Business Strategy II Assignment
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Strategy Leverage. d) Contributions of C.Prahlad and Gary Hamel for Strategy World. as Stretch and Strategy as b) c) Re-Engineering and Reverse Engineering and Reverse Innovation. Click to edit Master subtitle style .5/3/12 QUESTION 2 Explain the terms: a) Strategic Intent and Core Competency.K.

q what it wants to achieve in the long term. Click to edit Master subtitle style . q approach to building a new missions program or-rebuilding and re-energizing a program that has either leveled off. Strategic Intent q A high-level statement of the means by which the organization It is a statement of design for creating a desirable future (stated Putting it simple. lost its focus or is experiencing a decline in involvement or more importantly . a strategic intent is the company's vision of The idea behind strategic intent is to introduce a systematic will achieve its vision. q in present terms).5/3/12 Q2a.results.

5/3/12 Re-Engineering q Key Characteristics ü Systems Philosophy Global Perspective ü on Business Processes ü Radical Improvement Integrated Change People Centred Focus on End-Customers Click to edit Master subtitle style Process-Based ü ü ü ü .

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