the market to see the rectification of problem and the activities done by ASM/TSM /Cluster engineers for better understanding. Network and Sales Protg will be given a common project to take out 3 LUT sites in Ambikapur, with proper monitoring of Erlangs , Activities , Connections Sold , CAF collected , FRC done .

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