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Scanner 180 Skin Care

Galvanic Spa II ProDerm LifePak

Our Company: NSE
• 23 Year Track Record

• Operating in 48 Countries

• Over $600 Million in Assets

• Publicly Traded on the NYSE (NUS)

• D&B 5A-1 Rating

• Won American Business Awards in

2005 & 2007

• Created more CASH millionaires than

any other company EVER!
World Headquarters
The “Oscar of Business”
American Business Awards
2005 Award
Most Innovative Company
2007 Award
Best Corporate Social
Responsibility Program
Aging in America
Aging is Inevitable

How You Age

Is Completely Up To You
Two Aspects of Aging:
Anti-Aging from the Outside In

Anti-Aging from the Inside Out

We can help you with both!

Market: The Baby Boomers
The first time the entire The Next
Baby Boom generation Trillion!
is impacting a single
market at the same time! Wellness &
Toys Fast Food Mortgage
Diapers Fast Cars Mini-Van
Baby food Rock ‘n Roll Kids
BABIES TEENAGERS 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s
1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000
Our Vitality Monopoly
Baby boomers … don’t
want to grow old…
Today, 50 is the new 30
And 80 is the new 50.
Boomer demands are
The Wellness Trend
$1 Trillion 2010

$400 Billion 2005

Growing at $250
Million Per Day!
Free Radicals
Free Radicals are highly reactive short lived
molecules that kill cells outright, accelerate
aging and damage DNA, leading to
degenerative diseases such as Heart Disease,
Cancer, Stroke & Diabetes.
The Problem…Chronic Disease
 Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD)
 #1 cause of death in America
 1 in 3 Men & Women have CVD
 1 in 2.7 Deaths in America is due to CVD
 Source: Heart Disease & Stroke Statistics: 2006 Update

 Cancer
 2nd Leading cause of death in America
 1 in 4 deaths in America is due to Cancer
 Source: CDC - United States Cancer Statistics: 2000 Incidence, published in 2003

 Stroke
 3rd Leading cause of death in America
 1 in 15 deaths in 2003 due to Strokes
 Risk is greater than 1 in 6 in those over age 55
 Source: Heart Disease & Stroke Statistics: 2006 Update

 Diabetes
 40% of U.S. Adults age 40-74 are pre-diabetic
 Source: Heart Disease & Stroke Statistics: 2006 Update
Free Radical Sources
♦ Metabolism
♦ exercise, digestion, breathing
♦ Chemicals, Toxins & Pollution
♦ Stress
♦ Medications & Food Additives
♦ Radiation exposure:
♦ sunlight (UV-light), X-rays, cosmic radiation airline
Free Radicals per cigarette!
The Research is Indisputable!

30 years
& 30,000
Published Papers
document the link
between Free
Radical activity
and Cell damage.
How Do We Combat Free Radicals?

Antioxidants combat free

radicals to maintain
healthy cells and
prevent DNA damage;
Antioxidants come from
fruits, vegetables, and
vitamin supplements
Free Radicals will cause a cut apple to (that work).
turn brown and rot. Squeezing orange juice
on one half, which contains the powerful
Antioxidant Vitamin C, will protect it!
Anti-Aging from the Inside Out

"The amount of antioxidants that you

maintain in your body is directly
proportional to how long you will live.”
Dr. Richard Cutler, Director of the Anti-Aging Research Department
of the National Institute of Health (NIH), Wash D.C.
How WELL are we doing?
The 2005 Dietary Guidelines
as published in USA Today,
January 13, 2005
Recommend you eat 9-13
Servings of Fruits & Vegetables
a Day…every Day!

Did YOU eat yours today? . . . What

about yesterday? . . . or the day before?
Not a Single Person
In a national survey of 21,500 People*, not a Single
Person consumed even the daily RDA amounts for the 10
most important nutrients!

Source: USDA 1994-96 CSFII

And, Finally…It’s Unanimous!
After decades,
the American
Association does
a 180º turn.
Everybody is now
“under doctors
orders” to June 19,
supplement. 2002

“We recommend that ALL ADULTS take

a multi-vitamin daily”
The only Question...which one?

With so many choices…

3. How do Consumers know which

Antioxidant supplements to buy?

5. How does a Health Care or Wellness

Professional know what to
recommend to their patients or
clients...and, whether it works or
Science & Measurement
The ability to
MEASURE is the
basis of
if you can’t
You’re Guessing!
Revolutionary Technology

By simply placing the palm of your hand in front of a

low-energy, blue-light laser, within 2-minutes, you
will have a reading of your carotenoids antioxidant
levels – your Body Defense Score (BDS).
Scanner Credibility
New York Academy of Sciences
Oxygen Club of California
FASEB/American Physiological Society
Gordon Research Conference
International Conference on Carotenoids,
Cadiz, Spain
Landmark Scanner Clinical

Three major US universities, over 300

healthy subjects
– Indicator of free radical damage &
oxidative stress level
– Better indicator than blood
– Scanner is the best non-
invasive indicator of overall
antioxidant protection in the
Pharmanex: The Science
If you don’t measure, it
is not science
R&D engine
– Multi disciplinary
6S Quality Process
Selection; Sourcing; team of over 130
Standardization; Safety; scientists in 3 R&D
Structure; Substantiation centers
– A dream team of
Pharmanex scientific advisors
6S Process
China U.S.
– World class quality
Pharmanex: The Credibility
• 2005 Stevie Award
– Most innovative company
• Media awareness
– ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN Money, Investors
Business Daily, Fox News, Men’s Journal,
Yahoo News, Nutrition Business Journal
• Pharmanex scientific leadership
– Six patent applications; Nineteen scientific
papers at 22 scientific conferences; 22,000
assays for quality analysis
Products that Fill the Gap
“Pharmanex PRODUCTS Change
People’s Lives…and the
BioPhotonic SCANNER Validates
that life change!”
- Mickey Esparza
Lifepak® nano
•Enhanced Molecular Delivery
•Nano Encapsulation
•Proven Anti-Aging Formula
2005 NBJ Product
Merit Award
What is Lifepak® nano?

LifePak is NOT just a multivitamin!
LifePak is Total Wellness & Anti-Aging product!
• Cardiovascular Benefits
• Bone Nutrition
• Brain Function
• Healthy Immune Function
• Blood Sugar Stabilization
PLUS: Resveratrol – the Anti-Aging Miracle
First Supplement with ALL 3 Certifications!
•NSF (
– Exhaustive formulation &
toxicology analysis

– Free from 80+ banned
substances by IOC, WADA,
– Only approves 9
company’s products

om (
You’d have to eat THIS much!
All of this
equals 2

: Firewall for the Cells
• Key features
– Nature’s unique micronutrient
delivery system
• Lipocarotenes™ (unique among fruits)
– Antioxidant and immune enhancer
– Cellular rejuvenation
• Perfect complement to LifePak

Gac Siberian Lycium Cili

Super Fruit

70 X more Lycopene than Tomatoes

60 X more Vitamin C than Oranges

40 X more Zeaxanthin than Yellow Corn

10 X more Beta Carotene than Carrots

Guaranteed to Raise Your Score

Comparative Analysis of
Functional Beverages
Beta Ascorbic
Sample pH Carotene Lycopene Acid Ethanol Methanol

3.7 6.88 ppm 31.6 ppm 277 ppm ND ND

Xango 3.3 ND ND ND 882 ppm 63 ppm

Mona Vie 3.4 <1 ppm ND ND 196 ppm 12 ppm

Noni 3.4 3.37 ND 166 ppm 1568 ppm 890 ppm
Noni 3.3 ND ND ND 109 ppm 66 ppm
Analytical Results
ND = None Detected
The Sound & Fury… of 2 Major “Juices”
Noni XanGo
Antioxidant Score





Week 0 Week 2 Week 4 Week 6 Week 8
>6 million people
Obesity Average (2-3 Fruits & Vegetables)

5-9 Fruits & Vegetables



LifePak + 5-9 Fruits & Vegetables

Skin Carotenoid Score

How well are YOU
Protected against Aging and Disease?
50,000 to 100,000
Top Score Ever = 197,000 B
40,000 to 49,000
Avg. Nano & g3 User =55,000
Avg. Nano User = 48,000 30,000 to 39,000
Avg. LP User = 40,000 20,000 to 29,000
Avg. American = 20,000 F
10,000 to 19,000
Avg. Smoker = 14,000 Less than 10,000
Weight: 230 lbs.
Age: 32

Fit? Yes
Healthy Not Exactly
Antioxidant Defense
17,000 (Poor)
We can’t feel our cellular
Jim Fixx: Author & Fitness Guru
Credited with helping to start
America’s fitness revolution in the
70’s, popularizing the sport of
– At age 35: Started Running
• weighed 214 lbs. & smoked 2 packs a day
– By age 45:
• 60 lbs. lighter & smoke-free
– At age 52: Died of a Heart Attack while
Running Jogging guru Jim Fixx in
• The autopsy revealed that cholesterol had
blocked one coronary artery 95%, a second
85%, and a third 50%.
How could the BioSCAN Program have made a
Now, we can be Fit AND Healthy!
1994 WORLD
Building Champion

Baseline Score:
Age: 39 yrs. (2003)

Current Score:
Age: 43 yrs. (2007)
BioSCAN Program
For Health Enhancement. Anti-Aging & Lifetime Monitoring

1. Enroll in ADR
2. Obtain Baseline Score
3. Take 1 LifePak - 2 x day
4. Swallow 2 oz. 2 x day
5. Measure after 30 & 60 days
6. Monitor for Life!
Maximum Body Defense Score ?????
Auto-Delivery of LifePak
and/or g3 Provides a Free MBDS
Re-Scan Every 30 Days
for Life! 35,000
Average increase
in 16 weeks: 66%


Baseline 8 WEEKS 16 WEEKS

1st Scan 3rd Scan 5th Scan

Wellness Profit Center
Income Sources:
$30 Charge patients/clients to get scanned
$10 “Scanner Bonus” per new LifePak ADR
$20 “New ADR Account Bonus”
$18/mo. Per patients/clients on LifePak
$ 5/mo. “Re-scan Bonus” to re-scan customer every 30 days
$300 Average Total per patient/client per year

Practice/Facility Annual Income:

• 50 patients/clients on LifePak or G3: $15,000/yr.
• 100 patients/clients on LifePak or G3: $30,000/yr.
• 200 patients/clients on LifePak or G3: $60,000/yr.
• 1,000 patients/clients on LifePak or G3: $300,000/yr.
Wellness Referral Program
The following represents your earnings overrides by
helping your colleagues implement the BioScan
Program into their practices.

Additional Monthly Income*:

10 Scanners with 50 patients/clients each: $ 2,500/mo.

10 Scanners with 100 patients/clients each: $ 5,000/mo.

10 Scanners with 200 patients/clients each: $10,000/mo.

10 Scanners with 500 patients/clients each: $25,000/mo.

10 Scanners with 1,000 patients/clients each: $50,000/mo.

*Projection assumes you are an Executive. Earnings conservatively based on 5% of
LifePak Nano or g3 monthly cost. However, note that many patients order other
Pharmanex products in excess of $100/mo. Average monthly order after rescan is
Instant Scanner Start Up
Order Products & Scan
Initial Order $5,500
“Health Care & Wellness Professionals Package”
1000 Scan Certificates
Charging $30 per scan, creates an ROI of $30,000
Also contains product for first 20 Patients
$1000 of other Product Solutions
Access to Specialized Training

Lease an S2 SCANNER!
90% 1 year buy-back policy
Nothing to lose, everything to gain!
Return on Investment in 1 Day
Scan 50 Patients @ $30/Scan = $1,500
– Assume 32 go on the program (ADR)
– Sell Product from Initial Inventory to 15 (avg. $150) = $2,250
– Other 17 get 1st order shipped (avg. $130) @ 15% commission =
• $10 Scanner Bonus for generating ADR = $160
– (assume 2 scanners; ½ on doctor’s)
• $20 bonus for all new ADR accounts set up (X32) = $640

– Less $750 fee to senior partner for scanner launch and training: -
Net to Practice or Business: $4,120
1st Year’s Income from 1 Event
With 32 patients on an average order of $130, the volume of sales for the
second month forward will be $4,160. Commission paid (at 17% for
this volume) would be $707 per month, generating $7,700 additional
income over the next 11 months.

Total earned in 1st year for one days scanning event:

– Day 1/Month 1: $4,120
– Months 2 through 12: $7,700

Total First Year’s Income from One day scanning event: $11,820

– (Additional Income will be derived from rescans on these 32 patients during

the first year.)

Adding two new patients per week over the next year would add 100
more patients, generating an additional $30,000 of income annually.
Based on this scenario, the scanner lease payments would be
refunded each month (min. of 5 new ADR’s/mo. of at least $100).
Field Rep Start-Up Options
• Products @ • Earn from • Earn $15K in • Everything in
wholesale $100 - $500 60 Days and $1250 Plan
• 20% rebate per month Long-Term
• Qualify for
• Free Rescans • Limited your own S2
Scanner • Proven Scanner!
Access System (hardware
Customer valued at
• Qualify for
Casual Plan $250 S1 Scanner
Qualifying Exec. Order $1250
Scanner Executive Order $5500
Benefits of Automatic Delivery Rewards
Automatic Delivery Rewards (ADR) exists to save time and money
on every purchase. When an ADR order is created, the products selected
will be delivered to the patient’s/client’s home every month on the day
they choose.

• Receive significant savings on product purchases and save time

•Patients/Clients receive up to 30 percent back in free product
purchase points

The great benefits of ADR:

 Product comes to doorstep every month

 Receive 5% off product price
 Reduced shipping rate
 Increased flexibility
 Manage account online 24/7
 Earn points toward FREE product based on 20% of total order price
 FREE product points increase to 30% after 12 months in program
 Earn up to 75 FREE product points per month ($900.00 max per
1. Purchase
Healthcare or Spa Professionals
2. Enroll
Auto Delivery Rewards (ADR)
3. Launch
Event in your Business/Practice
4. Implement
Program into your Daily
History has been and
Predictor of our Future
will continue to be the
Galvanic Spa System
“The Wrinkle Iron” 2010
Visible Results in 10

predictor of our min.


future. 2nd Wave Nu Skin Japan


$130 million to $500 million

Scanner Launch 60-day

Measurable Results

1st Wave Nu Skin USA Japan BP/PX • Disruptive

$40 million to $500 million opens
Poor • Proprietary
Economy 3-$20 Million Earners Products
• Explosive
15-$20 Million Earners Trends

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Personal Care Anti-Aging

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